The fact that experiencing a miscarriage is common among all women does not make a miscarriage any less upsetting. If you have been having troubles trying to conceive, suffering one or more pregnancy losses can be devastating, especially if that loss is a stillbirth. While those around you may not understand why you are so upset about loosing a baby "you never had", many couples find that grieving can help them after a miscarriage. And if you're a man whose partner has suffered a miscarriage, our Coping with Miscarriage Guide for Men can help you heal.

Although it is not actually a miscarriage, being diagnosed with a threatened miscarriage can be a very emotional situation, particularly for those that have dealt with infertility for so long.

An ectopic pregnancy is one reason why a miscarriage may occur. However, it is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of this complication as this type of pregnancy can be life threatening to the mother as well.

Common causes for a pregnancy loss include blighted ovum and a molar pregnancy. Both are usually the result of genetic problems with the embryo. Many women will also experience a pregnancy loss due to a chemical pregnancy, although they may never even realize that they were pregnant in the first place. If you're worried that a chemical pregnancy might have a negative impact on your fertility, our article on fertility and chemical pregnancy should set your mind at ease.

Other causes of reproductive problems, like an incompetent cervix, may cause a greater number of miscarriages because the body is not able to properly handle a pregnancy.

If you have suffered from multiple miscarriages, a series of tests and treatments may help to improve your chances of carrying a pregnancy to term. Some tests that may be administered include an embryo toxic factor test and a natural killer cells test. Administering IVIg may help some women overcome their problems with recurrent pregnancy loss.

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I also have a similar journey to baby as you. We have been struggling for almost 3 years now. Last yr we underwent ivf and transferred 2 fresh embryos. Neither took. I always thought throughout this entire journey we had been; on that ivf was the final run at fertility, so when it did not take i was devastated. Luckily we have other frozen embryos. In Feb we transferred on 3d with 2 more frozen embryos, FINALLY! :) 9d our beta test came back strong, it was def positve. I don't recall anymore what the initial numbers were but they were somewhere in the 100s. Also had another check on 11d and the number was in the 300s. The dr told us the numbers were great, but as long as the numbers continue to increase the number range can vary from person to person very greatly so don't read into it. We had our fist ultrasound at 5w5d everything looked wonderful, we got to see the flutter or the heart, and also hear the most amazing sound of our single babies heart beat. Beta and progesterone tests were normal. That next day, I started to cramp for a few minutes and started to bleed. This passed after several uneasy, expecting the worse hours; then the bleeding stopped just as fast as it had started. An ultrasound the next day, we still saw and heard babies heartbeat :). Because we live so far from the dr with whom we underwent the transferral with he wanted to see us again in a few days. So on 6w67 yet another normal heartbeat and blood test, and that evening again more bleeding, only for an hr. Our dr thought it could be contract bleeding because of the recent ultrasound; wait it out and come back in about 2 weeks unless the bleeding starts again. 8w4d again baby is getting big (on the screen at least, but still the size of a kidney bean :)) heartbeat is strong, everything looks wonderful! We are so excited, and cannot wait to tell the world in a few weeks. Then it came on our 11w ultrasound. :( No more heartbeat. We were heartbroken. The Dr. figured it had happened sometime between 9.5w and 10.5 w. We were so excited to share this news with our close group of friends that evening at a dinner we already had planned, little did we know the news that we did shared that evening went from joyous to dreadful. We have been struggling with this for sometime now, and each day gets easier; its now been little over 3 weeks since we found out baby was not well. We decided to have a d&c that following week, i had started to pass tissue on my own the night before and was a very painful and sleepless night . We chose to keep the remains and bury our baby in a special place. Also giving him/her a name; i do believe it has helped me in our grieving process. Everything was looking so great for us, the levels, the heartbeat; we were so very blessed and greatfull the gift we had been given after so many failed attempts and hardships we had endured. Finally our journey to baby was coming to an end and a new chapter was opening only to be shut closed just as fast. Everyday is getting easier, I had a hard time at first with God but now thank him for those few short weeks that we did have; they were truely amazing and I loved every moment. I just keep telling myself that when this does truely happen for us that its going to be that much sweeter in the end. On the bright side at least we know we can get pregnant; one more milestone we can check off our list. I'm truly sorry for your loss, and know exactly what you are going through. No words can take away the pain, but just know you did nothing wrong, God takes care of things as much as we want to be angry at him, he wants us to have healthy babies; and know that you are not alone....... Don't let the things you want, make you forget about the things you have.
12 years ago
I just experienced a miscarriage. My beta hcg levels were considered excellent. I had a 5d transfer of two embryos and my 9d beta was 250, 13day was 630 and 17 was 3800. Everything looked so good. I had an ultrasound that showed the sac and yolk at 5w4d, and then began to bleed. I had a ultrasound at what should have been 7 weeks and the embryo only measured 6 weeks. Has anyone else has such good hcg levels and still miscarry? I am having such a hard time handling this grief and feel that I must have done something to cause this? But, really I can't think of anything I did. If anyone else experienced this and has any advice I'd be glad to hear it. Also, if you did, how long did you wait before you tried IVF again?
12 years ago