IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - October 18

Lisa - Sorry to hear about Paul. Both your boys are always in my thoughts.



bdantonio - October 19

Lisa iwill keep you both in my preayers. I was just thinking if you carried them longer or to term you would be carrying alot of baby right now 11lbs


Marina - October 19

Congrats to Reshma!
Your little girl is addorable!


Jules614 - October 19

Reshma! Congrads! I am so happy for you. How was the delivery. I see you had a C-section. How are you recovering?



JasJulesMom - October 19

When did Reshema deliver. Is everything ok. I did see a post from her. How big was her baby?


vw79girl - October 19

girls...in case you didn't get this, like Deb...this is from Reshma...

Hi girls!!!

Guess what!!?? Zara was born on Wednesday 15th October at 5:03pm. she weighed 5lbs 12.8 ozs and was 50 cm long!!! I'll post details of the story but the short version is that i went to my doctor for a check up and had to be admitted for "emergency" C-section!!! Baby and I are at home and doing well.

Ronda....you are on your own now unless you had an early bird too :)



lyly14 - October 20

Hey Li,
I'm running to the post office on lunch today :) I hope the boys like red's peter rabbit pillow and they come home soon. How is work going? I know you must be exhausted. Hope to catch you on Messenger soon.


vw79girl - October 20

Aww, I am sure they will love Red's Pillow. Thanks so much. I have been popping on Messenger but never seem to catch you. One more week until your Beta! :)

I am feeling a little NICU stir crazy. I feel like they will never be home. I just feel down today. They are doing the best they can but it is so frustrating and I am trying to stay positive. It's hard to think about having that baby or babies and not being able to take them home still after 7 weeks. Ben is 6 lbs. 3.3 oz and Paul is 5 lb 3.3 oz today. Funny they are a whole pound apart. If they could get their feedings all done without having it fed through a tube and get their oxygen levels and apneas under control, they would be a lot closer to coming home.

Thanks for thinking of me/the boys and for all of the good thoughts and prayers girls.

Ronda, how are you doing? will you have an early bird?

Jules, I keep missing you on im. I will try to call you this week if I get a chance.

Deb, how you doing?



Jade - October 20

Hi VW,
Just wanted to let you know that I have twins.....born 6 weeks early @ 34 weeks. Usually 34 weekers do really well, but in my case they had serious issues from the beginning. Just wanted you to know that I know exactly how you feel being NICU crazy. We went through all the same issues that Ben and Paul have (or so it sounds). WE had chest tubes, Cpaps, a's and B's, and definitely feeding issues. It seemed to take forever to get them to take a whole bottle and it was so aggrevating. But I have my babies home and they are happy (most of the time), healthy, and safe!! Stay positive girl! It sounds like they will be home soon. When will they try to let them take more than 4 feedings? Or wean them off the tube? I really had to push for that in the NICU. They wanted to use that feeding tube longer than necessary in my opinion. And I had to really push for the feeding tube to come out!!

Lyly~ Hi girl......I have been keeping up with you. Sorry I havent gotten a chance to catch up sooner, but I was on bedrest from 16 weeks to 34 weeks and unable to walk to the computer. But I am praying that 1 of those 4 will stick. Maybe you can join the twin club with me......


Arabsrcool - October 20


sorry to hear about Paul's setback. Hopefully he will come back quickly and catch up with his brother. I am the last of the November 16 girls.......last in the miserable row right now. Been having alot of contractions, painful to walk, but not "true labor" at least I don't think so. Hopefully I will have an "early bird" b/c the next 3 weeks could be totally miserable if I keep feeling like this.


very pretty name you have picked out for your dd. You have 2 more days, you lucky duck!



Jules614 - October 20

Lisa - How r the art geeks.

Ronda - good to hear from you - we were wondering if you went into labor.

AFM - No heat in the house - I am frezzing and waiting for the people to come and fix it!



JasJulesMom - October 20

Lisa- I am feeling ok. Just a bit nuts because I just want it to be Wednesday afternoon and all is well. I constantly fear the c section and if she will be healthy. I just am making myself nuts. I hope the boys continue to do well and you have seen the last of the set backs. Must be so hard to go home without them every day.

Julie- Hope things look up for you. No heat yuk!!!

Ronda- Hang in there girl. I know what you mean about being the last one. I was suppossed to go before Lisa and Reshema and thosee babies were so anxious to meet their mommies and daddies the jumped right in front of me....lol.

Lyly- Thinking of you every day. Hope you get your miracle.

anyone hear from Jenn? Wonder if she is feeling better?

Jamie, Marina- Hope you ladies are well. Should be time for your transfer soon Marina?


vw79girl - October 20

Jules~ the art geeks are good. Thankfully they have been behaving. I love my painting kids. I have two classes. One of 14 and one of 5. My advanced drawing has 20 and then my two intro classes have 20+ kids. They are all concerned about the boys and very understanding about me having good and bad days.

Hang in there Deb. I am sure everything will be okay. Thinking of you and certainly will be on Wed.

Ronda girl...I hope you do go in the next week or so honey. I know you must be super uncomfortable. Thinking of you too.

Jade, thank you so much for your encouragement and positive thoughts. It's good to talk to a fellow NICU gal. Where in the country are you from? I live in NH. I am sure I will have lots of questions for you. visit my website...www.easysite.com/fedorBOYS so you can put a face with the names etc. thank you so much.

Lyl...you had best be taking it easy when you can!


Jade - October 20

I am from NC. My b/g twins were born in April. And I must say a couple of positive things (as I am sure you know) from their stay in the NICU is they came home on a schedule and I got great baby training. These were my first babies and I really had no idea of what to do but I learned everything from changing a diaper, giving a bath, feeding and burping from those great NICU nurses. Our NICU also had a "transitional NICU" where a couple of days before the babies came home we got to "move in" with them and take care of them 24/7 and received CPR training and stuff like that. It was great!! I checked out your blog and the boys are so cute and look great. It is awesome when they get the cpap and nasal canules off so you can actually see their faces and get great pictures. And they seem to be gaining weight quickly. We have slow gainers ,with reflux which beware is common in premies. It seemed like as soon as they really caught on the the eating thing it was just a bit longer until they were out of there. Will they send you home with monitors or wait until the a's & b's have completely stoppped?


lyly14 - October 20

Hi Jade- I am so happy your babies are doing well. I know you had such a rough pregnancy but I am glad your little ones are healthy after there struggle. Ange popped on here and there to check in with me. I thought about you two often and I wondered how you were doing. I really think it would be a miracle if I got 1 out of 4 but i definitely wouldn't mind joining the twin club.

Debbie- Your almost there! I hope you will e-mail me some pics.

Ronda- Hang in there, your day is quickly coming too.

Lisa- You should get the package in about 2-3 days. I am trying to take it easy but it is hard. I have to say Red has been really helpful around the house. Of course it didn't hurt that I doubled her allowance during the 2ww and have her carrying and doing all the bending and lifting. Lol poor girl!

Julie- I hope you get your heat back soon


Jules614 - October 20

JasJulesMom - How are you hanging in?

Lisa - You should contact my friend who had the primee the same time as you. You guys don't live that far from each other - she lives near me but about 15 mins closer to you.




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