IVF anyone?
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JasJulesMom - May 9

Great News Julie. Glad to hear all is going well.

Lisa- I defitely am with you. I am at the point I do not want to tell anyone what names we are thinking of because someone always has something to say to ruin it for you!! Just ignore them and enjoy the journey.


vw79girl - May 10

Apparently Julie, finding out what the gender is...is taboo in the Greek Orthodox religion(now this is according to an old school 70 year old woman). I was talking totally to someone else about it and she put in her two cents about how that is wrong to do that and it's like bad luck etc. I immediately called my mom all upset and my mom knows the woman and said don't worry about it and she had never heard of that. I mean I am not really worried what she thinks, I guess I just hate how people think nothing of pissing on your parade.

As far as names...I feel that way Deb, it's like as soon as you say a name, people make a face. Do people not get how long we have waited for this and the fact that we want to enjoy it and all the perks that come along with it. jeesh!

I plan to take your advice and ignore those people and enjoy the journey.


Jules614 - May 10

vw79girl - I am very well known for not caring what people think of me. I am Jewish and in the Jewish religion you don't have baby showers - Guess what? I did anyways. Majority of my family was against it so they weren't invited but all my friends came. I mean, why I am I going to wait until the baby is born to receive stuff - that would mean I would have to buy everything on my own - and honestly - I didn't want to do that if I didn't have to. My mean Aunt heard I had a shower (no one likes her) and she started going off on me when I was 8 months pregnant "what if your baby dies." I went ballistic on her. My sister's face was classic hen I completely told her off. My mom was glad I did it too because when she married my mom's brother my mom cried since she didn't like her. My favorite quote, and I say it all the time when people put their two sense in when not asked, "I am sorry but you have mistaken me for someone who cares." Do what makes you happy - I told everyone up front my kids names. My parents make comments that I don't pick Jewish names. Again, I will say, "I wasn't asking your opinion, I was telling you what I have decided." They don't like that I think for myself - and people won't.. but if one thing anyone can agree on about me, is I do what I want despite what people think." Look out for yourself because no one will when it comes down to it 8)
OK I blabbed enough about that topic!!!

Last night my asthma got real bad so I went to bed at 8:30 p.m. It is still bad but I can't sleep any more. I have been tossing and turning since 5. Kaitlyn has been quit. I hope I didn't cough her out of me... kiddon.
Yippee - it's the weekend.



lyly14 - May 10

Julie- Did you take anything for the asthma? When I was pg with my dd I ended up in the hospital because mine was so bad. The had me on oxygen, nebulizer treatments and pumped me full of steroids because they told me if I wasn't getting enough oxygen then neither was the baby. They even forced me to have a chest x ray which I was so upset about and worried. Hope you feel better.

Well girls I went to pick up my records this morning and my dr. happened to walk out of the office and saw me. I felt so akward. He told me the deal they had completely fell through and they would no longer be working with that lab. They are currently looking into other options. In the meantime he now tells me that there is one lab which is about 45-50 minutes away that is willing to let him do all the prep and monitoring and their staff do the retrievals and transfers. He told me that if things don't work out with this new RE I can call him and he will set up the FET with this place with no wait! I guess I will see what this guy says on Monday.


Jules614 - May 10

Lyly - I have two inhalers that I can use ona daily basis plus I have a nebulizer at home. I have had a nebulizer for several years as I used to always end up in the hospital.

It sounds like your docor was pretty understanding of yur change in labs. It is a good thing you did considering what he just told you.


lyly14 - May 10

Julie- I have a nebulizer at home too for the same reason, but when I get an attack only steroids seems to really make it go away everything else just works very short term.

My doctor and his staff was extremely understanding and wished me the best of luck. I felt terrible when they aske me who I was going to and I had to say the man who just screwed you over and made you lose so many patients.


