IVF anyone?
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jenfrancis - June 13

Haha Lisa! Shame on you! But one looks pink....and one brown....

So does that mean you are having a boy and a girl???
Hmmm, we shall see!


Jules614 - June 13

Jen - Glad to hear your 3 little ones are doing well. How are you handling the heat?


jenfrancis - June 13

Heat is fine. I stay inside. I have been limiting sodium, swelling is at a minumum, ankles look unhuman. But I feel better.

I bought some hard candy from Motherhood maternity. (Probably a rip off) called Preggie Pop Drops. They help ease morning sickness. I have been fine, sucking on those.

I just pretty much get nauseous when I am hungry!
I feel good, maybe I can get the pregnancy glow after all.


Jules614 - June 13

Jen -

I just through out about 3 boxes of 24 preggo pops. Have you tasted them yet? They are nasty. They made me more nausious than anything...

Let me know.



jenfrancis - June 13

Oh man, I love them! Cant get enough wish they were not so expensive. I think honestly tho, that any hard candy, jolly ranchers etc will do the trick.


Jules614 - June 13

Jen -

I sucked on red mint candy. Normally, I hate candy - but never went anywhere without it when I had m/s. I also sucked on candy cains since it was Xmas time when I became pregnant.


jenfrancis - June 13

I will try that! Cheaper than preggie pops that is for sure. Thank you for the advice.


Jules614 - June 13

I am so glad I am done with m/s. I went 26 - 27 weeks with it. argh! I could never had handled twins or triplets.



JasJulesMom - June 13

Jen when I was pregnant with ds and dd I lived on Jolly Ranchers. I owned stock in them. Haha

I had them all ready this time around and the morning sickness never came. But they really do work.


vw79girl - June 13

I know, I was thinking the same when I saw one pink and one brown...we shall see. Here's hoping :)

Not sure how you girls feel about lemon tasting things but I know a friend of mine swore by lemon jolly ranchers for m/s.
I know you will hate me for saying so but I had none. That first week when I found out I was preg., I felt a little queasy but I think it was mind over matter.

I'm feeling a chicken sandwich from BK today...Lunch is in less than ten min. I might have to go and get one.

Hubby and I are going out tonight. I asked him if he wanted to have a dinner date :)

Jen, is one more swollen than the other? I am finding my left swelled more than the right. strange.


jenfrancis - June 13

Lisa - yes, funny but my left ankle is really bad compared to right. I think it has something to do with the side I sleep on.

I love lemon flavored things. It takes the gross taste out of my mouth and makes me swallow more.

Enjoy that Chicken sandwich.
I invited my hubby out tonight too, for seafood, and then watch the Hulk! Maybe a little more...It should be a good evening for him...

Daughter is going camping with my sister....I am feeling up to just about anything.


Marina - June 13

Hi guys
None of my embyos made it.None of ALL 6.
We are in shock.


jenfrancis - June 13

Marina , Oh girl, I am so sorry. :-[ I am sad for you.

I am shocked too, did they call you ahead of time? So they did not make the thaw?

Sounds like lab error. How is that possible? Wow. so what is your next step? Another fresh cycle?


JasJulesMom - June 13

Marina I am so sorry. That is terrible. Did they give you any indication or did you find out when you showed up? I would really find out the reliability of the lab, not that it will change things now. I really wish it was better news.

What will be your next step...although that must be tough to think about right now.


lyly14 - June 13

okay WTF- I fell asleep and just came down for lunch and I figured I would check to see if Marina posted an update. So I came on the site and I saw Marina's post to Dr. Jacobs first thing.

Marina- I am in shock! I can't believe this happened, I had such a good feeling for you. I am so sorry, you must be so upset. Did they give you any explanation as to what happened? I mean that was my biggest fear with the fact that I only had 3 but you had so many for none to make. This really sucks! I know you may not want to even think about it but have you thought about your next step? If you don't wont to talk about it I completely understand, but you know all of us are here for you if you need us.


vw79girl - June 13

Marina~, I am thinking of you and sending you hugs as I can't imagine what you must be going through right now. I don't understand what happened. 6 is a lot for none to make it through. I hope your RE has some answers for you. I too like Lyly totally understand if you need a break and don't want to talk. We are all here for you to vent though.

Girls~ I am a little nervous. The ob's office called today with my results to my 2nd screening. The downs has come back normal with a 1 in 10,000 chance. :) However, they want me to come in for a scan on Mon. to check the spines on both of the babies as that didn't come back as normal. It came back with a 1 in 20 chance (95% chance all is ok and 5% chance it isn't). She said they just need to take a peek to make sure everything is growing okay and normal with the spines. I know it is just a scan and the number is far better than the 1 in 13 I was originally quoted for the downs but honestly, it's scary. She wanted to try to do the anatomy scan that day too but I can't take an hour and a half off as it is the week before our exams etc. (what will power I have to decline the chance to know earlier) I said I would wait until the 26th as Greg took that day off to come with me. Perhaps I will see something on Monday by chance anyway? :)

Keep my little peanuts in your thoughts and give me some positive vibes. Just a little worried. Am I overreacting?

p.s. I did get a chicken sandwich



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