IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - November 23

RONDA -Big congrads! Please post or e-mails ome pics 8)

LISA - A BIG congrads on hvaing both your babies home!!!!!


JamieP - November 23

Lisa it is so exciting to hear you have both boys at home. I am sure things will be fill on in your house this Thanksgiving!

Jen I am wondering how you and your little ones are doing . . .

Ronda am so pleased to hear everything went smoothly in the end. Hopefully you will get into a good routine soon.

Lyly that is exciting news about your scan. Fingers crossed that the next few weeks so quickly and uneventfully.



Jules614 - November 23

Jamie - you are almost halfway there... how do you feel?



jenfrancis - November 23

Girls I am home. Phew. Nice to be home, but sad the girls have to stay. they said maybe 2 more weeks. My parents should be here by then.

It gives me time to heal. Whoever said my feelings would change about having girls was so right, I have cried so many times since seeing them! They all make me so happy. And holding them, I just melt. I have not held Baby A yet.

Oh their names A - Alyssa Marie. B- Alayna Shenntal, and C - Alvina Connie.

I love them so much.

Last night I held Alayna. She had just been fed, and was still moving about to get comfy. They asked who I wanted to hold, (Have only held Alvina) So I said Alayna. As much as she was tired and full, she had her eyes open! For almost 15 minutes! Then I was talking to her the whole time, rocking her, and she would cry to keep herself awake! She would shake her head and cry, and I rocked her and told her I would stay. So finally she went to sleep and I put her back in the warmer.

But its stuff like that that makes me feel so guilty for saying anything negative. I miss them, and cant wait till tomorrow to see them!


vw79girl - November 23

Congratulations! I pray that they are home soon. I know it is hard to leave them honey, believe me, I had to do it for 11 weeks so I am so glad it won't be that long for you. Sounds like everything went well. Rest all you can now. I never realized how serious of a statement that was until the past few days. How far are you from the hospital?

So happy for you!



lyly14 - November 23

Thank you Jamie and all the girls for your support. I hope you are right Jamie and the next few weeks are uneventful!

Lisa- I am so happy both boys are home. I hope they are both doing well and thriving at home with mom dad and vinci!

Jenny- Congratulations! I am so happy for you and your three beautiful girls. I saw the pics you sent via email and they are all beautiful. Don't feel guilty you were going through some rough times, thats all. What counts is how you feel about them now that they are here. Cherish you three little ones because you have truly been blessed with 3 angels! How is your older daughter handling the arrival of her sisters?


lyly14 - November 23

as for me, I spent the entire weekend in bed. I have been feeling so sick and have not been able to eat much. I actually wished I could just throw up and get it over with.


jenfrancis - November 24

Hey lisa, I am about an hr from the hospital. :(
They were all pretty healthy from the womb. Alyssa had a little jaundice, so the photo therapy light for her for 24 hrs yesterday. It was nice to see her tonight out of the light, eyes open and she had clothes on! So she wont be so naked and exposed. I could tell she hated it, she was so calm and still, she must have felt tied up with the sunglasses on. Awe.

But much better now, her levels were normal, and she is out of the light.

We went up tonight I was so upset about having to leave them. I pumped right there at the hospital tonight and we fed two of them.

I just love them so much!


Jules614 - November 24

Jen - I am glad your feelings changing. You hvae three miracles - love them! You are truly blessed. PLease post some pics soon.



JamieP - November 24

Jen I am so happy for you. I knew your feelings would change. Don't feel guilty about how you felt before it was just a process you had to go through.

What do they weigh? And how is their feeding?



jenfrancis - November 24

Jamie, lyly, Julie, lisa, and the crew,

Alyssa weighed 3.11, Alayna and Alvina both weighed 3.14.
Of course they lost weight these last few days. So not sure how long that lasts.

The feeding tonight was nice. They only eat like 17 cc's, have to get them up to 30 before they can go home, thats a minimum, and they like them to weigh 5 lbs.

They are the most adorable, like dolls.

Lyly- I am so happy you made it to 8 wks, sorry you are sick, but I know you are loving every minute of it, somehow.

I am having little to no discharge now, and my incision has so little pain, I did not even pick up the pain meds from the pharmacy.

I get contractions from the pumping, think that is great considering that helps it to go down. I pumped at the NICU tonight, that was sort of relief, waiting on my sister to mail her pump to me. Should get it tuesday. I can pump in the AM at the NICU again.

My 15 yr old daughter is better, she has only seen them once. I am taking her with me tomorrow. I hope they let her in. Depends on who is working. She posted pics on her myspace. I will have to get some on my spaces.


lili246 - November 24

Congrats girl I am so happy that you had your lil miracles already. I knew once yous aw them your feelings were going to change. I am so happy that you regret all those words. I pray your lil girls go home soon, sounds like they won't be there for long.
So you are an hour away from the hospital that is far, so I bet youa re going every day to see them wow. I don't blame you for missing your lil ones I would to.
HOpe you feel better and hope they get to come home soon. Get all the rest you can.

Congrats I am so excited that Paul went home already wow how busy you might be girl. It will take some time and then you will be a master, keep it up and post more pictures.

wow so your water broker that fast. It happen to me the first time with my first boy my water broker after 4 hours and thats when labor began kinda same story. That baby girl was ready to come out and she couldn't wait longer. :)
Send us some pictures!! Hope you cope with the baby and she is doing better on breathing. Best wishes!

Have a great day!!


Arabsrcool - November 25

hi girls! things are going fine for me other than lack of sleep and feeling like all I do is nurse. my dh has really stepped up and is really helpind with housework and cooking. I even got in a nap yesterday while he watched Cara. Her breathing was much better by the second night, now if I can get her to sleep in her bassinet, I would get more sleep. She wants to sleep on someone all the time and the fear of SIDS keeps me from sleeping if I am holding her.


I am so glad you and the girls are doing fine! Well you and I were that last in our "old group". I don't know about you, but I am so happy not to be pregnant anymore! Not that I am not grateful I got pg, but the last month and a half was miserable!. Sounds like the girls will be home soon.


hope you are holding up ok with you boys being home.



lili246 - November 25

You shoulding worry about that. I sleep with my 11 month boy ever since he was born. I have done that since my first baby I never got them a bassinet or crib ever since they were born they have slept with my in my bed. Up to now My little one has his own bed where he sleeps there but it is attach to my bed. We are just so attached and they want to be warm they look for mommy or daddy because they were so used of being warm inside.
You will be fine is she sleeps with you. Sounds like you are busy and it is the first few months but it gets better beleive me.


Jules614 - November 25

Ronda - It sounds like you are enjoying mommyhood. No matter what, you will always be worrying about something.

I am finally sick! I knew my time would come since everyone in this house is sick. I am sitting here with tissues shoved up my nose to keep it form running. Kaitlyn is sick too. Her fever went up to 102 today so I took her to the docs. I guess she caught whatever Samantha had. The docs think it will run its course. Kaitlyn is not congested in the least - just a little cranky! Samantha's cough is still awful! MY house is a walking germ fest!




JamieP - November 25

Ronda I am like you I follow all the rules to avoid SIDs. It is weird but I am pretty relaxed about most things but SIDs and car seats are two things I am really diligent on. I do/don't do whatever they say to avoid SIDs and I buy the absolute safest car seats available on the market and I would only buy a car that had a latch system. My sister used to work in the emergency room so maybe I have heard one to many horror stories about SIDs and car accidents. Anyway, I am sure she will settle soon. I think it is good to hold them a lot when they are little. What happens if you hold her until she sleeps and then you put her down?

Take Care



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