One thing that all infertile couples must learn to do is cope. Experiencing fertility problems can put a couple on an emotional roller coaster and if you don't have the proper coping skills, then the ride can throw you for more loops than you'd like. How to Cope with Infertility offers anyone having difficulties trying to conceive useful advice on dealing with the issue.

However, infertility doesn't just affect one person. It affects your partner, your family and friends and can even affect your co-workers. While these are the people you need the most right now, silence is likely to be your most common response to them. But is it really your best choice? Navigating the Emotional Journey offers couples useful advice on how to stay strong together.

If you find yourself saying "They mean well, but..." a lot lately, then you'll want to read A Guide for the Family and Friends in Our Lives. Or have them take a look at Infertility Sensitivty so they can get a better idea of how they can be more supportive of you.

Another great way to help cope with the emotions that infertility brings is through support groups. Here, you can meet other couples that are also dealing with infertility and openly discuss and share your experiences. And if you find yourself needing a lot of time off of work to pursue fertility treatment, you may need some tips for Talking To Your Boss.


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