IVF anyone?
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vw79girl - November 16

sorry, little Benjamin has been keeping us quite busy!!!
his 2nd night was a bit better than the first and for us too. He woke every three hours but we took turns feeding and it really helped out a lot. He had a pediatric appointment already and all was well. He is over 8 lbs. and @ 19.5 inches.
Paul is doing well, eating lots and just under 8 lbs. They are working on setting his surgery for next week and then he should be home shortly after. They are doing the surgery at Tufts in Boston MA.

Lots of Dr. appts. and Paul's first bloodwork did come back + for the Beckwith but it is only 50% accurate so they are running another test on certain chromosomes or something. I am leaving it at that for now. He really only has one symptom as the hernia is totally a normal thing for preemie boys. That one symptom is his little tongue isn't so little. My first downs test came back 1:13 and then 1:10,000 so as you can see bloodwork is tricky. anyhew...

Ronda, I hope you are doing alright. :)

Julie, how many times a day does Kaitlyn eat?

Lyl, glad we got a chance to chat for a few min. tonight.

Lili did you see the new pics of Ben on the website?

Goofy...Paul should be home in about a week or so after his hernia surgery. I can't wait. we miss him so.

Jamie, any cravings???

Meg, I hope I can e-mail you at some point. Haven't had much time on the computer.

Jade, the boys were on similar schedules and we want to keep it that way, so much easier. :)

Jen and Marina, thinking of you!

Today is the 16th and this was my original due date...weird huh:)


JamieP - November 16

I am getting behind. Ronda I hope the wait is not too much longer! Jen not long to go now. Lyly and Marina I hope you are both doing ok! And Lisa that is so great having one of your boys at home. I remember those 3 hour feeds!! Not much fun but my little one was only 4lbs when he came home. He also had the hernia op. By the time they are 6 months old you would have felt like you have had a new born baby for eternity. It will take a while to get settled in and not to be worrying all the time. The first night we had our one home one of us was awake the entire night.

I am doing OK. Still feel pretty nervous all the time but I am not sure that will pass until I have this baby in my arms and it is healthy and happy.

Take care everyone and GOOD LUCK Jen and Ronda in case I don't get on the board before your big days.



Jules614 - November 16

Lisa - Kaitlyn eats about every 2 1/2 - 3 hours. To be honest, she is not on a true schedule. I just feed her whenever I see her putting her fist in her mouth wanting food. How was it having one of your boys home?? Benjamin seems to be thriving at home and getting up every 3 hours is quite normal.

Jamie - It's funny because we say we are nervous while the baby is in us and think the nervousness will get better when they are out - well there will be more to worry about then 8) Isn't parenting fun. It is literally like a rollercoaster ride.



Meg - November 17

I am so glad Benjamin is home and doing so well. I will be praying for Paul and his upcoming surgery. I am sure all will go well. Know that you are all being thought of.

Still praying for the rest of the p/g girls on here as well. I also agree w/ Julie, you spend the whole p/g worrying about absolutely everything and then once they are born the worry seems to increase 10 fold. I have more gray hair from worries over my children. Thank God for haircolor ;)

Take Care,


lili246 - November 17

I bet you are busy and that is normal hope that you are hanging in there with Lil Ben. Glad to hear that he is doing good. So Paul will be close to coming home once he gets the surgery which is good. Do you still go and see him everyday?

I will go and check out the pictures I can't wait to see them :)

It happen to me almost a year ago when I was induced, I had to go to the hospital at 10pm on a sunday. The doctor told me that I would be delivering the baby by monday morning which when I got to the hospital they explain what they will be doing and they said that I wasn't going to have the baby until tuesday. Well this is what happened:
once I got to the hospital at 10p.m. at the time I filled out papers I was at my room at 11p.m. and then did put something down there to soften the cervix it would last 12 hours. So from 12p.m. to 12p.m. monday afternoon they took the thing out and then thats when they started real induction medication. They gave me breakfast which wasn't the greatest idea because I did deliver that day..ugh
well at 2p.m. the doctor went in and I was only 2cm dilated she broke the water and at 2p.m. and by 5p.m. I was dilated 5cm and by 6pm I was fully dilated so the hardest part is at the begining when they put the cervix softener it takes a full 12 hours and then they start the real medication. I wish they would do everything all at once like they did with my first pregnancy.
Good luck Ronda and hope to hear your story. You are close or might already meet your lil one.


bdantonio - November 18

Well when i was induced with my first. I went in at 6pm sunday night they did the foley bulb dialted me to 3 centimeters then broke my water and started to puch potocein. They pushed potocein for over 20 hrs and i never dialted past 3 centimeters. I had my daughter monday night at 634 pm by csection


vw79girl - November 18

Meg, yes...visited Paul every day and night even after Ben came home. By this weekend, will should all be together. Finally. :) :) :) :)


jenfrancis - November 18

lISA - i AM GLAD TO HEAR finally both boys will be home, what a relief! I go in tomorrow am at 6 to get prepped for my c-section at 8AM.

