IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - October 23

Ronda - How exciting. I bet you can't wait!!!!

AFM - Kaitln slept from 11 p.m. to 5:45 a.m. I was really shocked. She has her 2 month check up in an hour and will be getting 3 shots. Little does she know.....



Ange - October 23

Hi Girls,

Lyly, How are you doing today are you waiting to test till tomorrow. If you are all the power to you cause I could have bought stocks in the hpt department. I enjoyed watching my bfp get darker and darker. You know what it might be gross for some but I still have them. :)

Jade~ your not trying again are you? lol.... we have no more tries dh is getting sniped :( on the 30th. We are happy with our 2 girls and we are climing in our years.

lili~ how's the boys doing? Are you planning on having anymore kids?

congrats to the rest of the ladies in here on their bfp


Jade - October 23

Ange~ Hi.....just like old times, huh? And we are NOT trying again. I am happy with my 2 babies and have my hands full, to say the least! :) How are solid foods going? When is Taralynn's next checkup?


lyly14 - October 23

Hi Ange- So far no spotting yet today. I figured I would wait until Friday to retest. I didn't think I would see a difference in the darkness from yesterday to today but figured if it doubles every 48 hrs it should be darker tomorrow. I have 2 tests left 1 regular and 1 digital. So I decided to do the regular on Friday to check for the color to get darker then I would do the digital on Sunday to see the words PREGNANT before my beta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lili246 - October 23

Hi Ange,
Nice to hear from you girl. I was wondering where you were..lol I know you have your hands full now. So how is the lil one doing? How old is she now?

The boys are doing good thank god. Angel will be 1 year old this december and my oldest is 4 years old.
And no not at all I am not trying for now. I might within 2 or 3 years from now but right now I am happy and enjoying my lil ones.

SO are you trying again? What are your plans?
Hey you still have those hpt tests with you still??..lol I do to I have mine from 4 years ago if I know where it is..lol and from my last baby to yeah I can still see the line but seem like they are getting old and yellow..lol

I bet you sure have hands full with the twins, but they are so cute and you are lucky to have the pair girl.

Nice to hear from you girls.



lyly14 - October 24

Hey girls- I retested this morning.................still BFP! The 2nd line showed up immediately with the test line this morning and I didn't even have to wait the 3 minutes for the result. So I hope that means that there was more hcg this morning than on Wed. Only 3 more more days until my beta. I can't wait. I am so nervous, I had some more spotting late afternoon yesterday and today. I don't think I will ever be completely at peace until I am holding a baby in my arms. Crazy huh?


lili246 - October 24

We all know how you feel about getting those dark lines it is just a blessing seeing them you might not event hink they are real..lol But for sure sounds like you are pregnant which is great, we will be praying for you girl keep the hope up and be positive.
Spotting might mean implantation bleeding which is great.

Let us know how it goes on the 27th. Good Luck!



RB - October 25

Hi girls!

wow! is all i can say....i'm a mommy!!!! It feels wonderful and i'm loving every minute of it!

well, i did say i would give you all the long version of what happened...so here goes.

my c-section was scheduled for Nov 4th. i decided to do a 3D u/s at week 36 just to have a good look at her one more time before the surgery just so that i knew everything was going ok. i was a little concerned because she was not moving as much as before. when i did the u/s we noticed that her growth was slowing down and the head to abdomen ratio was a bit off. there were also some spots on the placenta which suggestedd that the placenta was deteriorating. i had to do a non stress test which luckliy was fine but when i took all the results to my doctor at 3pm he told me we should not wait and he wanted to do the surgery that day....needless to say i was in shock! i was admitted and by 5:03pm Zara was born. she weighed 5lbs 12.8 oz and was 50cm long. there were no complications with her or me. dh was in the OR for the whole procedure and he actually tiook her to the nursery himself :) it all happened very quickly.

so far, it has been been wonderful...sore boobs, sleepless nights and all...

it has also been a little sad...my grandmother passed away 3 weeks ago and she and i were very close. i had hoped she would live to see Zara but i guess now she can be her guardian angel.

i havent been able to catch up on all that's been going on but from what i have seen...CONGRATS are in order for lyly...YEAH!!!! WHOOO HOOOOO!!!!! i am soooooo happy for you!!!! :) :) :) :)

Lisa, i know it must be so difficult to leave your boys every day....i continue to keep you in my thougts and wish that they will soon be home.

