It's no secret that infertility treatments can be expensive, especially if you are using ART. If you are wondering just how much your treatment may cost, then take a look at Typical Infertility Fees. Couples using an egg donor should be aware that there may be some additional fees involved in treatment.

Regardless of what type of infertility treamtent you are considering, What is a Cost Effective Approach? offers all people useful advice on determing which course of treatment may be the most financially sound for you. If you are just starting to investigate infertility treatments, then take a look at Choosing a Fertility Clinic and Tips on Finding a Clinic. This will provide you with some basic questions to ask at every infertility clinic you are considering, especially if you don't have infertility insurance.

Some health insurance providers cover the cost of certain treatments and medications used to help fertility. Infertility Insurance will provide you with a helpful overview of getting insurance for fertility treatment while Health Insurance Coverage outlines the different types of policies certain states may offer. However, despite what your policy says it covers, you may still find that you are being denied insurance and may need a third party to intervene.  


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I have left over medications to "donate" centrotide 0.25 mg and progesterone suppository 40mg
9 years ago