IVF anyone?
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lyly14 - October 26

Beth- I'm not so sure I want to sit in the ER for hours just to find out my numbers. If I am losing it there is not much they can do for me at this point ???

Julie- Anything is possible I guess. Only time will tell.

Daniella- How many days after your transfer was your beta? How long did your spotting last? I had a brown tinged mucous discharge for about 3 days then it stopped for a day and started again. After that is started to get darker brown and now today I had some bright red blood that is getting brown again. My RE makes we wait so long, 14 days after the transfer. I wasn't sure if I should call the RE because technically they don't like you to do an hpt and I shouldn't even know I am pg yet. I did 2 hpts 2days apart starting 5 days before my beta. I have had mild cramps here and there but no more than when I wasn't spotting. I don't know I guess if it gets heavier I will put in a call. The whole thing just really stinks.


Jules614 - October 26

Not sure how to make my profile pic smaller 8( Sorry about the size 8)



wolffie - October 26

lyly -

my beta was 12 days after transfer. about 5 days after beta i had brown blood and was spotting very light. i was first told it could be due to the suppositories. i noticed a little and then it went away, returned, went away. I paged the RE on call who told me that bleeding can often be normal. that night i noticed bright red bleeding, heavier than the spotting, definitely a bleed. i didn't call back b/c i was already scheduled to go in the next morning for a beta re-check. by the next morning it was brown again but i went in and they ended up doing an ultrasound and that is when they confirmed that both embies had implanted and that i was loosing one. i continued to have the brown blood for about a week on and off.

i don't think any RE encourages a HPT before beta but they all realize that most of us take them. i had taken 5 prior to my beta.

i know the wait truly sucks and sucks even more when you have spotting like this. take it easy until your beta.



JamieP - October 26

Lyly I had a full blown period and was still pregnant. They think I was probably pregnant with twins and lost one. Try not to worry (I know that is easier said than done) until after you have had your beta. Sending lots of positive vibes your way.



JasJulesMom - October 26

Hi Everyone. I just wanted to let you know I had a beautiful baby girl on 10/22. She was born at 8:45 am and weighed in at 7 lbs 3 ozs. She was 21 inches long. The c section went well and we are now both home.

She is so beautiful and i am so excited and happy she is finally here.

I will send some pictures soon.


lyly14 - October 26

Thanks girls for all the info. The bright red was still just spotting and happened about 3-4 times when I went to the bathroom, but is now brown again. I took another hpt this morning and it was still positive and the line was definitely darker than the previous 2. I feel nuts with taking 3 hpts but i feel better than I am still pg and the hcg must be rising in order to make the hpt come up darker. I am going to talk to the nurse tomorrow when I go in for my beta. I sent an email to Dr. Jacobs who suggested it could be from progesterone supp. or intercourse. However, I couldn't possibly be spotting from the progesterone because I chose to stay on the shots and those don't irritate the cervix. I also have not had intercourse in forever so it can't be from that either. He did point out that the lovenox I am on cause cause more of a bleed than without, so maybe it is just double the implantation bleeding than normal. Who knows?


Jules614 - October 26

JasJulesMom - A BIG CONGRADS! You must be so happy! i can't wait to see the pics.



vw79girl - October 26

Debbie~ congrats! she is absolutely beautiful. I am so happy everything went well.

Lyly, I am praying for you girl! text me tomorrow as soon as you can! :)

Jules...love the pic. How did you get that on the profile? would love to put one of the boys.

The boys are 37 weeks gestation today. I can't even imagine how huge I would be if they were still inside me. They turned 8 weeks old yesterday. I can't believe how big they are getting. Paul is 5 lbs. 14 oz. and Benjamin is 6 lbs. 10.7 oz. We are so anxious for them to come home. This is really getting to both of us...all of the driving back and forth from the Hospital and the not having them home in their own room. The setbacks and waiting has become the most frustrating part. Hopefully only a couple more weeks and then the real fun begins! :)


Jules614 - October 26

Lisa - First you need to create an account with photobucket.com - upload yoour pics and then they will give you 4 different web addresses - use the direct http: address and cut and copy it to your profile here under photo (using your own photo) let me know if that works.



vw79girl - October 26

thanks Jules, when I get a chance I am going to try to put one up!


Jules614 - October 27

JasJulesMom - love the pic - she is beautiful...



vw79girl - October 27

Lyly, good luck with your beta tomorrow. will be thinking of you!


lyly14 - October 27

Well girls I am off to take my beta. I am so nervous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ange - October 27

lyly~ i am sure you will be okay try not to stress as that is not good for you at this time. I bled for a week bright red blood with clots. Intercourse was not advised by my doctors for the 1st trimester seeing that it normaly causes spotting that is usually harmless and that causes stress. I am waiting to hear your big numbers today. remember you put 4 in and more could have tried to stick but didn't make it. Goodluck big hugs.


vw79girl - October 27

any idea why my ticker is so off? I have in the right date of birth. it's weird. they were 8 weeks on Sat. and technically 2 months on Thurs. the 30th.

Lyly, I am so hoping you have good news!

Hope you girls had a great weekend! :)

Paul hit the 6 pound mark today!!!
so now they are both 6, though Ben is well over 6 and on his way to 7. They are doing great with their feedings and taking full bottles for most of them. This is the frustrating part of the journey. Once their feedings are all done on their own...we will be very close to getting them home. :) :)


jenfrancis - October 27

Lyly - I am so nervous. Been praying for you! I did not want to chime in with some shallow replies about what it could be. The three HPT positives are a plus!
Those things are usually right on!

God is with you! let us know how many are in there! HAHAH maybe you will FINALLY be pregnant with twice the blessings!
Take care !



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