Did Debbie have her baby yet? What about you Ronda? How are you doing now that you're the last of the Nov 16 club?

i'll catch up with the rest of you girls soon!

lots of love,


Arabsrcool - October 25


I am so happy for you!. I was hoping the delivery was uneventful, sooner than you thought, but you got to meet your Zara!!. Glad to hear you are both doing ok.

Sorry to hear about your grandmother. My grandmother passed away when I was pregnant with dd. We were very close and she died in November and Callie was born in March. It was bittersweet because I so wanted them to meet each other. I'm with you, grandma is watching out over our babies as thier guardian angel!

Debbie was supposed to have had her C-section on Weds, but I haven't heard from her. I hope all is well and she is just busy.

Thanks for asking about me......I am huge, uncomfortable and ready to meet my Cara. But I will have to wait until she decides she is ready. I have about 3 weeks until due date, but am hoping for birth much sooner. I am going outside today and work on putting my garden to night night for the winter and hoping the activity will start things moving. Of course, now I have alot of pressure and it hurts to walk, so that might slow me down some.


I cannot wait until your beta! I am so happy for you.



Jules614 - October 25

Reshma - so glad you are doing well. There is nothing like the proud moments of being a mommy.

Debbie - Hope all is well.

Lyly - I am still so happy your preggers! You deserve this so much!

Wow am I far behind. I am having a tough week with major pain in my teeth. I am seeing a specialist on Thursday to see if I need a root canal!

I took Kaitlyn to her 2 month appointment Thursday. It was a little disappointing as she only gained 12 ounces in 1 month. The doc thinks she was weight wrong the last time. She went from 10 pounds 2 ounces to 10 pounds 14 ounces yet her head grew a lot and she grew another inch in length to be 23 1/2 inches long. She is 90 percentile in height as everyone in my family is super tall - hubby 6 '4' dad is 6 3' my mom is 5 10 and I am 5 6 which is considered short for my family 8)

Kaitlyn slept through the night once. She went from 11 p.m. - 5:45 a.m. but usually she gets up now every 4-5 hours which still isn't bad. Last night she went to bed at 11 and woke up around 4ish/4:30. I am happy! She is also developing personality as she smiles and coos. I am a prod mommy!

For anyone that has myspace - check me out under [email protected] (I will need to add you) but I posted videos of Kaitlyn and Samantha.

Hubby had a vasectomy yesterday so he is not too happy. Kinda funny that we did IVF and how he had that done.

Samantha wants to do a puzzle so I have to run.



JamieP - October 25

It has been a while since I checked in! Congratulations Lyly, I will definitely be checking in tomorrow to see how your beta was. It is the best news I have heard in ages! I am really excited for you.

Congratulations on your new arrival Reshma. I love the name!!!!

Ronda not far to go now.

I hope everyone else is doing fine. Jen how are you?



lyly14 - October 25

Hi girls - Thanks for all the congrats but I am not feeling too optimistic at this point. I am now starting to bleed bright red blood. I am so freaked out and scared that I am going to lose this pregnancy. I know some people say they have bled and were still pg but I a so scared right now.


Jules614 - October 25

LyLy - maybe you are losing one of the babies but you put 4 in - just be careful there is not an optopic pregnancy in there. When you have bright red blood like a period, it can mean your body isn't recognzing you are pregnant - You have your beta MOnday, right.. please don't worry until you have reason to. I will pray for you.



bdantonio - October 25

have you thought about going to the er they can do a beta now and see how high your level are and all


wolffie - October 26

lyly - i agree with julie that it is possible that more than one implanted and that you could be loosing one. i had two embies transferred and both implanted. i also experienced spotting but it was after my beta it then turned bright red and it turned out that i lost one but the other baby survived. are you having any cramping? i know how scared you must be. can you page your RE or the doc on call? i'll be thinking about you.



lyly14 - October 26

Beth- I'm not so sure I want to sit in the ER for hours just to find out my numbers. If I am losing it there is not much they can do for me at this point ???

Julie- Anything is possible I guess. Only time will tell.

Daniella- How many days after your transfer was your beta? How long did your spotting last? I had a brown tinged mucous discharge for about 3 days then it stopped for a day and started again. After that is started to get darker brown and now today I had some bright red blood that is getting brown again. My RE makes we wait so long, 14 days after the transfer. I wasn't sure if I should call the RE because technically they don't like you to do an hpt and I shouldn't even know I am pg yet. I did 2 hpts 2days apart starting 5 days before my beta. I have had mild cramps here and there but no more than when I wasn't spotting. I don't know I guess if it gets heavier I will put in a call. The whole thing just really stinks.



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