Subtle Stresses And Solutions

Sometimes after all the tests, the doctors don't have any answers. They just say they don't know why you aren't getting pregnant. Technically there is nothing wrong that they can see. This doesnt help you much or make you feel better about your situation.
So what can you do to help yourself?

Environmental Stresses

There are various things in our environment causing subtle stress on our bodies, like excess light and noise, that we don't even think about. Some people are supersensitive to noise or can be affected by living near power lines and mobile phone transmitters and their electro-magnetic fields. If you live right on top of a transformer or transmitter you might want to consider house-swapping for a while to see if it is having a negative effect on you.

Here are some other suggestions that might help you destress

1. Switching to bottled water from aquifers may help avoid any excess estrogen in the water supply. This is especially important for men, as estrogen can affect sperm quality

2. Lubricants may be causing the problem. Many lubricants including saliva can kill sperm. However, raw egg-white used as a lubricant can actually help as it mimics the cervical fluid, so keep that handy. Just make sure it's at room temperature first!

3. Some prescribed medications can affect fertility so make sure that your doctor knows you are trying to get pregnant and check your meds for contra-indications

4.  Sperm boosters. Even if your partner's sperm count is 'normal' it may not be high enough to get you pregnant. Large doses of vitamin C (1000mg) daily are known to help especially if the tablet has calcium, manganese and magnesium included. 50mg of zinc not only boosts sperm counts it can also give your partner a harder erection. 4gm of pure powdered arginine dissolved in water taken daily is another little known sperm booster

5. Stop using the lap top! Many men are over-heating their genital area without realizing and the testicles are outside the body for a reason - they need to be cool. Some men actually try sitting in cold or icy baths every day to help

6. Make sure you and your partner's weight are in the 'normal' range for your height. For some people losing (or gaining) a few pounds can make all the difference

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1. Subtle Stresses
2. 5 Destress Tips
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