After Infertility

After going through months of various infertility treatments and visiting numerous specialists, you still are not pregnant. You and your partner are feeling dejected and ready to give up. Or perhaps just one of you wants to give up while the other is insistent on giving it "just one more try". How do you know when to stop? And once you do, what are you suppose to do?

It is important to be aware of just what your options and choices are. Also, keep the lines of communication between you and your partner open. Agree together when "enough is enough" and that it is time to stop your treatment, or at least take a break from treatments and doctors.

So what exactly are your options when you decide to stop receiving infertility treatment? Surrogacy and adoption are the two most common alternative routes to becoming a parent for infertile couples. However, for some couples the right decision may be to live childfree.

Every couple is different and what is right for one may not be right for another. It is important to explore all your options to decide which is the correct choice for you.


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