IVF anyone?
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lyly14 - May 12

Jenfrancis- I have a 9 year old daughter from a previous relationship. Got pg on one shot deal after coming off the pill. 14 days after I stopped the pill I got pg with her. It was quite easy. Her father and I were together for 11 years but it didn't work out. Then I met dh and we got pg within 6 months, but I lost it at 5 weeks. Less than a year later without trying ( just being careless) I had a chemical pregnancy (positive hpt and next day period). Decided to really try and got pg the first try, but I lost that one at 11 weeks. Now after 2 years nothing! So who knows what happened. By the way Lee Lee is exactly how you pronounce it.

Lisa- I live in ny. I used to travel 35 minutes to get to my RE and the embryology lab was 45-50 minutes away. Now both the new RE and lab are about 20 minutes away from me. Yeah! It is very comforting to hear about your embies and you are having twins! That gives me more hope. Thanks I needed that.

How do you have 4 day work weeks from now until june? I am so jealous. I shouldn't complain. I only have one more full week then a 4 day and then a 3 day week. But June is going to be a killer with no days off . At least I get to stop seeing children around the middel of June but paperwork for my job is no picnic.


Jules614 - May 12

Lisa - Sorry it was too confusing to join. I joined the group when I was starting IVF. I knew nothing about it and they were great about answering all my questions.

I just went to BabiesRUs and bought a diary/book for my pregnancy. I have been typing a journal but thought it was time to print it out and out it in the book.



vw79girl - May 12

I bought a book called the belly book to journal my pregnancy and u/s pics as well as belly pics. It is an adorable book. I journal in general every day in a book journal. Sometimes I just type them out and glue them in.

I don't know why I find that board confusing. I feel like this one is much more simple.

Lyly, glad I could ease your mind. :)
my 4 day weeks are due to: a workshop this week on Wed. (so still a work day but no kiddos)
I took a personal day next Tues. to finally do a little cleaning and take down my darn easter decorations. (we are allowed two a year and I realized I hadn't taken them yet so I did one in May and one in June in order to save my sick days for when the babies come).
Then the last week in May we have Memorial day. You must have that day off too. June I will only have 1 day off so that will be a long month, however, that last week we have final exams so it's an easy week of only two exams to give a day. I'll elaborate more on that week as it gets closer. One of the reasons why I LOVE teaching HS.


Jules614 - May 12

Lisa - don't worry about having trouble getting into the website. This chat is just as good. Your belly book sounds great. Where did you get it?



JasJulesMom - May 12

Julie- I feel exactly the same way about my sister. So good to know I am not alone.

Lyly- Keep good spirits, do not assume the worst. I thought we should just give up also. I believe GOD blessed me with two beautiful children and I was not meant to have more. Finally in January I was kinda like this is it and finally it happened. Now I just cannot wait til he/she is finally here.

Lisa- Since I really want to wait to see if it a boy or girl before I buy anything gender specific I bought some none specific stuff. I bought baby bottles, liners, diapers, wipes, tub, baby lotion and baby bath. I let the kids pick outsomething. My son picked out a bib that says I love my big brother and my daiughter picked out cute glow in the darl pacifiers. It was so much fun. I plan on buying something every Friday until we have everything we need.


vw79girl - May 12

I got the book at Barnes & Noble. Google it, it's cute.

Debbie, sounds like you got some cute stuff. I guess I am hoping I get a lot at my shower since this will be my first pregnancy.

also...I got a call from my OB today re: bloodwork and numbers. He gave me general numbers of 1 in 92 chance based on age of abnomalities and a 1in 13 if you factor in the fact that there are two, and the nucal combined with the bloodwork and my age. I got nervous at the 1:13 but he said that it was good as they look at percentages and it would give me a 92.4% chance of things being okay and only a 7.6 chance of things being abnormal. He said they will take my second bloodwork and go from there. The numbers could get better, worse or stay the same. He said that he was fine with my numbers and if they were like 1:2 or 1:3 then he would be worried. I feel like after looking at your #'s Deb, I was like whoa, mine didn't look good. I am going to just stay positive and base my feelings on how good my u/s have been and the fact that he said it really is a lot harder to do this test with twins being in there. I gotta keep the faith. :)

Lyly, I was totally ready to give up, this was our last attempt and I was calling a week prior to my Beta to find out our refund amt. and I was looking at cruises for next Feb. and at little doggies. I really didn't think it would happen for us and it did. Keeping my fingers crossed and keeping you in my prayers. Good luck today honey.


JasJulesMom - May 12

Lisa- What type of abnormalities is he referring to? Is he talking about Downs and Trisonomy 18 or something else? How old are you if you do not mind me asking?

Seems weird that it was 92 % chance of normal pregancy with 1 in 13 chance. I get very confused with all thses numbers and how each OB explains things so differently. I would not worry though since he sounds like he is not worried. Besides it is only a screening not actual results. Does he want you to do any further testing?


Arabsrcool - May 12


Sounds like odds are in your favor, for everything being normal. I go to doc next week, so I assume they will start with some of the testing.....unless they are just going to wait until the 18th week for 4-D u/s. Guess I will find out next week. The book you bought does sound really cute!

