IVF anyone?
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lyly14 - June 6

Debbie- It is the windows live messenger


vw79girl - June 6

Lyly, yeah, I am pretty lucky that I have the 60 days/12 weeks to take with pay and ins. How is Jen doing? I don't have free internet on my phone. If I use it, I have to pay for minutes etc.
I hate that we don't know how many made it until the actual transfer day. :( Hopefully all three of yours make it and you are on your way to a bfp.

Debbie, I have never tried that sandwich but I have a hunch I would love it if I love the one from BK so much.
I am being good today and having a salad. :)
but...I was bad a little bit ago as I ate a bag of doritos. (not the big bag lol)


jenfrancis - June 6

Lisa - I am doing well. I just hate this site some days. Its always down.

I get a yucky feeling in my stomach when I think about fast food lately. I love fruit and veggies. I love cranberry juice.

I wish we could know how many embies made it now too. LYLY - fingers crossed for you to have triplets!!! Hahaah. We will be in the same boat. :) Nothing wrong with that!

Salad sounds great today. Maybe a grilled chicken salad with Ranch! Yum.

I only have 20 work days till I am done. Then we fly to Houston July 10th. YAY.


JasJulesMom - June 6

My biggest torture this pregnancy is that the thought of ice cream makes me ill. It may be a good thing because when I was pregnant with dd I ate lots and gained 80 lbs. I love ice cream and can't wait till it does not make me sick.

Anyway-very slow at work today for the first time in weeks I just want to go home and relax. I have to work this weekend. YUK!!!

Jen I wish I only had 20 adys lest to work. I am jealous...


jenfrancis - June 6

Thats funny Debbie I have a freezer full of ice cream! I also buy chocolate covered frozen bananas! Oh baby! My weakness is MCD's frozen yogurt cone. I cant eat anything else from there, the grease has a funny taste to me. But that ice cream cone is great.

Cant wait to get home.

I love food, today had a salad with Ranch. Oh it was good.

You know with my daughter, there were smells I hated, and never have gotten over it, like Vanilla, I hate that smell. Also coconut.

So I hope you do get over that yucky feeling toward ice cream.


Jules614 - June 6

Lisa - Are you home or working? You should be resting - take a step back from the computer - ha ha ha



vw79girl - June 6

Jules, I am at school with the art geeks 8). Feeling a little better but not totally great. Going home after school to take a nap and then early to bed for me. :)

Jen, I too had a salad for lunch. Tonight Espinaca and Boneless Buffalo tenders from Cj's...yum! My cat loves Espinaca.
That sucks about the smell of Vanilla. I love that smell.
I never was a huge Ice Cream fan. I am more of a sorbet kinda gal. Lemon espcecially. mmmm


jenfrancis - June 6

Lisa - provided Hubby lets you get to bed early! Or rather sleep...

I am having a restful weekend. Husband is in Houston for the weekend. So lucky for me I will get some sleep.


Jules614 - June 6

Lisa - I love how you call your students "are geeks."

I too had a salad for lunch..

Jen - How are you feeling?



vw79girl - June 6

hehe very funny Jen... we'll see lol :P


jenfrancis - June 6


Julie I am doing well today, just some swelling in my ankles. They look deformed. I have a dr appt tuesday, but not sure if Ishould go to my normal doctor before then. I dont want to panic over something i can not control.

I have cut way down on salt. There maybe some on my crackers, etc. but I dont add any.

I dont have headaches today. Feeling pretty pregnant. And its nice and hot today, so thats not too comfy. I am ok tho, other than that.


Jules614 - June 6

wow Jen - I can't believe you are already swelling.... I guess it is a whole new world when carrying 3.



JasJulesMom - June 7

Good Morning everyone. Is everyone on the East Coast ready for the Heatwave. I know I am not. My ds came home from school yesterday and they told him that it was the last full day of school. Principal said it was going to be too hot for them to be in school all day next week. That never happened when I was in school.

I am working this morning so I am not so happy.

I am having so much trouble sleeping. I get numb hands at night and I cannot sleep without tossing and turning.

Julie- I saw what you did in the rooms. I love the colors.


bethnyc - June 7

hi girls. I only have a minute as dh is in the other room and he will kill me if he sees me on my laptop. But, there's something I had to tell you guys...

MAJOR SETBACK yesterday -- I had some pain in my right leg (top and bottom) - then saw a rash and decided to go to the doctor. Turns out I have shingles - - yes, you all read that right - shingles. So, needless to say, they CANCELLED my transfer for Tuesday, put me on Provera to get my period. I now have to wait till this clears up and I get my period again so I can start another cycle. That puts me about 35 days from a transfer date. I am beside myself and completely freaking out. How can this happen? Why does this happen? I just don't get it. I'm a big believer in things happen for a reason, but this is a bit ridiculous.

So, I'm home, in bed, in MAJOR pain, hoping the antibiotics will clear this up asap. I need to take a few days off of work next week to get better and de-stress (they say stress is what caused this). I'm thinking about having my RE write me a note so I can take off a month from work as getting pregnant is my priority right now. Although not sure if the RE will do that or not. What a nightmare.

I hope you all are well - have a great day/weekend. I'll try to check back later today to see what's going on with you all.



lyly14 - June 7

Oh Beth I am so sorry to hear that. I know what it is like to have a cycle cancelled and it really sucks! I hope you get better quickly and can get started soon. Can they put you on BCP in the meantime? So when you get better you can just stop them and get your period instead of waiting. Maybe you can get your regular doctor to get you out of work for the month. Shingles can take 3-4 weeks to clear up and it is contagious to people who have not had the chickenpox yet. So maybe you can use that as an excuse (you really probably should be out of work anyway!)

okay now for my update- I went into the office this morning. It was so crowded it was unbelievable. I waited forever. But I had my scan and bloodwork today. My lining : triple stripe pattern follicle: Still there (measuring 24 now from 19 1/2). Saw one of the docs today instead of NP and he said I could coast like that for a few days but it will probably be soon. So back again tomorrow. I need to make sure I am there when they first open tomorrow so I don't have to be waiting. Since my dd has her baton recital at 11am and we need to get her hair done and costume ready.

I hope everyone else is having a good weekend. It is really hot here in NY today and going to be even hotter tomorrow.
Debbie- I never heard of them closing school because it is too hot. What district are you guys in. I want to apply to work there! lol My district never closes.


Jules614 - June 7

JasJulesMom - yup, the weather here us VERY hot! I took my daughter out for breakfast and she TESTED me.

wow - wish school was canceled for me when it got humid - why are your hands numb? You don't have preclamsia or anything? Are you swelling? Is that normal?




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