IVF anyone?
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vw79girl - June 15

thank you for your reassurance. I have heard a lot of people say the same. I am keeping the faith that both of the babies will be strong and healthy. I just need to remember they are screenings and not acutal tests. I refuse to do an amnio as well. I have had 2 m/c in the past.


lyly14 - June 15

Thanks girls for the birthday wishes. I had a great night, we went to a bbq at dh's friends house and we had cake. It was a late night but it was fun.

Julie I hope you had a great b-day.

Reshma- Sorry I missed you on the messenger last night. I am so excited about your baby girl. Congrats!

Beth- How much earlier can you do the transfer if you go with a different doc?


bdantonio - June 15

vw79girl: yeah i refused it too i hac 3 m/cs before my first daughter and 2 after her before my last one. With my last child i opted for no screening and shes fine also


vw79girl - June 15

Julie, hope you had a good birthday, glad you had fun at the B'Day cook out Lyly!

Reshma, so good to hear from you! Congratulations on the baby girl!!! I know what you mean, most of the stuff I registered for is green and yellow. If I find out that one is a girl, I will add some pink and blue things to the mix lol. Glad you checked out the belly shots. There will be another one tomorrow as it's another week down!

Beth, let us know what is up when you find out. Is it possible to switch Dr.'s? is that what you are planning?

Said some prayers for all my girls today, I went to church and lit a few candles for the last time until fall.(we take a break in the summer months).
then went out to dinner today for Father's Day with my Mom and Dad and brother. Had some Chicken Cordon Bleu and rice, a yummy salad and a sundae for dessert. Of course we got a couple of apps. to munch on as well. I am so thankful this is all going to my boobies and my belly and nowhere else. ... at least not yet.

I go tomorrow at 11 for the u/s to check on the spines for the twins. Keep me in your thoughts girls. A little nervous but trying to stay positive that they will both be fine and there is nothing to worry about.

Have a great night girls! :)


Jules614 - June 16

Oh My God - I finally got onto the site! I have not been on in days!

Lisa - God luck at your u/s tomorrow. Keep us posted. Though I am sure I will see you on IM. It sounds like ligament pain during the night. I got it real bad around 18 weeks!!!!

Lyly - I hope you had a great birthday,

Beth - That stinks you got soaked on the motorcycle ride. I am afraid to go on one. I know too many people hurt from them. I am such a baby!

Reshma - Congrads on the girl. I have never had a 3D u/s. I have never had one offered. So glad to hear your DH is pampering you. Can he talk to mine 8)

Marina - I am so sorry about what happened. I can't even imagine how disappointed you must be. I am so proud of you for getting right back into and deciding to start a fresh cycle. You got pregnant before, and I am sure you will again. My friend just had a baby a month ago. She was pregnant with twin boys and lost them both at 20 weeks. She got pregnant again right away through clomid and now has a boy. You will have your happy ending too. I am sure of it.

Beth - I am so sorry you still have the shingles - are you feeling like there is light at the end of the tunnel?

JasJulesMom - My home is so small. We have one floor, no garage and no basement - with a 4 yr old and a baby on the way = NO room.

It has been a very crazy weekend. We had a BBQ Saturday and my mom in law pretended to call me from her cell to wish me a happy bday. Before I knew it, there she was walking toward me on the left! I can't believe she flew here just to be at my bday BBQ. Everyone was in on it but me.. I was eating so much and I did not feel Kaitlyn at all. I started to panic by last night. At three a.m. I couldn't sleep because I was really worried about Kaitlyn. So, I drank water for 3 hours until she finally started moving. One, I felt her, I could go back to sleep. Then this morning she was moving more. I was just being a worry wart!

Today, I cooked for 8 people to celebrate Father's Day. I think my left ankle is a little swollen, Can I just say my maternity underwear no longer fit me and they scrape up against my legs giving me the sorest heat rash. I keep putting cream on it but it BURNS! I walk with my leg spread apart just so they don't touch. Wearing a dress yesterday was the worse mistake I could have done... OUCH!

Anyway, back to work tomorrow.. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



JasJulesMom - June 16

Hi Ladies. Glad all had a good weekend. We had fun but it was busy. DS won the little league championship with his team on Friday. He was so excited, especially since it was also his birthday. I know so many people who have birthdays on the 14th. Glad you had good birthdays Julie and Lyly.

