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Now that you are pregnant, you may be experiencing a range of emotions, from joy to apprehension. It can be difficult to relax and enjoy a pregnancy after dealing with infertility for so long. But now that you are pregnant, it is time to learn how to get the best care and stay healthy, and that begins with prenatal appointments.

Over the course of your prenatal check-ups, you will be offered a variety of genetic screening tests. These may include maternal serum screening, amniocentesis and chorionic villous sampling. If the results come back "abnormal", you may be offered further testing, such as fetal blood sampling. Although these tests are not mandatory, in some instances they can be beneficial. However, only you can decide if these tests are right for you.

Of course, an important part of taking care of yourself during pregnancy is eating right. Not only do you have your own nutritional needs to worry about, but also your baby's. Take a look at Your Pregnancy Diet for tips on what you need to eat. And if you're pregnant with twins or triplets, then read up on how many calories you need in Twin and Multiple Pregnancies.

Exercise is another vital component to staying healthy during pregnacy. Exercise During Pregnancy will give you pointers on which types of exercise are ideal for pregnant women. Having sex during pregnancy is another concern for women; find out whether it's safe to have sex while pregnant as well as what two sexual practices you should avoid while pregnant.

All parents worry about the health of their little one and the risk of birth defects can weigh heavily on your mind throughout these nine months, particularly if you have already have one child with a genetic defect. Fetal anatomical defects, gene disorders as well as chromosomal abnormalities can often be detected while you are pregnant. In some cases, problems can be corrected shortly after birth through surgery. Knowing early on what to expect and speaking with a genetic counselor, though, can help prepare you and allow you to enjoy your pregnacy even more.

As your due date approaches, you'll probably be consumed with trying to pick just the perfect baby name. Our baby name guide will help you choose just the right one! As expecting parents, you may want to get a quick overview of baby development in order to prepare yourself for the arrival of your child.



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