IVF anyone?
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marina - December 9

Another thought-maybe we all should move somewhere else?To another forum where we will be able to use photos and tickers?


Goofy5796 - December 9

Marina!! Triplets!! WOW- congrats!

Lisa- The new pictures of the boys are adorable!! That is great you have help with them. Im sure they are keeping you busy!


JamieP - December 10

Wow Marina you are full of surprises! That is amazing. Not it seems you are a high risk, high risk pregnancy. It is great that you have a high risk doctor in your area. S/he will be able to go over all your options with you. Good luck with your visit to see them.

I go back to the doctor early next week. I can feel lots of movement now. I am still feeling very nervous - once I make it through the next ten weeks (to 32 weeks) I will be able to relax a bit and start shopping!

Hope the rest of you are doing well.


vw79girl - December 10

Wow Marina...triplets! God bless you and I hope that everthing works out however you want it to! :)

I was thinking the same about finding another site. I even miss the smiley faces. This board stinks!

The boys and Greg and My Dad and I headed to Boston today for their surgeries. They are still there. Hopefully can go and get them both tomorrow.

they both needed their circ's redone (pisses me off)
and Paul needed his hernia repair finished.
they are doing well and resting, I just called at Midnight. Greg and I are getting a good night'sleep tonight.

Hope all of my girls are doing well!


arabsrcool - December 10

hi girls!!Hope everyone is well. I had pics taken of my girls on Monday and Tuesday. They were "free sitting and 8x10) However, they bank on you buying some, which of course I did. So much for my "freebies" but I had some naked shots taken of Cara and they turned out super!. Callie got to dress up in a fancy dress and flower wreath in her hair and rather looked like an angel. Of course I had to buy those. I am still waiting on the proofs from the pics taken on MOnday.

Marina, wow, triplets!!!!!! You need to go on the Baby Story on TV....thats the only place I have ever heard a story close to yours. Congrats! I'm glad there is a high risk doc in your area, that has to make you feel better. Didnt you about fall off the table when they told you??


why do they have to re-do the circ's? I thought those were pretty simple. poor boys. hope you are getting some rest.


you are doing great!! I really miss our tickers, you could tell at a glance where everyone was in their journey.



jules614 - December 11



jules614 - December 11

hey guys - i wrote a nice long message and it would not post - I guess I can't do this site through aol! I logged on a bit ago thinking I was on the wrong site and eleted it from my favorites - didn't realize the site changed!

Did I read Marina is having triplets! WOWSERS! You deserve it as you have been through so much! How are you feeling?

If you guys don't like the format here - we should start a private room in facebook! It's great because it would only be open to us and no one else could go in without an approval. My other IVF group did it once the site format changed - it is great because we post specific topics and you can just respond to those.

OK I am real behind and will try and read the latest posts to catch up!



marina - December 11

No,Jules,I did not desevre it,because I never wanted triplets.All I wanted is one healthy baby. I don't want to offend anybody,but we can't simply afford this and we don't have anybody to help us.And I'm sooo pissed now,because after our 3.5 hour appoitment with peri and 1 hour u/s, they told me they never seen nothing like this before(if we belive my RE and embryologist-they were on the phone with them-they swear thet put in only 2),because the 3rd baby doesn't really look like identical twin-it has a separate sac.And if it is,then it split too early,right after conception even before they transfered it and embryologist HAD to see this!
And now I have to go through all the hell deciding what to do,if nature doesn't take care of this before week 10-11,and again put in jepardy the rest of the pregnancy.

Sorry again,I did not mean to offend anybody,but all of you knew I was pretty terrified with twins,not to mention triplets(doc said I can't even carry triplets because of my very thin scar from c-section and my body).And this is only my personal circumstenses.


JamieP - December 12

Don't be sorry Marina and don't worry about offending anyone. This is called the sounding board for a reason. Sound off. You go ahead and make whatever decision is right for you and your family. At the end of the day who cares what everyone else thinks you are the one to live with your decision nobody else. We are here to support you.

Take care


ianmichael3 - December 12

Marina~ I can't imagine what you are going through. I will be praying for you and those little ones and I'm sure you'll make the best decision you can for your family. No one should judge, ever, for any reason- but that can be really hard for some people- I'm thankful no one is like that here :)

lots of love & many, many blessings!


lili3 - December 12

Hi girls,
OMG I went through alot to log back in. I couldn't log into my old username for some reason. I try registering and no success until now. ugh
What a site I miss our old one :(

I saw more pictures of those lil ones after their sugeries, they are so cute. Are they back home now?

How are you doing girl how are the girls doing? are they home yet?

Sorry to hear that you are not happy. HOpe you can make the right decision. It is not easy and hope that you feel better about all this. Talk to Jen she should be able to answer alot of your questions. Good luck!

Well girls my son Angel turned 1 year old this past wednesday. He is doing great he is a pro on walking :).
He is sick with a cold and cough, praying he feels better by tomorrow I am celebrating his birthday with the family at home. Praying it doesn't rain..ugh :-[

Have a great weekend!

Miss ya all!



marina - December 14

Hi girls,
I found very similar to ours forum and registered there under Marina_A.We can use our tickers again.
I know they woun't let me to put web adreess here, so go to:
IVF-Infertility .com,click on Message board,then click on Pregnant after treatment(I also opened tread on Parent after treatment)
I hope we all move there-it very easy to use and the layof very similar to what we had before.

Julie,It won't let me register from aol,so is this site now, I had to do it from the other account.

Let me know what you think!


JamieP - December 14

Hi Marina,
How are you doing?

I went to the new site and managed to register and log on. I left you a message there.



jenfrancis - June 28

Lyly - can you email me, its jenny. (With the triplets, my email account was deactivated from lack of use) please email me.



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