IVF anyone?
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vw79girl - June 5

Girls...my appt. went well. I heard both hb. one was @160 and the other @170 according to the dr. who did them. There was no measurement on the doppler she used which kind of made me mad but I heard them both and she said they were both fine. She also said there was a lot of movement going on. :) They weighed me and I am now 139 lbs. :O whoa. She said that is fine and good and normal. OF course to me, it seems like a lot but c'est la vie.

They also did the second bloodwork which I think is the Afp and the neural tube defects etc. I am nervous about the numbers being worse than the first time. I mean I know that it is only a screening but when they give you a 1:13 chance of something wrong. That is scary. However when they put it into % and say 92.4% all is well and only 7.6% chance it's not...that seems so much better. Keep praying that all is going to be okay in the long run for me will you girls?


vw79girl - June 5

no...it's just the original chicken sandwich with cheese, lettuce and mayo. yummmm :P


Jules614 - June 5

Quick update - I will do personals later.

I had my appointment today. Things went OK. They did find a little trace of protein in my urine which is no big deal with pregnancy. It could just mean I have overworked kidneys… I do urinate A LOT – hopefully in two weeks it won’t increase! My blood pressure was also high – 150/90. The doc took it again at the end of my appointment and it went down a lot. It went to 130/84 which is still VERY high for me. The doc said the last 3 people in that room had elevated blood pressure – could be the machine – hopefully, that is all it was. I lost 2 pounds. Kaitlyn's heart beat was 146 beats per minute. She was kicking away during the entire appointment. The doctor also measured my stomach and I was right on target at 29 weeks. I now start seeing the doc every 2 weeks. I hope my blood pressure goes down and there is not much more traces of protein in my urine.

Has anyone ever had traces of protein in their urine?



Jules614 - June 5

Marina - Type in the words Julie Linda and you will see my u/s appear.

Reshma - I am glad you and the baby are OK. I had the flue when I was 9 weeks and ended up in medical daycare taking in IV's. I kept nothing down.

Lyly - Good luck at your scan!

JasJulesMom - What do you do for work that you were there until 10 p.m.? Congrads on passing your AFP test, One less thing to worry about.

Jen - I am so glad you and your triplets are doing well.

Lisa - So glad you had a good appointment and both hb's were strong. Good for you! How are you feeling?



lyly14 - June 5

hey Julie- that sucks about your visit today. Protein in the urine can be a sign of preclampsia (high blood pressure)! Which you said yours was elevated. Are they having you come back in for a blood pressure check? They need to monitor you because it can be very bad for you and the baby. I was borderline when I was pg with my dd and I had to go to the doctor 2x week for a blood pressure check! Headaches, fatigue, and water retention are also signs so just be on the lookout. Keep your feet elevated when you are sitting and stay away from sodium. I am sure you were told all this, just being a mother hen. Take care of yourself.


vw79girl - June 5

Julie, still all stuffy and feeling crappy. My nose is either running or so congested I can't breathe. The nurse suggested some Benadryl(before I go to bed) and a nasal spray. I am just going to rest as much as possible for the next few days and sleep it off if possible. Luckily I took Monday as a personal day a while back, that will work out great for me. However if it is nice, I am heading to the beach to sleep there for the day. They have never "measured" my belly. Do you remember when they started to do that for you?

Jen, great pics! you look like you are moving right along! :)

Lyly, good luck tomorrow, I will be thinking of you. Are you going to school when you are done?


lyly14 - June 5

Lisa- My appt is at 7 am so I should make it back on time to take dd to school at 8:30 and go to work by 9. I cannot afford to take any more days off if I do not have to I want to save them for the transfer. The more days I use now the less I have for maternity leave. I don't know how your district does it but we don't get paid so we need to use our sick days for our maternity.


Jules614 - June 6

Lyly - They said there was only a trace of protein in my urine and that it was nothing to worry about. I have absolutely no swelling or water retention which was a good sign. My blood pressure went down by the end of the appointment so my OB is not worrying about it as of yet. How did your appointment go?