Lisa- You are in my thoughts. Hope all goes well today. I am sure it will.

Reshema- Congrats on the Girl. I guess with you Julie and myself we are taking the lead in the girl category. We need some boys to even thing out a bit.

I registered at Babies R us over the weekend. Although I have bought alot of stuff already myself. I know I will not have a shower since this is baby # 3 so I want to be prepared. I registered mostly so my in laws and friends can have a choice. They have been asking.

Julie- I know what you mean about the heat rash. It stings. Hope you feel better.

Marina- Hoping things get better for you today after RE appointment.

Ronda- When will you know if it is a boy or girl? Will you be finding out?

Lisa- Maybe you will know after today. How exciting!!!


Jules614 - June 16

JasJulesMom - I hear you on regsitering even though you re not having a baby shower. I figure when I have the baby people may bring over a gift - but who knows. Almost everything I regsitered for, I will probably need before the baby is born.



JasJulesMom - June 16

Julie- I tried to register for things I know I would not really need. I have been buying stuff every week. I purchased a stroller, car seat, tub, bath accessories, onesies, bouncer, diapers, wipes and a few bibs. I will continue weekly til I feel we have the necessities. Hopefully I will get some gifts also it would help. My Mom is buying the baby furniture and my in laws will probably ask what we need. I can't wait til the warmer clothing is in the stores so I can buy some clothes. I will look and see if I have anything from DD but I think I gave everything away. Even if I have anything the seasons are probably off. SHe was born in May. Where did you register?


Jules614 - June 16

JasJulesMom -

I registered at babiesrus - that is it. I kept all my daughter's stuff so I have the furniture and clothes. I jusdt need new monitors and a couple other things.

I am so tired these days.. yawn...



lyly14 - June 16

Hey Lisa, are you going to post the news?!?!? I am sure all the girls are anxious to hear.


bethnyc - June 16

Hi girls,

Lisa - been thinking about you all day. Any word yet? I have been checking this site every couple of hours. I hope everything is ok.

Lyly - How are you feeling? I hope you are still getting to rest/relax. I'm not sure how much earlier I can do my transfer if I use another doctor. Mine does transfers on Tuesdays and there are 4 others in his practice that do the rest of the week (and one is on every 5th weekend). I may call later today to see what the schedule would be if I didn't care who does it. I think I may save a few days, but not sure if it's worth it for that. I really like my RE and would feel more comfortable with him doing the procedure and making the decision on how many embbies we thaw. I feel like the other RE's care, but not as much as my RE since he has invested alot of time with me (and vice versa). Also, in the scheme of things, what's a few days...

Marina- how was the doctor today? did you learn anything new? Let me know.

Julie/Debbie -- registering for stuff sounds like fun. I hope I can do that soon.

Hope you are all having a good day.



JasJulesMom - June 16

Beth- I am sure your time will come. How are you feeling? Any reaccurence of the shingles?

Lisa- Now I am really anxious, especially after Lyly's last post. Tell us, tell us.

Lyly- Hope you are resting. Are you counting the days? I know you will be the next to put up that pregnancy ticker I just feel it.


bethnyc - June 16

I know my time will eventually come -- I just wish it would hurry up already.

The shingles are much better -- rash is going down and I'm feeling better. I go to the RE on Thursday for a blood/scan and if all goes well I will start the estrogen pills/patch then. I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks for asking.


lyly14 - June 16

Hi girls I am back at work today and we are having our annual end of the year parties all week so its a bit hectic but we limit the parties to 2 big groups a day in the morning. So I am trying to take it easy. At least I am not in the hall every half hour rounding up my groups!

Beth I feel the same way. Our time will come eventually, but hurry up with the *$#@ BFP already! If it is only a matter of shaving off a few days on the wait it may be worthwhile to stick with your doc since you are comfortable with him

Debbie- I actually have not been counting I am trying to not think about it. I hope you are right about the ticker!


lyly14 - June 16

I forgot to ask, any of you girls use progesterone gel capsules vaginally during any of your treatments? The RE has me on them 4 times a day (which is rough with work)


Jules614 - June 16

Lyly - I used progesterone capsules twice a day after I stopped the butt shots. I did them for about 3 weeks and then wwas done at 10 weeks.

4 times sounds like a lot.




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