Five more more tips to help destress

1. Make sure you and your partner's weight are in the 'normal' range for your height. For some people losing (or gaining) a few pounds can make all the difference.·

2. Stay off soya products. Soya products have estrogen and too much estrogen is bad for the system, even for women, as it can affect your cycle. It's hidden in lots of products so even if you aren't a great tofu fan you still may be having more soya protein than you realize

3. Switch to organic fruits and vegetables if you can afford it, or at least make sure you eat lots of fresh products. If you eat a lot of processed foods you may not be getting enough vitamins and minerals in your diet, even if you are taking a vitamin supplement

4. Sleep in the dark. Before electricity women had their cycle in harmony with the moon. So why not try sleeping completely in the dark, not even a light in the bathroom, except for the three days around the full moon. Then either have the moon shining into your bedroom, or have a shaded light on to mimic the moon. Maybe the power of the moon will do the trick

5. And a getaway holiday in nature, away from the city and its pollution, may just give you the relaxation you need

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Table of Contents
1. Subtle Stresses
2. 5 Destress Tips
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