Laughing Helps Fertility

Was the first story of assisted conception the one in the Bible, when an angel told Sarah, wife of Abraham, that she would get pregnant at the age of 90? Her response was to laugh and she even called her son, Isaac, which actually means Laughter.

Lots of older women today in their late forties or early fifties are having children with the aid of assisted conception techniques. Of course, repeatedly trying to get pregnant or having IVF or other fertility treatments is very stressful and recent research shows that the power of laughter can actually help increase your chances of conceiving.


This research was conducted by an Israeli team at the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, in central Israel, and showed that almost twice as many women undergoing fertility treatment were able to conceive compared to a control group if they were given an opportunity to laugh. The research involved medical clowns visiting women after they had an embryo transfer. By helping the women to relax and laugh, although it was only for 15 minutes, while they were resting immediately after the transfer, 33 women got pregnant. In the control group, only 18 women were able to conceive. Other research by the Oxford Conception Study shows that women with high concentrations of the stress indicator alpha amylase in their blood were less likely to get pregnant than women with lower stress hormones. It therefore makes sense to try to relax and destress as much as possible while you are trying to get pregnant, especially if you are having fertility treatment of any kind.

Other Benefits

Laughing also helps to reduce your blood pressure, especially in women, and also improves your immune system, both factors that may be affecting your ability to get pregnant. Laughter also is an effective pain reliever and can help other conditions like heart problems. You just need to find a way to laugh.

Laughter Clubs

By joining a laughter club, which you can find all over the world, you will have a group of people to laugh with on a regular basis. Also called laughter yoga, this group laughter is very catching and really enables you to let go and have a great belly laugh. A good laughter coach or therapist can get a whole group laughing in a very short time. At first it may seem forced and even fake to start going ho, ho, ho and hee, hee, hee, but very soon you will find yourself rolling on the floor in hysterics.

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