IVF anyone?
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vw79girl - June 13

Marina~, I am thinking of you and sending you hugs as I can't imagine what you must be going through right now. I don't understand what happened. 6 is a lot for none to make it through. I hope your RE has some answers for you. I too like Lyly totally understand if you need a break and don't want to talk. We are all here for you to vent though.

Girls~ I am a little nervous. The ob's office called today with my results to my 2nd screening. The downs has come back normal with a 1 in 10,000 chance. :) However, they want me to come in for a scan on Mon. to check the spines on both of the babies as that didn't come back as normal. It came back with a 1 in 20 chance (95% chance all is ok and 5% chance it isn't). She said they just need to take a peek to make sure everything is growing okay and normal with the spines. I know it is just a scan and the number is far better than the 1 in 13 I was originally quoted for the downs but honestly, it's scary. She wanted to try to do the anatomy scan that day too but I can't take an hour and a half off as it is the week before our exams etc. (what will power I have to decline the chance to know earlier) I said I would wait until the 26th as Greg took that day off to come with me. Perhaps I will see something on Monday by chance anyway? :)

Keep my little peanuts in your thoughts and give me some positive vibes. Just a little worried. Am I overreacting?

p.s. I did get a chicken sandwich


JasJulesMom - June 13

Lisa- I know how you feel about the worry. When they told me I needed to go back for another scan I was so worried. I asked every question possible and was told it was just routine. They booked me by mistake at 19 weeks and should have been 21. That was not a good enough answer. I went home and called the Dr and asked all the same questions again to a different person and got the same answers when she looked at my chart. They must have thought I was crazy. I did not care as long as I got answers, So I would be right there with you and worried until Monday and I bet after all the worrying everthing will be FINE!!!!


lyly14 - June 13

Lisa- Okay I just came all the way down again to check on you after your text. Man it might have been better to be at work today sitting in front of the computer. lol. Anyway I am sure everything will turn out fine. What test did they do for the spines? Are they thinking spina bifida? I don't think you are overreacting at all. You are just nervous and I don't blame you. Not knowing really sucks. You really do have will powere to wait. I would have been running there today for a scan! Try (easier said than done) to stay relaxed and wait until you know more. IN the meantime your two little ones are in my thoughts and prayers!


lyly14 - June 13

okay I decided to stay downstairs for a while and watch t.v in my dd's playroom so I can be close to the computer and not keep coming down 3 flights of stairs to check on everyone! There is just too much going on today.


JasJulesMom - June 13

Lyly- You should relax and concentrate on good thoughts. Running up and down is probably not a good idea. Geez what do you live in a mansion..,.lol

You are such a great person to be soooo worried about the rest of us


vw79girl - June 13

Lyly, lol I meant will power to hold off on really doing an anatomy scan until the 26th. The soonest they could do the spine thing is Mon. and I am not sure about Spina Bifida. She just said they want to check and make sure they are developing normally.
and YES, Debbie is right, you are amazing for worrying about all of us. :)


lyly14 - June 13

You guys are so funny! I feel like we have all bonded so of course I worry.

Debbie- My house is definitely not a mansion but it is big and its like a maze. Staircases everywhere you turn. My house is a front to back split with an extension over the garage. So when you walk in on ground level we have the living room with a cathedral ceiling and a staircase to go up and the kitchen with a staircase to go down to a half in the ground room (not really a basement). Then from the upper level there is another set of stairs to go up to the extension over the garage (that is where my bedroom is). I know it is probably a confusing description. Dh is always complaining we have too many stairs and is out of breath by the time he gets to the bedroom. lol I tell him he is out of shape. Each staircase only has about 6 steps so its not so bad.


JasJulesMom - June 13

Wow Lyly sounds nice and definitely bigger than mine. I have a 4 bedroom cape cod. The smallest bedroom is dh office, well not for much longer. He has to vacate the space in July when he is on vactaion so we can make it into the baby's room. What a transformation that will be. It is very manly now. Movie pictures on the wall. He picked this grey color for the walls, black and silver ceiling fan and tons of movies and Cd's in racks attached to the walls. Boy do we have work to do to turn it into a serene, calming space for a new baby girl.


bethnyc - June 13


I'm so sorry -- my heart dropped when I read your post. I can't believe that none of the 6 made it. I'm sure you are in shock now, but know that all of us are here for you - praying for you. I'm happy to talk about your next options when you are ready...anytime.

Lyly -- I'm glad that you are resting -- although all the stairs might be much. But, only you know how you feel. It's times like this that I'm happy I live in an apartment.

JenFrancis -- a nail -- you should probably just stay in bed till the 3 little ones are ready. Although you sound alot like me -- if theres a nail on the ground, I will be the one to step on it --

Lisa -- i'm sure everything will be ok. They are so cautious these days. Thoughts are with you and your 2 babies.

So happy it's Friday -- need to get some rest this weekend. My mom is on her way into town (I feel like I'm always having visitors) but she's not staying with us so I am free till Sunday when she stops by for Father's Day brunch (my dad passed away 2 1/2 years ago so we always spend Father's Day together). I need to get more rest/sleep so I can kick these shingles.



lyly14 - June 14

Hey girls I am getting a new laptop today. Dh ran out last night to get me a new one for my birthday today, but he is having software installed so we pick it up today. He knew how bummed I was about not having it. Hmmmmmmmmm I wonder what he was planning on getting me before my laptop crashed. Lol

Marina- I am so sorry Dr. Jacob's couldn't give you more answers. I am sure he does not want to lay blame when he was not there to assess the situation. It would be great if you had another embryologist to ask for their opinion since that is what they do.