I am still taking Sudafed, which you have to sign your life away to get, but it is helping. I am pretty sure I felt the baby kick last night when I was sleeping......but maybe it was just my insides moving. can't wait until I can tell for sure.


don't give up on your frozen embies. If they were terrible, they would not have frozen them. I had a 3 day transfer, not blast, and it worked! My lab doesn't grow to blast b/c doc says they lose too many embies that may make in momma, but arrest in lab. Even as good as the labs have gotten, there is not substitute for in their mom.



vw79girl - May 12

I am 37. He said that if we were basing it on age only and not the nucal scan and the fact that they are twins then my chances are 1 in 92. which is like a 99% chance that things are okay and a 1% chance otherwise. I called back again today to find out for sure what exactly they tested for. I guess with twins, they can’t test for the trisonomy 18 as it isn’t accurate. I mean is any of this really accurate? They only tested for downs. I am holding onto the fact that he said there is only a 7.6% chance that things could be wrong. My husband and I are fine either way and both still feel that we couldn’t possibly choose at this point to reduce to one. I have come to love both of them so much already. I have another bloodwork on the 4th of June to check for neural tube defects. This will again be combined with the first bloodwork and the nucal scan for another set of numbers. The OB said my numbers could change a little either way or just stay the same. He seemed supportive and felt that we have a good chance of having things go okay for both of them. He felt that if my number was 1 in 2 or 3 or 4 then he would maybe have opted that I do further testing. He left the further testing completely up to us. He said he would not sway us to do it if we choose to not do it then it is our choice and he is fine with that. I really feel that if he thought we should test further, he would have stated that. I know what you mean about the numbers being confusing but if you take 1 over 13 and divide, that is where he got the percentages. and YES...you are correct, it is just a screening. okay that was a mouth full. :)

Lyly, hope that everything went well. You should be at your appt. right now.

Ronda~ I have felt tiny flutters/movement twice! However, it may just be gas...who knows. I can’t wait to really know as well. So you are definintely having the 4-D u/s ? I am so hoping to do that on the same day as the anatomy u/s. I won’t have another u/s until then. That seems so long to wait. I love that security and comfort of knowing they are doing well and seeing it myself is so reassuring.


lyly14 - May 12

Lisa- I was actually already home by then. The appointment was quick and went great. He even did the saline sono right there and then. It was such a wierd feeling after they were done. I felt like my water broke when I was pg and in labor with my dd. Just waiting to find out if my embies were already moved from the hospital to the new lab. As soon as we know they are there I can stop the bcp and get right in for the FET ;D He even wants me to do a completely natural FET no estrogen patches or anything. I don't even have to do progesterone shots just the suppositories. He is just going to monitor my regular cycle and once I ovulate he will put them in three days later. He even suggested to put all three at once without me even asking! He told me I will most likely get only a single or twins. Then he asked me if I would be done if I had twins and I said yes. He thinks my problem is really related to the antiphospholipids so he is having me start lovenox injections as soon as I ovulate( these will be my only shots and its once a day). He also changed one of my prescriptions from 4 mg of folic acid to something called folgard. So for now I stay on everything including bcp until I find out where my embies are and I will call the office tomorrow to have the nurse set up my FET :) I am so happy right now! I am praying my embies have been moved already and I don't have to wait for that. ::) Oh I just realized I forgot to ask him about the assisted hatching. I guess I will see about that when I set everything up.


vw79girl - May 13

Lyly, I am so happy for you!!! It sounds like everything went really well for you. I'm so glad he is willing to put all three in. I felt so good knowing that we had three in there and our chances would be good. It sounds like all of your ducks are in order thus far and the long wait for this appt. is finally over and the ball is rolling. Definitely ask him about the assisted hatching. Even if it is a little extra, I am so glad we did it as I really think it helped our situation. Can't wait to find out when your FET is!!!


lyly14 - May 13

Lisa- I can't wait either! I am going to call the nurses in the am and see if they have moved my embies. I am feeling much more positive about everything.


jenfrancis - May 13

Lyly -

Oh I am so happy after reading your post! How exciting. Sounds like everything is going perfectly. I am very happy too.

Well that really gives you alot to look forward to! So I guess we will hear something from you in 4-5 weeks of whether or not it worked. Prayers, very fervent prayers!

Tomorrow is my ultrasound and I am sooo anxious! It will be very hard to focus at work tomorrow! I leave at noon! Hubby meeting me at the doc office! Tomorrow is going to be a great day!

We are going to tell my family this weekend, in person!


JasJulesMom - May 13

Lyly- So excited about your day. Glad things went well. Keep us updated on your process. Hopefully soon you will be joing the 2WW and then a positive hpt, BFP.

Lisa- The next test you are taking for tube defects is it the AFP? I was just wondering, I am going for that on May 23. Do you know when they do the glucose tolerence test. That is the one I hate. I also think I am feeling movement, not always consistent but I think it is the baby. I can't wait till he or she just gives me one good kick. I love that.

Good luck tomorrow JenFrancis.


vw79girl - May 13

Debbie, I am not sure if that is what that test is called. If it is for neural tube defects then yes. It is just another bloodwork to combine with the existing one and the scan to get another reading. I have no idea when the Glucose test is...why do you hate that one?

I bet it is the baby moving!. :) I have felt three weird flutters in the past two days. I am beginning to wonder if it is anything. It is so early for me to be feeling anything. It's a funny fluttering feeling and it lasts a second and then is gone.

Jen~ Almost there girl!!! what time do you go?

Lyly, what did the nurses say?


Arabsrcool - May 13


that is great news. Sounds like you are make progress towards your BFP!.


It sounded like from what the nurse said at my last appt, because of my age, they would just refer me for the 4-D u/s and not do much of the bloodwork. I'll find out more when I go next week.




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