IVF anyone?
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JasJulesMom - May 12

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Lyly- I am so excited for you, the day has finally come. Let us know how it goes and if the give you a date.

Lisa- I love Jon and Kate plus 8. They both have so much patience but are so real. I love the fact that they do not pretend that everything is perfect like that crazy family with 16 kids.

JUlie- Funny you should say you do not speak with your sister. I have the same problem, but the difference is I refuse to be in the same room or for that matter within 100 feet of her. She is completely nuts. Families!!!! You are almost under that 100 day mark, must be exciting.

I went to Babies R Us Saturday and bought some stuff, now I am feeling like maybe I should have waited a bit more. Who knows???

Rhonda and Reshema how are you ladies doing? Hope Marina is enjoying her getaway.


Arabsrcool - May 12

Lisa, Reshema,

we are past the 12 week mark. Hurray for us!!!!!


I'm sure everything will be fine today, but I'm sure the hours will drag until your appointment.

Hope everyone had a great mothers day!



jenfrancis - May 12

Lyly -

Good luck and prayers for your appointment that you wont need any followup testing! Get down to the nitty gritty!

Yay on you ladies passing the first trimester! I am going in for my first u/s to see how many little boogars are slumbering in my belly!

Cant wait to know! That will help me relax some what (maybe) :)
Well, I will most definitely log in Wednesday PM.

Have a great week ladies, I am still hanging around, reading all the posts, just dont have much to say.


lyly14 - May 12

Debbie- I go at 5pm. Just have to get through the day at work. I'll log on tonight to let you know how it went. I got all my paperwork from my old guy and was disappointed when I saw the quality of my last three embies. I am not so sure about this FET now after all this waiting. I am starting to feel like something is trying to tell me no more babies!


jenfrancis - May 12

Awe, Lyly-

Dont get discouraged! they were obviously good enough to freeze. They made it to blast, so thats a huge hurdle for an embryo!

Keep encouraged! Stay positive, just make them put all three in, then, if they are bad quality, tell them you would like all three, to optimize the chances of implantation!

I am rooting for you! I will let you know Wednesday if I am having one two or all three...


Jules614 - May 12

JasjulesMom - I can't stand my sister and was only in the same room with her because it was Mother's Day and it was my mom's request. I didn't want to hurt my mom. But, it was so awkward because I have such contempt for her.

Good luck Lyly!!! Your time has come.

CONGRADS to everyone who made it to 12 weeks - you are almost approaching your second trimester.

Good luck Jenfrancis at your u/s - can't wait to hear how many babies you have. A girl in my other chat just found out she is having triplets.



lyly14 - May 12

Jen- My embies are not blasts. They are only day 3. One of them is only a 5 cell and grade 2 (grade 1 is best), the other is 8 cell grade 2 (uneven) and the other is a 7 cell grade 2. They don't grow blasts at my lab! The 5 cell is the one that concerns me. I have heard that they should at least be 6 or 7 cell on day 3. We had one other that arrested at the 2 cell stage that they didn't freeze so I worry that the 5 cell one will eventually arrest too.


jenfrancis - May 12

Julie -

What other chat are you a part of? This is my only one. Not sure I would have time to devote to two. I sort of remember the ladies here.

But I am curious...

Yikes triplets...Well, we knew going in that it was possible, so we will see two more days!!! It has really been a long two weeks to wait for this appointment.


jenfrancis - May 12

Lyly -

Why dont they wait till they hit blast before freezing. Hmmm, we did a day 3 transfer and had 12 embryos that they left to grow, of the 12 only 3 made it to blast, so I am confident that if any thing goes wrong we have a good chance with those last three.

Hmm, well, I have heard the same thing but you never know, sometimes they just blossum in the womb! I can understand you being realistic, just dont panic and get depressed. Today is a great day and you deserve some good news.

I think its maybe best you left that clinic. Seems like maybe they just dont have the capabilities a good lab would have. Good luck and lots of positive baby dust and hugs coming your way.


lyly14 - May 12

Funny thing about me leaving my RE is that he was using the lab that I am going to. He didn't have his own lab just private practice with rights to use this guys lab. So the lab capabilities may not be any different except for the fact that this is a brand new lab. They don't grow blast at my lab because they say that so many otherwise capable embryos don't survive the conditions in a lab and they feel they should develop in an enviroment that isn't artificial.


lyly14 - May 12

Oh yeah by the way this lab has one of the best reputations around and highest success rates. So go figure.


jenfrancis - May 12


That makes sense though. That is why they told me that my day five transfer did not succeed. So this cycle we did the day three transfer and it worked. However, the embryos that were leftover, were left to grow to blast, those are the only ones they freeze.

Well, the embryos that they froze for you, may be fine. After all you only need one of the three. I would just ask to have all three transferred.
I dont know why that would be negotiable, when you are paying them! Its funny when I read that most clinics will only transfer two embryos, why is that their choice, when I am healthy and I am financially prepared for triplets, that ought to be MY choice. I pay the dr!

Lets just see, I intend on sticking around this board for a while, so I will be praying for you, I call you Lee Lee when I talk to God!


jenfrancis - May 12

We are the same age, and same east coast! So I am rooting for you!

You have other children? I read you said it may be God telling you no more babies? I have a 14 yr old daughter, got pregnant at age 18, easily, not sure what is happening now...


Jules614 - May 12

The IVF Chat I belong to is:


screen name is parent2b.



vw79girl - May 12

WOW...you girls have been busy this morning.

and yessssss Ronda, we are starting our 13th week. It's so exciting. I must say, my belly is certainly growing at this point.

Lyly, is it the end of June yet? I feel like the rest of this school year is dragging. Is the new Lab in Mass.?

**I believe they put in an 8A cell a 6B cell and a 5A cell for me. All day 3's and all with fair symmetry. I am still curious to this day as to which two stuck. :) :) Don't be concerned about the 5 cell. I was too and who knows, maybe that was one of them for me. Plus by that day, they may have progressed a little bit.

Jen, I can't wait to see how your u/s goes on Wed.!!! Where did you say your were from again? I'm east coast too.:)

Julie, I tried joining that blog (the babycenter one) but found it far more confusing. I like this one so much better and love our little circle of friends.

I am kind of out of it today. Spacey if you will. I feel like I am still half asleep. I have 4 day work weeks for the next three weeks so I am pumped about that. Then it will be JUNE!

Debbie, what did you buy??? and no, it isn't too soon. Have fun and enjoy yourself girl! :)


lyly14 - May 12

Jenfrancis- I have a 9 year old daughter from a previous relationship. Got pg on one shot deal after coming off the pill. 14 days after I stopped the pill I got pg with her. It was quite easy. Her father and I were together for 11 years but it didn't work out. Then I met dh and we got pg within 6 months, but I lost it at 5 weeks. Less than a year later without trying ( just being careless) I had a chemical pregnancy (positive hpt and next day period). Decided to really try and got pg the first try, but I lost that one at 11 weeks. Now after 2 years nothing! So who knows what happened. By the way Lee Lee is exactly how you pronounce it.

Lisa- I live in ny. I used to travel 35 minutes to get to my RE and the embryology lab was 45-50 minutes away. Now both the new RE and lab are about 20 minutes away from me. Yeah! It is very comforting to hear about your embies and you are having twins! That gives me more hope. Thanks I needed that.

How do you have 4 day work weeks from now until june? I am so jealous. I shouldn't complain. I only have one more full week then a 4 day and then a 3 day week. But June is going to be a killer with no days off . At least I get to stop seeing children around the middel of June but paperwork for my job is no picnic.



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