Beth- I hope you are feeling better. Go away shingles!!!!!!!

Debbie- I like my house but it needs a ton of work. It was my mother's house and she hasn't done much mantainence to it. So we have overgrown everything in our yard! We need a new roof, windows, and leaders and gutters need to be done. My kitchen, laundry room, and one of the 3 bathrooms needs to be re-done. It is a work in progress. I am sure you will be able to make your dh's office into a sweet feminine modern room for the new baby!

Ronda and Reshma- where have you girls been? Hope all is well.


vw79girl - June 14

Happy Birthday Lyly and Julie!!!

My ankles finally look normal again :)

Thinking of you Marina.

Reshma, Ronda and Beth~hope you all are well. Have a good weekend!

Jen and Debbie...how are those babies?

So last night...I got up @2:30 3 ish to pee and I felt some major pulling, stretching/pressure in the belly. Then the festivities began. Lots of movement and bumping and twinging and whoa. The most I have felt and for about a half an hour straight. I think I have a couple of night owls in there. :) :)


Marina - June 14

Hi guys
Thanks all of you for your support.It was nice talking to you Lisa and Lyly yesterday.
Before this site down again,I just want to say
Happy B-day Lyly and JUlie!
Lisa,finaly you can feel little ones moving.
AFM,we see RE on Monday,I don't think he will have more answers for us,we really feel cheated,even he admited that survival rate 90% at our clinic.We are going to let him know how dissapointed we are .
And my dh seriously going to talk to him about money part also(we had a couple troubles with their billing department)and let him know that we expect partial refund on storage fee and transfer fee.And my husband really wants to see how this appoitment will go,and let him know that we always can take our bussines to other clinic.So,we'll see how it goes.
The more I think the more I convinced that it was a lab's mistake,but unfortunately there is no way to prove it.Even if they know that,they are going to back up each other.And we all sign papers-no garantie to anything.


RB - June 14

Hi girls,

Sorry i've been MIA for so long - my internet was down and i finally got it back up this afternoon...like 15minutes ago!!!! and i couldnt wait to touch base with you all :)

Marina, my heart goes out to you. I really hope you and dh get some answers. I dont know what to say hon, i just cant belive this has happened.

How are the rest of you doing? I only read up to the two previous pages of posts as i didnt want the site to go down before i had a chance to post.

Happy belated B'day Lyly and Julie!!!

Congrats and Good luck on the transfer Lyly. I will say a prayer for you and those 3 litlle embies and cross my fingers and toes during the next 2 weeks!

Beth...i may have missed it but any news on your transfer?

Jen, glad to hear you and the triplets are doing well. How on earth did you manage to step on a nail?

Lisa, i missed chatting with you my dear...sorry to hear about the swelling but glad that you are getting back to normal. And Whoo Hooo on feeling movement!!! I havent felt anything very distinctive yet but i do listen in on the little munchkin from time to time.

Debbie...wow, a girl!!!

Quick update on me...i am doing great - being pampered a lot by dh. I am on bedrest until July and maybe longer depending on what my doctor says. The baby is also doing very well...heartbeat continues to be strong and development is right on track. The screening tests i did were good and my doc said no further testing was necessary. I have an anatomy scan in a couple of weeks and I did a 3D u/s on Thursday. it was really amazing! I was able to see my precious baby's face and guess what, it's a GIRL!!!!

from the u/s we were also able to see the spinal cord very clearly and there are no defects which suggest any sign of spinal bifida and for down's we looked at the nose bridge and the brain...yes we could see baby's brain!!!! :o everything looked normal so i am quite relieved. Girls, if you dont have a 3D u/s scheduled....get one even if its just once during the entire pregnancy....it is soooo worth it!!!

I hope you all have a great weekend and I hope my internet and the site stay up!

Lots of love to all,


bethnyc - June 14

Happy belated birthday Lyly and Julie. I hope you both had great days.

Reshma -- a girl, how sweet. Congrats. You probably missed it, but I came down with shingles last Friday so my transfer got cancelled till next month. Right now, it's scheduled for July 8th - may change depending on whether or not I want my doctor to perform the transfer (I can go earlier if another doctor does it). We'll see...

Marina- interested to hear what happens with the RE on Monday. I agree, he probably won't have more information (they never do), but it'll give you peace of mind. And, I hope you guys can get some $$ back as it seems rare that none of them made it. Let us know how it goes.

Just back from seeing my mom for brunch and a nice motorcycle ride with my dh. It started to pour the second we walked in the door - lucky us. Hopefully we are in for the rest of the day/night.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.



bdantonio - June 15

vw70girl: I would not get to worked up on the results of those tests. With my first daughter all my screening tests came back that it was most definite she had downs. The only test i did not do was the amnio which i refused due to the chance of m/c and i had already had 3 prior to her. She was born at 39 weeks and was perfect. Nothing was wrong with her. she is now 3 yrs old and extremely healthy.


vw79girl - June 15

thank you for your reassurance. I have heard a lot of people say the same. I am keeping the faith that both of the babies will be strong and healthy. I just need to remember they are screenings and not acutal tests. I refuse to do an amnio as well. I have had 2 m/c in the past.



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