IVF anyone?
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lili246 - November 20

Wow so now Paul weights more than Ben? That is amazing how fast they are growing. I am so happy for you. That spit up it is so normal my two kids did that all the time you will get use to it. Enjoy being a busy mommy..lol Glad to hear that Paul will be home tomorrow. That is great you will be super busier.



vw79girl - November 20

We hit a little snag today...Paul isn't coming home. :(
He had a rough night with some breathing problems. His oxygen levels dropped a couple of times so they are monitoring him for another night. Benjamin is doing well today. He was hoping to see his brother again but hopefully tomorrow. I am so tired:( Benjamin was on the every two hour kick last night. Although we take turns, it's still exhausting. Had my hair done and I wanted to fall asleep the whole time. It just wasn’t enjoyable like it usually is. :( I am worried about Paul.


Jade - November 20

Lisa~ Sorry to hear about Paul. I think it will be easier on you when they are Both home. That way you can rest while they rest . It is hard having to visit one in the hospital while one is at home! Spitting up is common in premies. I would definitely ask the ped about it bc it could be reflux....especially if they are being really fussy eaters. We had that problem and started meds for it and life was a little easier afterwards. Good luck girl and I will be praying for Paul.


Jules614 - November 20

Lisa - Sorry Paul isn't coming home. Kaitlyn had an oxygen problem when she was first born - I know how scary that can be.

He will be home soon enough! He is strong like his mommy 8)



lili246 - November 20

So it was today that he was coming home.ugh to bad he is not. But don't worry it is better that he is with people that know what they are doing and are helping him. He has proven you guys that he is a strong lil boy and he will be home soon. I am praying for you.
The girls are right life will be much easier once they both are at home.
Sorry that you are not resting much but this is reality of the whole thing of being a mommy don't worry it won't be for long they will get in a schedule where you will get use to it. Enjoy those lil miracles and keep us posted with Paul.
God bless you all!


vw79girl - November 21

thank you girls, all of you for all of your prayers, support and good wishes for Paul and for Ben.

much love,


Jade - November 21

Lyly~ How was your u/s?


lyly14 - November 21

Sory I did not post yesterday. I am exactly 8 weeks today! ;D I did have my u/s yesterday and right before I went into the office I started to have a terrible feeling. :-\ I was terrified I was going to be told that there was no heartbeat. But I was wrong. :o Everything was great the baby was good and hb was nice and strong. The so called fibroid the other doctor saw last week was actually another sac. I figured as much but it doesn't make much difference because it's empty anyway. So I will be going off the estrace soon and he told me only a week more of progesterone but I reminded him that I lost my last one at 11 weeks so he said to stay on it until 12 weeks ( so 4 more weeks of shots in my hips Yay! ::) ). He told me to stay on folgard, baby asprin, lovenox, and metformin for the entire pregnancy. Metformin?!? the entire pregnancy? I have heard that it is not good to be on that while you are pg, but he said it helps prevent m/c and will keep me from turning diabetic. I think I will consult with my regular endocrinologist on that one and my high risk ob. So technically I am being released form my RE. I have an appt on the 4th with my high risk ob. So now I have to wait 2 weeks for my next check up!


JasJulesMom - November 21

Lyly- I am so glad everything is ok with the baby. I agree about the metformin. I was on it while I was trying to get pg because of the pcos. as soon as I was 6 weeks along my RE and ob both said i should stop taking it. When I developed the gestational diabetes my endo said insulin was the only safe thing to take. She said there was not enoughconclusive evidence that the metformin would be safe for the baby. Hope that helps. There is always something to worry about....

Lisa- Sorry to hear Paul is not home yet. Hope he is well.

Anyone hear from Jen yet?

AFM-Took baby for 4 week check up yesterday and she is now 9lbs 9oz. I could not believe it. She is a healthy eater and does not spit up at all. I also had my post op and have been given the green light to resume my normal life. I am so happy now to start the diet...lol although I did lose 27 lbs since she was born and only gained 19 during the pg so I am a bit ahead of the game


lili246 - November 21

wow you sure did lose about of weight which is good. Are you breastfeeding?
I am glad that your lil one is healthy that is great news.

Congrats again sounds like you have a healthy baby which is good. Keep it up everything will be ok. It is all normal to worry but with faith everything will be ok.

What did you find out about Paul? How is he doing today? will he be going home? Sounds like he will be home very soon. Best wishes and we are praying for him.

How are you doing? How are those lil blessings? Hey I keep looking at that picture you sent me and I just love it. I will print it out and put it next to my desk :)

Hope that everything is going well with Ronda and Jen, good luck girls!

Have a great weekend!


Jules614 - November 21

lili - I lost a lot of weight from breastfeeding plus I walked every day while pregnant. I have no time to walk now so I am putting the weight back on.

Lyly - That is awesome about the heart beat. I am so excited for you.

I wonder how Jen is doing with her triplets.



lyly14 - November 22

Debby- I did some research on the internet about the metformin. I am not on it for PCOS. I am actually on it because my sugars are already bad, but are borderline. From what I read the reason it is typically not used during pregnancy is because it does not sufficiently control the diabetes ( which is bad for the baby). Insulin is needed instead of the metformin because it gives better control over the diabetes. However for someone like me it may prevent the diabetes from starting. I put in a call to the endo so I will see what she says about it.


vw79girl - November 22

Paul came home today!
I am wiped out!
but soooooo happy. He is doing well and seems so happy to be home. Benjamin is glad to have his brother finally home!

I will post this weekend!


Arabsrcool - November 22

hi girls!! sorry its taken me so long to post. I know Nicole let everyone know I had my baby on Monday. Here the scoop. Went in Sunday night at 7 pm. they put a cervix softening agent in at 8:30 pm and told me it would stay in 12 hrs. Then they would induce in the morning. Well at 12:45 am, my water broke. Labor progressed from there and I had my dd at 8:13 am after about 5 short minutes of pushing. My epidural was only working well on one side, so I had full labor pain on right side...not pleasant. Its been alot of not sleeping. The first night home, Cara was so stuffed up she was having trouble breathing so I spent the whole night listen to her breathe and with her laying on my chest. Last night was better because she is breathing clear now. I so miss the hospital with the nurses to help and being able to sleep while the baby is taken care of and brought back in only when she needed fed. To bad I can't go back for a few days. Sleep deprivation does funny things to you! I was so weepy the last 2 days, but today was better and I feel more like myself.


Glad to hear both boys are doing well and finally home! That is great news. I bet you are a very busy lady!


that is great, one strong embie took hold!!

Everyone take care, I will try and log on again soon!



bdantonio - November 22

I am soo glad the boys are both home..


Jules614 - November 23

RONDA -Big congrads! Please post or e-mails ome pics 8)

LISA - A BIG congrads on hvaing both your babies home!!!!!



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