IVF anyone?
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JasJulesMom - September 5

Jamie- Glad to hear everything is going well. It is crazy, all the nutty doctor's you will meet along the way.

Ladies I m feeling down today. I am so tired of all these appointments. I now find out I have to go for a Non stress test twice a week on top of OB and endocrinologist all due to the gestational diabetes. The specialist I met with yesterday was so scary. He gave me all these worst case scenarios and then finished by saying I am on track so don't worry. Of course that line is not the one that constantly goes through my head, it is all the scarry stuff he told me. I hate it!!! The other thing is I have all these appointments and still need to work, are you kidding me!!! They make it sound like no big deal, just explain it to your boss. I really need to have this baby already!!!


Jules614 - September 5

Jamie -- The same thing happened with Samantha. They could not find a heart beat so I had an internal u/s where they did find it. Like you, i thought it was over. Then with Kaitlyn, they had trouble finding the heartbeat at 18 weeks - I started crying - but eventually they did. Glad you found your heartbeat! What a relief. Yes, the storm may affect the naming. I have to travel almost an hour for it. I hope the weather is not too bad.

JasJulesMom - I had non stress tests 3 times a week with Samantha due to hypertension leading to preclampsia. It is nice to get to hear the heartbeat for such long periods of time. Try to stay positive and know you get to be reassured that heartbeat is going...



jenfrancis - September 6

Ladies, I am back. I am staying in a hotel until we close next week on our house. its been crazy. I have found a dr.

I have gestational diabetes, have to check my blood sugar 5 times a day with a freestyle lite monitor.

I am on a 2200 calorie diet. I have gained 72 pounds in 23 weeks! My ankles and calves are so swollen I look like the elephant woman. Its very sad and scary.

I have an incompetent cervix so I have to have a cerclage tomorrow. I go to surgery at 6 AM, have to stay probably over the weekend. This is a stitch in the inside of my cervix to hold it closed.

Then I will have a pump installed or implanted in my thigh to pump medicine so i dont go into preterm labor.

I am having three girls. I hate to sound ungrateful, especially on this panel, but I dont really care right now. I cant tell you how much I wanted a boy. Just one of the three how could not one be a boy? My husband has not said anything negative. He is happy they have strong heart beats. He is happy period.
We paid lots of money for this and he just wanted a baby. I was pickier. I have cried all day. Please dont start on my that at least IVF worked, or there are lots of women who cant have kids and i should be happy.

I go back on the 18th for the anatomy scan, so there may be a itty bit of slight chance maybe they could have been wrong. I mean I sure dont know what they were looking at. They printed out pics but I still cant see it.

I am scared. I am on total bed rest. Who knows how long that will last.

Talk to you soon I hope.


Jules614 - September 6

Jen -

It is OK to vent - I am sure part of your venting has to do with being scared, hormone overload and the fact you wanted a boy. Everyone was bummed i had another girl - but to me girls are great.

Best of luck!



RB - September 6

Julie, i hope all goes well on Saturday at the naming ceremony. Is the naming ceremony where the priest assigns a religious name to the child? if it is, Hindus do this as well.

Debbie, careful what you ask for...she may just decide to listen to her mama and come early! I thought having to prick myself twice a week to test my sugar was bad but at least i get to do it at home...i hope you have understanding bosses.

Jamie...i so empathise with you! Insist on your ultrasounds if you have to - its your peace of mind that matters most. Even two weeks feels like an eternity far less for a month.

Lisa...it was great chatting with you! I am so happy that everything seems to be going well with your precious little angels and you seem to be handling it all so well...i continue to pray for all of you.

Lyly...i enjoyed chatting with you again after so long and i am so glad that you are not giving up!

Marina, Tanya...how are you girls doing?

Jen...where are you honey?

Have a good weekend girls,


RB - September 6


I just saw your post. I know how badly you wanted a boy and like Julie said, if you need to vent, go ahead. I think we are the last people to ever judge no matter what the circumstances. If you cant tell us, who can you tell?! It's amazing that in our little group there are so many girls though. Anyway, hon, i'm sorry tohear about the diabetes and all the other trials you have been going through. Try not to stress yourself out though. Maybe bedrest won't be so bad considering the swollen ankles etc and its not so long again. When are you due again?

Take care of yourself and good luck tomorrow. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.