I am just scared. With what happened at my cercleage, they had me leaking spinal fluid, so I was very sick for 3 days, until they figured out I needed a blood patch in my spine.

Other than that, my belly is so heavy, I am redy to get them out! I am on my way to dr in 2 hours. I will request to be admitted tonight, so they can get me ready, then my husband can take my daughter to school in the AM and meet me there.

So, who knows how long these 3 girls will have to be in NICU. I will let you guys know. Hope not longer than 3 weeks! I am very close to 34 weeks, so hope that means they are ready too!


Ianmichael3 - November 18

Good morning ladies,
For those of you who don't know, I work with Ronda & she said it would be ok to let you all know- she has a beautiful, new dd, born on 11/17 at about 8:20am, weighing in at 8lbs 9oz and was 21.5" long- wow! She says she has chicken legs :) I'm sure she'll post to you all on Wednesday sometime, as that's when she'll be coming home. Sounds like it was an easy delivery (only 10 min. of actual pushing), but her water broke in the middle of the night, so I'm sure she'll be trying to get her sleep as much as possible. I'm going to try to see her and the baby tonight around 6 or so :)

Take care...


vw79girl - November 19

Ronda, Congratulations! You and Resh and I all had right around the same due date and look how it all turned out lol

Jen, good luck! can't wait to hear about your miracles!

Paul had his hernia surgery today at Tufts (NEMC) in Boston, it was an inguinal hernia and they only did one side and will possibly do the other side in 6 weeks. I hate to think of him having to go to Boston again but it would only be for 3 or 4 days. Though to me it would seem like forever. He did well with the surgery and he will be coming home to us on Thursday!
I went up to the NICU today to tie up some loose ends with paperwork and get all of the boys' appointments set up. I can't tell you how many appts. they have between eye doctors, and specialists for many things such as kidneys etc. The Neonatologist at the NICU left no stone unturned and just wants them to be checked for everything to give them the healthiest life possible. We will take one day at a time. They are generally okay but lots of little things come along with Preemies. They are strong boys and with the love support of Greg and I, I know they will be okay in the long run.
I put a few new pics up today. When Greg went to Boston to see Paul, they took some photos of him. I stayed home with Benjamin.
I can't believe only a few more days and we will be a real family!!!


Jules614 - November 19

Lisa - That is great you will have both boys home by Thursday!


Meg - November 19

I am glad Paul's surgery went well and that he will be home on Thursday. That is GREAT news :) Some day you will look back on it all and wonder how you managed to do it all, from infertility treatments to tons of baby Dr. visits. It is all in a MOMs day of work ;) Happy Family to You :) Enjoy your first blissful night of completeness w/ your beautiful baby boys and husband.

Jen, Good Luck to you :)

Take Care,


lili246 - November 19

Hope that everything is going wlel girl. Good Luck and be strong!

COngrats I am so happy that my Paul is doing good and the surgery was a success that is great to hear to bad he has to go back for another one in 6 weeks but it's all for a good cause he is a strong baby and I am glad.
You sire are a readl family after the kids were born now it is reality girl when they two boys are at home you won't even have time to write to us anymore...lol It is all worth it though enjoy it because they grow up so fast.
Glad to hear that Paul will be coming home thursday wow I am just so happy for you, all that waiting everything is worth it girl.
I am sure your boys will have a healthy life you both are great parents :)

Have a great day!

Love your pictures thanks for sharing :)



vw79girl - November 20

It's been a good but crazy couple of days with Mr. Benjamin. He keeps us busy. He is such a great baby. His feeding skills aren't the best at times but we are working on that. He is a spit up baby :( big time. Today he is 8 lbs. 6.6 oz. Honestly, I don't know how he is gaining weight.
Paul is doing well and is COMING HOME TOMORROW! We found out he is 8 lbs. 8.7 oz. wow...he is no longer the little one!
I feel like my day is consumed with pumping, feeding, doing laundry(from spit ups) and washing bottles lol.

Lili, thanks for all of your sweet comments on the pics! i love seeing them. :)


Jules614 - November 20

Lisa - Wow, your little ones are definately growing. Congrads on almost having both home! Great pics.



lili246 - November 20

Wow so now Paul weights more than Ben? That is amazing how fast they are growing. I am so happy for you. That spit up it is so normal my two kids did that all the time you will get use to it. Enjoy being a busy mommy..lol Glad to hear that Paul will be home tomorrow. That is great you will be super busier.




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