IVF anyone?
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jenfrancis - October 27

Lyly - I am so nervous. Been praying for you! I did not want to chime in with some shallow replies about what it could be. The three HPT positives are a plus!
Those things are usually right on!

God is with you! let us know how many are in there! HAHAH maybe you will FINALLY be pregnant with twice the blessings!
Take care !


lyly14 - October 27

I just got the call from the RE. My beta was 194. He said all my numbers (E2, P4) look great. He told me to come back in 1 week for a repeat beta and in 2weeks for first u/s. I told him I was nervous about the spotting and he said the only thing to do was wait and if I wanted I could come in for a repeat beta in 2 days just for peace of mind. So of course I opted to do that since I am a nervous wreck. So what do you guys think about the beta? I am 14dpt3dt and it is only 194 so you thing singleton? I definitely don't think more than 2 took. Oh well I am relieved for now.


jenfrancis - October 27

I just can not be happier right this moment! :o ;D :D ;) :)
I just am so happy. No telling if its one or more.

But i am so pleased! I am overjoyed! Bout DAMN Time!

Praise the Lord!

Relax now, be happy, take it easy and love your husband! Really show him and tell him you are so grateful he took this journey with you! He must be ecstatic!

Congrats Lyly!


Ange - October 27

ohhhhhh congrats Lyly!!!! your numbers look great anything over 100 is supposed to be very good. Mine at 16dpo was 28 so do not worry my lil fighter made it. Enjoy being pregnant and go have a nice dinner with your hubby to celebrate.

i am so happy for you. big hugs :) :) :)


lyly14 - October 27

Thanks girls, I am so relieved right now but still cautious.

Hey Jenny- What was your first beta with the triplets?


jenfrancis - October 27

Lyly - Ok, my first beta reading at 10dpt was 224, at day 17, they expected at least 2000, I got 3400!!!!
So you are at 194 at day 14, hmmm, maybe its just low now, could be one baby, but it could skyrocket at the last minute.

I know you only want one anyway. I was hoping for twins, and was happy when i first found out triplets, because I thought that would give me my boy. No luck, so now we have three girls.

I have a dresser full of clothes, and already have my stroller and high chairs. Lets see what God has in store for us...Because I am not one to question his plan, but to this minute, I really dont know what God was thinking...


Jade - October 27

lyly~ Congrats! I sent you an IM on here. Not sure if I did it right so let me know if you get it.......


vw79girl - October 27

Lyly, my first beta at 12 dpt was 330, at 14 dpt it was 661 and then a week from that one was 7717.
I say go back on Wed. it will ease your mind if I know you like I already do. :) I am soooooo happy for you girl!!! :)

Mr. Paul reached 6 lbs. today! 6 lbs. 1 oz. to be exact. Mr. Benjamin is 6 lbs. 13.2 oz. Benjamin had better watch out...or else Paul is going to catch him. :)

Jenny, how are you doing???


Arabsrcool - October 27


Your numbers sound good!! Anything over 100 is excellent! You go back on Weds just to ease your mind. Sounds like at least one embie is burrowed in there, maybe more.....just have to wait until u/s to know for sure. Congrats!!!


your boys are getting so big!! Glad to hear they are both doing well.


how are you holding up? Do you have a date for your C-Section?


Congrats! What a pretty baby girl! Glad to hear everything went well.



jenfrancis - October 27

I am doing fine, no date on the c-section. She wont give me one, wants me to go as long aspossible, and not get tied up on dates. I am not far enough yet, but after 32 weeks, I may start walking. :) My family is planning a trip here mid December, and it would be nice if they pop out by then.

I am overjoyed for you Lyly!

Lisa - them boys should be ready to come home. Will you still be able to breast feed after this long in the ICU? I am curious, because I know they will more than likely have to keep my three in there for a while, I wonder if I should just not even count on being able to breast feed.

Well, it feels funny to be able to get on the computer at my leisure! Funny!


JasJulesMom - October 27

Congrats Lyly. My beta was 168 at first and then tripled and I thought more than one, but we were blessed with 1 beautiful little girl. I am so happy for you I could scream.


Jules614 - October 28

Lisa - 6 pounds is great. Do you know when you may be able to take them home since they are 6 pounds?

Lyly - That is a great beta. Mine was only 43. Maybe it is twins or triplets! Sometimes numbers mean nothing. My sister had low numbers and it was twins!



lyly14 - October 28

Jade- I got your message and I responded back.


JamieP - October 28

Lyly congratulations. I am so happy for you. Don't put too much thought into the number - as long as it is ok then just relax and enjoy.

Jen I am very happy to see you are still pregnant! Not too long to go now. The longer you can go the better. Will they let you go all the way to 35 weeks?



vw79girl - October 28

Jules, they say right now hopefully by my due date or right after it which is the 16th. Although weight is fine, they need their feeding tubes out which should be soon and they need to be able to take all of their feedings through bottle and breast AND not have their apnea's, brady's and d-sats. those are the breathing things. They are well on their way with those too. They told me last night that this really is the frustrating part and it certainly is. The dr./neonatologist also kind of worried us a bit about Paul yesterday. A couple of things: he has a little birth mark on his head which will soon be covered with a lot of hair. He wants a dermatologist to look at it to make sure it doesn't pose any potential problems(?). It isn't raised or anything so I am hoping it isn't anything to worry about. The second issue is one of a syndrome that deals with congenital abnormalities. It has something to do with the fact that Paul's tongue is a little bigger than normal and although he may just "grow into it" right now he also has a little bit of hernia in the groin and that brown spot on his head. All of which are characteristics of the syndrome. There are a dozen other characteristics that he doesn't have so he will have a blood test to find out if he has it. Unfortunately the bloodwork isn't 100% accurate (kind of like the down's and SB bloodwork when you have twins). This was a lot to take yesterday and I cried all night with worry. I held him for hours when we went to see them last night and Greg fed and held Ben. It is scary to think that after all this the poor little guy may have some real issues to face down the road. We are praying that it isn't anything major and that he will be okay. He seems fine, in good spirits, smiling and well thankfully. I know for the most part they have to cover their asses and tell us every little thing so we are trying to take all of it with a grain of salt.

Jenny, I am producing 700 ML's a day of breast milk which is good. I pump @ 6-7x a day. Paul is on straight up breast milk and Ben is being alternated every other feeding with breast milk and then formula because he tolerates the formula better. That is where we are at right now. I plan to nurse them and give them formula eventually. I nurse them once a day right now and they do well latching on thank god.

thanks for listening girls



JamieP - October 28

Lisa I am so sorry you have so much to worry about. I know just how you feel. I used to feel like every day was a week with all the ups and downs of the day. Try not to worry and just enjoy your boys because worry will not change anything and most of the time the things you are worrying about will not be issues at all. Relax and enjoy those little ones - it won't be long before they are home.




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