Lisa - Is it possible your stuffy nose is part of the pregnancy? I felt like I had an ongoing cold for the first four months. I constantly had sinus problems, my throat was mucousy and my nose was even more of a mess. Do you have allergies?



lyly14 - June 6

Julie- I am glad to hear you don't have any of the other symptoms. Hopefully it will stay that way and your blood pressure will be fine. I had all the symptoms and my pressure was borderline, but it never went any further than that. I am sure you are fine

Okay girls good news. My appt. went great and I am closer than I thought. My lining was 11 and my lead follicle was 19 1/2. She said I was close and that I would have to come in every day now until the follicle collapses. I was thinking more towards the end of next week but looks like it will be the beginning of the week so maybe the transfer by the end of the week. Ohhh maybe it will be the 13th Marina!


vw79girl - June 6

Yay Lyly, that is awesome girl!!!

Jules, yes...I have always had allergies this time of year so I th ink that is what it is. I slept well after taking the benadryl and I think lots of fluid and rest will get me through this. So glad it's Friday! I know that congestion or stuffy~ness is a pregnancy thing too, at least that is what I read.

oh and Lyl~ yes, we have to use our sick days too. Unfortunately, due to my 2 surgeries since I have been teaching, I used a lot of mine up. We get 15 a year and they carry over. I have like 65 and will use @60 of them by March when I go back. This is given I am not on any serious bedrest. Due to my leave being during xmas and Feb. break along with 5 other holidays...I luck out as my leave will be 15 weeks rather than the 12 we are allowed.


Jules614 - June 6

Lyly - Great news about your appointment. I feel good about you this time - like it is going to happen!!!!!

Lisa - Take care of yourself!



Arabsrcool - June 6


Hurray, your scan came back normal. I can just imagine how relieved you are!


My insurance does pay for the 3-D u/s. We have already meant the deductible for the year, so we will have no more $ out of pocket for the year. Thank God!!

I haven't had a stuffy nose so much as a stuffy ear!?!. According it my books that is pretty normal. What really grosses me out is when I floss my teeth, it looks like someone bled out in the sink!


how exciting......you are getting close!. Excuse my ignorance, but how far in advance do they thaw the embies?


Glad to hear you are getting along a little better. I know who sick and tired I was in the 1st trimester..... I can only imagine how you feel with triplets!



vw79girl - June 6

Ronda, the bleeding of the gums is totally normal and wow, that is great that you don't have to pay for the 3-D. $125 isn't that bad. They told me yesterday they like to wait until week 28-30 because there is more skin on them and they look less strange...whatever that means lol

Jules, I am taking good care of myself. Don't worry, we will be up chatting late real soon.

Lyl, thanks for all the advice on stuff last night when I was looking at the carriers etc. :)


lyly14 - June 6

Hey girls busy this morning already. I just realized i have the windows live chat on my cel phone. I was chatting with Jen early this morning on it. Anyone else have access to it on their phone?

Ronda- They don't thaw the embies until that day! So I don't think I will know anything about how many make it until I get there for the transfer. Scary :(

Lisa we get 13 days a year between sick and personal and they do roll over. I have maybe 20 days if I am lucky! So I don't even have enough for 6 weeks. Thats great that you have so many days even with all your surgeries.


JasJulesMom - June 6

Great news Lyly. I think the 13th is a great day for you and Marina in hopes you both end the 2ww on the same days with BFPs.

You guys ever try the McDonalds southern chicken sandwich. That is my craving now. They are so yummy.

Julie- I work for Educational Testing Systems and right now we are in the middle of scoring AP exams. We fly 13000 into 5 sights around the country and all hell breaks loose during travel days. Not to mention the scoring process itself.

Glad everyone is doing great. Can some tell me again what chat line you are using and how to get signed up.


lyly14 - June 6

Debbie- It is the windows live messenger



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