Jules614 - September 6

Reshma - Yes, in the Jewish religion a child has a baby naming where they give them a hebrew name. I have no idea on the spot what either of my kid's names are. I let my mom in law decide, she wrote them down for my dad who put them on the certificate. My dad does the ceremony - we are not so religious that a rabbi gets involved. It's more like an untraditional ceremony that lasts 10 minutes and then we eat! I bet Lisa would like it.. ha ha ha



vw79girl - September 6

Jamie...Somehow I missed that you are pregnant. Congrats!!!!!!!! I will pray for you and send you good vibes... just try to take it one day at a time girl. That is so great! I can remember just wanting so badly to get to that 13 week point. You are half way there!!! You need a ticker!!!

Jenny, I am sorry you are having a rough time. Get lots of rest. TRY to stay positive. Your babies will need you to be as strong as possible. I still can't believe how fast the time went by for me and the fact that they came so early is even harder to believe. I wish you the best of luck and hope and pray that you will have better days ahead.

Resh...soooooo good to catch up with you, Lyly and Jules, you too. I have missed you all on our chats.

Debbie, hang in there girl. :)

Ronda...Maybe you and Reshma will still be on track together.


JamieP - September 6

I have no idea how to put a ticker in. Any instructions anyone can give would be great.

Jen - sorry you did not get your boy. I have everything crossed for a girl this time around. But lets see. Most importantly I want a LONG healthy pregnancy. I delivered very early last pregnancy and just want to avoid that no matter what. A stitch sounds like a good idea - hope the procedure goes well. Make sure you really take it easy. These last 10 weeks will be so demanding on your body so just try to relax as much as possible.

Julie - it sounds like our pregnancies have a lot in common. Lets hope mine ends in a healthy little girl too!

JasJulesMom - try and take it easy and not let all the apts get to you. It has been a long journey and you don't have far to go now.

How are those little boys Lisa? Hope they are continuing to do well.



vw79girl - September 6

Jamie, click on my ticker and it should take you to where you can do one. It's very easy.



JamieP - September 6

Once I have made the ticker how do I make it appear here?


vw79girl - September 6

you cut and paste the info into your profile. I think you open your profile and there is a place to put the info. It looks like a lot of mumbo jumbo and you just copy and paste it and save it to your profile. :)


Jules614 - September 6

Great ticker Lisa -


JamieP - September 6

Ok. Got it. Now lets hope it is there for another 7 months!

How are the boys doing Lisa? Update us when you can.



JasJulesMom - September 6

Lisa- So glad the boys are doing well. How are you doing? Are you exhausted from all the running back and forth?

Jen- I have been so worried about you. SO good to hear from you. I also have gestational diabetes so I know what you mean about the difficulties that comes along with it. Hope your cerclage goes well. Don't feel bad about being upset about three girls. It is only human nature. When I finally got my first ultrasound i was so dissappointed it was not twins. I really wanted two. After a while it sinks in and you realize how lucky you are to have what you have. Give yourself a break. You will feel better soon.

Reshema- Thanks for the encouragement. Hopefully my bosses will only have to deal with me for 2 more weeks. It sounds like maybe my ob will release me from work on 9/19.

Lyly- Hope the weather does not get too crazy for you today. I know how that Island gets with this type of weather. Stay safe.

Ronda, Marina- How are you?

Jamie- Love the ticker.

Julie- Enjoy the ceremony today.


vw79girl - September 7

update on the boys: they are doing very well and both breathing on their own. They have "events" which means they stop breathing for a sec. like they forget to breathe and then they start to again. Ben usually starts on his own and Paul sometimes needs to have his back or his head rubbed. It is quick and they are okay in a matter of seconds. They say this happens with preemies. All in all though, they are doing awesome and we are taking it one day at a time. Greg and I go up to see them every night and I usually go during the day. The hospital is only ten minutes away thankfully. So to answer your question Debbie...going back and forth is no fun but I don't even think about it. We're fortunate to be so close.

Jamie...great ticker. very cute!

Jules...I will catch you one of these days. I am trying to get caught up on things that I didn't get to because I was in the hospital.

We have been getting gifts daily and I am told there is a shower for me in the works from the girls at my restaurant I work pt at. and also one at school. I am so thankful...my registry is dwindling. :)

I have had a horrible headache all day long. My hormones are a mess.

I lost 16 lbs. in the past week so most likely I will be back to what I was before the pregnancy in about a month or so.

I know you guys will think I am nuts for saying this but...I miss my belly and them moving around inside it.

Pouring rain here...goodnight my friends



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