Massage for Fertility

If you're looking for non-invasive, non-surgical alternative therapy to help you increase your chances of conceiving, you may have heard of massage for fertility. Therapists specially trained in fertility massage use pressure and soft tissue therapy to increase the function of reproductive organs, decrease pelvic adhesions, and remove a tubal obstruction. The claim behind fertility massage is that it helps the body naturally fight ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, endometriosis and other medical conditions.

The Scientific Evidence

There is no scientific evidence to prove the claims that massage increases fertility and improves the chances of getting pregnant. Even though there is no scientific research connecting massage specifically to the ability to get pregnant, there are other proven benefits to massage.

Massage can help you manage chronic stress which can help you deal with the challenges of trying to conceive. It can also help your body relax which can increase your chances of conceiving. There are medical connections between stress and fertility and even though medical researchers don't fully understand the connection, few doctors will deny it exists. Some researchers suspect that stress affects the hormone center of the brain which tells the brain not to send out the necessary hormones to release an egg.

Repeated clinical studies published in medical journals around the world have shown that massage reduces stress. Scientists monitored brain waves using an EEG and heartbeat differences with an EKG and noticed levels went lower after a massage. Those who had moderate-pressure massage experienced the most benefits. Even a 10 minute massage often showed improvements in anxiety and stress levels.

The Fertility Massage Therapist

It will be easy to find a certified massage therapist who will be able to provide you with a professional massage to relieve your stress levels and help your body purge itself of its toxins. Remedial massage by a CMT is also covered under many health plans.

There are also massage therapists who claim they specialize in fertility massage. These are more difficult to find and you need to be careful of scam artists who promise you'll get pregnant after several expensive massage treatments from them. But there are also certified remedial massage therapists who specialize in pregnancy massage who may know some manipulations that could possibly help you get pregnant. Expect manipulations in the abdominal area to increase blood flow to those areas.

As with any massage, communicate with your therapist. A legitimate therapist will want you to tell them if the pressure is too light or too heavy and they will accommodate your needs. Also let the therapist know if any of the stretches or techniques they're using makes you uncomfortable. The goal is to relax and you can't relax if you're tense about what the therapist is doing.


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