IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - October 14

LYLY! Wow 4 embryo's - I think you should have at least one that will take! I am so excited for you!!!!!!



vw79girl - October 14

I was just looking at our tickers. I can't believe my little guys were born only a week after Kaitlyn!
good to talk to you last night.

ONE has got to stick! Keep the faith girlie! :)


Jules614 - October 14

Lisa - Yup, maybe down the road our kids will play together....



JasJulesMom - October 14

So I am 1 week away and for some reason I feel as if she is not going to wait I hope she does, my ob is on vacation this week and I definitey do not want anyone else cutting me. I will keep my fingers crossed and coninue to get ready for her arrival. I am hoping I do not forget anything.


Jules614 - October 15

JasJulesMom - Unfortunately, you have no control... What makes u think you may go earlier?



lyly14 - October 15

Debbie- I can't believe you are so close! I can't wait to see pics of you new little one. Please make sure to e-mail me some pics when you are feeling up to it.

Meg- I just went back and read your post. Thanks it was really encouraging reading that. How many times did you do IVF/ FET before you got pg? This is my 4th transfer (2 fresh 2 FET)

For all you girls praying for me Thank you! Keep them coming. I really need it!!!!!!

Bdantonio- Thank you for thinking of me. How is your little one doing?

Ronda- How are you doing? You are getting pretty close too.

Reshma- I feel like it has been ages since we spoke. I hope all is well.

Jenny- I hope the days are getting better for you.

Julie- How are your little girls doing?

Jamie- It looks like your pregnancy is progressing nicely.


JamieP - October 16

Lyly I really hope this is it for you. You only need one of those little fella's to stick! Sending lots and lots of sticky vibes your way.

Jen it sounds like things are going OK for you. I am sure you are totally sick of everything but only a few more weeks now. Try and make the most of these last peaceful days! I am guessing your life is about to turn crazy!!!

Debbie you really are close now. How exciting. I hope your delivery is smooth sailing.

I still have terrible morning sickness. Keep hoping it will pass but I think I have a way to go before I will feel any better. Back to the doctor next week. I just want to get past my 20 week scan and then I think I will feel a little more relaxed about this whole pregnancy.



Meg - October 16

I was hyperstimulated w/ my fresh IVF cycle. 46 eggs were collected and 26 embryos fertilized using ICSI and about 8 were left to fertilize naturally. We immediately froze 13 and then from the other 13 we let them go until day 3. On day 3 we had 5 left, transferred 3 from the 5 and froze the remaining 2. One took of the 3, but I miscarried. We tried again on our own for money reasons, but after 10 months of trying decided to use the frozen embryos. We thawed 6 and 4 made it to a day 3 transfer. Three took and then I lost the third baby around 11 wks. gestation. I now realize that the quality of the embryos was not great b/c of being hyperstimulated, and I truly was lucky to get p/g. When I read your post it just reminded me of my FET, b/c the number of cells in your embryos was just like mine. I know it seems that people can't get p/g from a FET, but I do know others for which it happened as well. I am really praying for you that this is it for you.

Take Care,


JasJulesMom - October 16

Jamie- I am so sorry you have terrible morning sickness, but am soooooooooo happy your pregnancy is going well. I know what you mean about the 20 week scan it does help ease your mind.

Lyly- How are you doing? I am hoping that by the time I get home from the hospital you are posting your BFP. You definitely deserve it!!

Reshema- Where have you been. I hope all is well.

Ronda- How are you holding up. I know by now it is hard to sleep and I am definitely feeling sleep deprived. I definitely know what you mean about feeling large and uncomfortable. Is your dd excited.

Julie- Hope all is well with the girls.

Lisa- How are the boys doing?

Jenn- Not long now. I agree with Lyly. I would definitely wait til the triplets are a bit older before deciding on getting pregnant again. I hope you are feeling better.

AFM- I am just waiting til Wednesday and getting the c section out of the way. I always get so nervous right before. I also hope and pray my little girl is healthy. The other perk is I take my last insulin shot on Tuesday. My fingers are going to be so happy I do not have to poke them 4 times a day.


Arabsrcool - October 16

Hi girls, sorry its been so long since I posted. My work computer kicks me off this site all the time now....I am asuuming it has something to do with all the porno that now seems to be posted here. What is up with all that garbage anyway?

As of today, I am 4 weeks from by due date. I saw the doc yesterday and he said a couple more weeks. I hope sooner than later. I am so large marge and feeling very awkward. Have a nasty cold again, seems to be the "thing" for me. It is getting so hard to get up and go to work everyday. When you don't sleep well, then dd has been up sick the last two nights, I think I get maybe 4 or 5 hrs (not consecutive) sleeping. I am ready to see my little baby.....and still be sleep deprived.


glad to hear you pregnancy is going well, as hard has morning sickness is, it is a good sign. I had it until about 5 1/2 months bad!


not long now. I am so glad your wait is almost over. I cannot remember, did you tell us the baby name?


your twins just keep getting bigger and bigger and hitting all the milestones. I cannot believe it was 5 weeks ago that they were born!


I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!. I hope one of those little embies stays strong and implants!



JasJulesMom - October 17

Hi Ronda- How much longer do you have to work? I was definitely struggling towards the end!!!

The baby's name is going to be Brielle Hope.


Jules614 - October 17

Lyly - My girls are doing fine. For anyone that has myspace, I posted a couple videos of Kaitlyn trying to talk. Samantha is still being pretty good.

I am so excited for you. I still can't believe you did 4 embryo's! One has to take!

Jamie - Sorry to hear about the morning sickness. I had it for 27 weeks, morning, noon and night. Are you taking anything for it?

JasJulesMom - I am so excited for you to have your C-section Wed! It will be nice to have someone else on this board as sleep deprived as me 8) kiddin - seriously, all the best for a healthy baby! My prayers and thoughts are with you.

Ronda - 4 weeks to go! You are so close. Have you started nesting yet?

Not much else going on here. Just sleep deprived and a little stressed from being unemployed. We have had 4 big expensive things come up this week - almost costing 3K. I am freaking out just a bit!



JasJulesMom - October 17

Sorry to hear about your stress and lack of sleep. together that could be a lethal combination. I am sure I will be commiserating with you soon....lol


vw79girl - October 18

hey girls...
a little bit of a setback yesterday for Paul. Something intestinal but they seem to have it under control. He had x rays, they stopped his feedings and put him on an IV. His x rays seemed to come back okay and once he started pooping again, things seemed to get better. He really scared us though and I cried all day. He turned 5 lbs. today but I have a feeling this little event will make him lose a little bit until they put him back on normal feedings. Benjamin is doing well, 6 lbs. now and drinking full bottles @ 4x a day. He is a little champ. I am hoping Paul will continue to get back to where he was. I really think their eye exams set them both back a little. They are always so tired and cranky after those.

They are 7 weeks old today and 35 weeks gestation tomorrow.
I am trying to stay positive but sometimes I feel like they are never going to be ready to come home.

Debbie, I am wiped out from the pumping and running back and forth so I can totally relate to Julie's tiredness.

thinking of all of you...I am just so exhausted and need sleep. will write again soon


lyly14 - October 18

Lisa- I am sorry to hear about Paul. I pray he makes a quick and speedy recovery and continues to progress. I am happy to hear Benj is doing so well. I just wish both boys will come home soon for you!


Jules614 - October 18

Lisa - Sorry to hear about Paul. Both your boys are always in my thoughts.




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