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 Infertility 101
Hosted by Dr Barry Jacobs. A board for general medical questions.
 Andrology & Embryology
Hosted by T Timothy Smith, PhD. A board for assisted reproductive lab questions, and andrology.
 Bulletin Board
General Fertility Discussion.
 Just Starting
This board is for those who are seeking to become familiar with the conception process and would like buddies to compare notes and thoughts with.
 ART Work
Here you can find buddies to share with during your IUI and IVF cycle. If you're considering either technique, join us with any questions.
 Pregnancy After Infertility
For finding support during your pregnancy among others who have gone through infertility.
 Male Factors
Infertility is not just a female issue. There are a number of factors that can affect a man's fertility. You can discuss these here.
 The Sounding Board
A great place to find the emotional support so important during infertility. This board is a great place for venting and shoulder leaning.
 Female Infertility Factors
Endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, egg quality and ovulatory disorders are some leading factors in infertility, discuss your diagnosis and treatments with others.
 The 2-Week Wait
For those in the difficult two-week waiting period from ovulation to the due date for your next period.
 Complimentary & Alternative Treatment
Have you tried acupuncture, physical therapy, reflexology, shiatsu, Chinese herbs, organic food, hypnotherapy, yoga or other alternative therapy? Discuss your results.
If you have suffered pregnancy loss, this board will offer you a place to heal among those who also know the need to grieve.
 Surrogates & Donors
Discuss what's involved in sperm & egg donation, and surrogacy.
Infertility can be a real test of a couple's relationship and shake the foundation of a marriage. Share your challenges and successes.

Do you have questions about fertility issues that need answering? Are you looking for a friendly environment where you can talk to other women with concerns and issues just like yourself? Are you in need of a place where you can get support from women who are enduring the same hardships as you? Are you searching for an environment where you can gain some hope for the future? Then you have come to the right place!

If you're looking for lively banter, an engaging debate, helpful advice, a friendly shoulder to lean on, or just a place to vent, then is the perfect site for you. Choose one of the forum topics below and start conversing today!

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