IVF anyone?
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vw79girl - September 7

update on the boys: they are doing very well and both breathing on their own. They have "events" which means they stop breathing for a sec. like they forget to breathe and then they start to again. Ben usually starts on his own and Paul sometimes needs to have his back or his head rubbed. It is quick and they are okay in a matter of seconds. They say this happens with preemies. All in all though, they are doing awesome and we are taking it one day at a time. Greg and I go up to see them every night and I usually go during the day. The hospital is only ten minutes away thankfully. So to answer your question Debbie...going back and forth is no fun but I don't even think about it. We're fortunate to be so close.

Jamie...great ticker. very cute!

Jules...I will catch you one of these days. I am trying to get caught up on things that I didn't get to because I was in the hospital.

We have been getting gifts daily and I am told there is a shower for me in the works from the girls at my restaurant I work pt at. and also one at school. I am so thankful...my registry is dwindling. :)

I have had a horrible headache all day long. My hormones are a mess.

I lost 16 lbs. in the past week so most likely I will be back to what I was before the pregnancy in about a month or so.

I know you guys will think I am nuts for saying this but...I miss my belly and them moving around inside it.

Pouring rain here...goodnight my friends


Jules614 - September 7

Lisa - Great to hear from you. My good friend had a preemie due to preclampsia at 30 weeks. I was by her side through the whole thig constantly seeing her little girl in the hospital - so I understand the whole stopping breathing thing for a second. Her baby started at 2.12 ounces and left the hospital a little over 5 pounds. It was scary though - her child ended up lactose intolerant, needing a transfusion - but I am happy to say her daughter is doing awesome and is my dauhter's best friend today! In fact she will be at my baby naming today!

Lisa, great news about the weight. i have lost about 30 pounds. In fact I am lighter now than I was when I got pregnant. However, I am not lighter than I was when I started all the fertility treatments.

Samanth was walking near my coffee table yesterday with a blanker. She tripped and smacked the side of her head on the coffee table. She hsa a bruise but when it happened my stomach dropped. See what each of you gets to look forward to!



JasJulesMom - September 8

Hope everyone is well and enjoyed their weekend. I am back at work again. I cannot wait til I can just stay home. Getting up every morning is such a challenge. This morning I got up at 8:05 and was suppossed to be at work at 8:00. Not to mention the kids were still sleeping and they were not ready for school. I keep telling mysel this will end soon.

Lisa Hope the boys are doing well/

Gotta go, will do more personnels later


Arabsrcool - September 8


Glad you got to talk to doc and come up with a plan.


Sounds like things are looking up. I would insist on u/s just for your peace of mind.


That really sucks about your job. Seems like were not off long, but now it the rat race to find another job.


Glad to hear the boys are doing well. You will probably be back to your skinny self before I even deliver!. I totally understand about missing your belly. I have gotten used to feeling the baby moving around and would seem weird without it. Well, guess it didn't matter if your glucose test came back bad!!


glad to hear from you. I totally remember you talking about how much you wanted a boy, even before you knew if you were pg! Maybe the tech was wrong, but if not I know you will come to terms with it. Girls are not so bad.....most days! Well it sounds like you are going to have a busy couple of days for surgery etc. I will be thinking of you. Try to find lots of books/mags and things to keep you mind occupied while you are on bedrest


hang in there!



Jules614 - September 8

Thanks Ronda - I am going to collect and stay home with my little ones. I may have some side work to do for a couple people that I can make a little money on the side... but who knows...



JasJulesMom - September 8

Julie- At least you are eligible for unemployment. When you subtract out the child care, maybe you will break even. I know childcare for us is expensive. How was the naming ceremony?



Jules614 - September 8

Debbie - I am losing out on $500 a week - which is really bad.



JasJulesMom - September 8

Sorry to hear that Julie. What exactly do you do? Hopefully you will find something soon!!!


Jules614 - September 8

I am in Huamn Resources - I do benefits, recruiting, immigration - just about everything 8)



RB - September 8

Hi girls...hope you had a good weekend!

Lisa, i'm so glad the boys are doing well. 3 baby showers...hmmm... lots of cute gifts and lots of goodies too....careful you dont put back on the weight you lost...LOL. I can totally understand about missing your belly. As much as I am looking forward to holding my sweet baby in my arms, i know i will miss having her so close to my heart...right now she's just mine ....soon i will have to share her...does that sound silly?

Jamie, i'm glad things are looking good so far and i love the ticker :)

Debbie, hang in there...just a few more weeks to go.

Jen...how are you doing honey? I hope all went well with the cerdage. I know someone who had the same procedure for the same reason and she was on bedrest for her entire pregnancy but in the end she delivered a perfectly healthy little boy. Just take good care of yourself and follow doctor's orders. I will keep you and your little angels in my prayers.

Julie, i hope something works out jobwise...in the meantime, enjoy the time with your two beautiful girls. How was your naming ceremony? Did the weather affect you very badly?

Ronda, are you having a planned C-section or a natural delivery? I'm doing the C-section so i will actually deliver around week 38 - 8 more weeks to go!

Lyly, how was school? my poor dh got sick after going out to school for one week!!!!

Marina, Tanya...how are you girls doing?

Hope you girls have a great week :) I am now anxiously counting down my weeks - my hospital bags are packed and and i've started a lamaze class just in case :)

Lots of love,



RB - September 8

hey Julie...i'm in HR too!!! I did a lot of recruiting in my last job as well as training and development....its so cool that we're in the same field :)



Jules614 - September 9

Reshma - Your baby will be here before you know it. Glad to hear your bags are packed! The weather was absolutely gorgeous for the naming! I posted pics on my facebook account. Does anyone have facebook? That is cool we are in the same profession.



bdantonio - September 9

i have a question for everyone my cousin is gowing through infertility treatments and she is on her second iui and she went today for a u/s to make sure her egg was release she was inseminated yesterday and today they told her the follicle was irregualr shaped but not to worry has anyone ever heard that i hadnt. She called me and i told her i would see what that ment if i could.


Arabsrcool - September 9


I am planning on a natural delivery. I had my dd naturally(well, with an epidural, so not totally naturally). Why are you doing a c-section?



bdantonio - September 9

has anyone ever heard this before


lili246 - September 9

Hey girls I have not posted here but glad to hear that all you girls are doing good. I have been on other forums but it is to quiet and I love talking to girls here. I am happy that most of you are almost there at the end ready to meet your lil ones which is great and congrats on the new mommies. Have lots of fun.

I have two boys 1 is 4 years old this sept 29 and a 9 month old baby.

Julie and Lisa,
How did you girls lost the weight? I am having a hard time doing that which is hard to gain but not to lose. I have only loss about 6 lbs and would love to loss more how can I do that?

Take care and hope to hear from all you.




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