Jules614 - May 10

Lyly - I wouldn't feel bad - honestly, you are looking for a service which is to get pregnant. It is only natural for you to want to go where that service can be provded the quickest.



vw79girl - May 11

Happy Mother's day to all of you mothers and mothers to be. :)

Lyly and Marina...my wish for you both is that next year at this time, you will be already pregnant or have that little one just being born. ;)

Hope everyone had a good weekend. :D


Jules614 - May 11

Hi everyone! I am at my sister/bro in laws but wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

I was supposed to have a pregnancy massage today and the person stood me up. I am so upset. It didn't even look like they were open. I waited by the door and it was dark. They lost my business.



lyly14 - May 11

Hi girls Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!

Tomorrow is the big day for me. I wish I was going during the day and not after work, but oh well. I think I am having some anxiety about the whole thing. I had a strange dream about my appt. last night. I had to walk a really long time to get from the waiting room to the actual exam room, I think it even lead me outside at one point. The first secretary was so nice then the rest of the staff was mean and I was crying. I had all these tests done. The funny thing, I never saw the actual doctor. He wasn't even in my dream!


vw79girl - May 11

aww Lyly, everything is going to go fine tomorrow. You've been so patient and it's just a little bit longer honey. I know what you mean about strange dreams. Every time I am going to have an appt. or an u/s, I have weird/strange dreams. I hate that. An old wives tale in my family is...if you have a bad dream about something and are really nervous about it, chances are things will turn out okay. :) I'll be thinkin' of you tomorrow late afternoon and sending good vibes.
and p.s. don't feel bad about anything regarding your old dr. office. Like we have all been telling you, you need to do what is best for YOU. Hang in there.

Julie, that stinks about your massage. They should give you a free one for standing you up like that. I am dying to have one of those. I haven't had a massage period since Dec. and I used to go once a month.

I had a good day today. I really feel like a "mother to be". :) Went to church with my family (said prayers for all of you), brought flowers to my Yia Yia's at the cemetery and some of my other great aunts/godmother. Had a nice dinner at a local restaurant. (I am eating like such a pig!) Hubby gave me a beautiful card and one of those Willow Tree figurines, most of which are angels but this is the one of the woman who had a big pregnant belly and she has her hands rested on it. It is so beautiful. It's called Cherish. I don't know what I love more, what he wrote in my card or that he thought to give me that.

Ronda, Reshma, Debbie and Jen, hope you guys had a great day.

Marina...hope you are enjoying your trip.



Jules614 - May 11

LyLy - best of luck. I will be thinking about you. Let me know how your appointment goes.

Vw79girl - That was so nice you prayed for us. That is so sweet. ounds like hubby was very good to you.

I went to my folks for Mother's Day. Kinda akward since my sister was there and we aren't speaking. She is having her twins c-sectioned June 9th at almost 40 weeks.



vw79girl - May 12

Julie, they aren't even trying to have her deliver normally? Is that the usual protocol for twins--a C Section? My OB said we would see if I could deliver normally. Honestly, I think I would rather a C-sec. With the Crohn's surgeries and the ostomy etc. that may actually be easier for me.
Do any of you ever watch John and Kate+ Eight?


Jules614 - May 12

Lisa -
One of my sister's children is breached. But even if they were both head down there is always the chance that both want to come out at the same time and they end up C-sectioning anyway.



vw79girl - May 12

ah I see. Right now, the though of delivery/c-sect. kind of scares me lol. I am enjoying this part of it and loving every minute of it.

How long have you and your sister been on the outs?
and do you have any other siblings?


JasJulesMom - May 12

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Lyly- I am so excited for you, the day has finally come. Let us know how it goes and if the give you a date.

Lisa- I love Jon and Kate plus 8. They both have so much patience but are so real. I love the fact that they do not pretend that everything is perfect like that crazy family with 16 kids.

JUlie- Funny you should say you do not speak with your sister. I have the same problem, but the difference is I refuse to be in the same room or for that matter within 100 feet of her. She is completely nuts. Families!!!! You are almost under that 100 day mark, must be exciting.

I went to Babies R Us Saturday and bought some stuff, now I am feeling like maybe I should have waited a bit more. Who knows???

Rhonda and Reshema how are you ladies doing? Hope Marina is enjoying her getaway.



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