IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - August 27

Lyly - I would consider seeing if you have endometriosis? What other reasons have they given you for being unable to implant?



Marina - August 28

Lyly,it seems summer just fly by-back to work for you and Lisa :(
They rescheduled on us again-it's tomorrow now >:(.I'm ready to throw that sperm in their faces LOL...Can you imagine?We've been having a lots of sex for the past week-more then for the past year ,since all that fun started ::)(bc they tell you to have 2-3 days abstance from sex before the test and since they canceled on us 3 times in a row,we had to do it every day to be on schedule just in case if they say they can come in 3 days!Oh,I tell you, I wonder if I ever will be able to have a NORMAL sex life again ::)!Not to mention my poor husband-without counting days,clinic bathrooms, freezing samples, more samples,j...g off at 7 a.m,etc. :-\I know now more about sperm then I ever wanted to know!!! ;D
Jamie-good luck tomorrow!
Tanya-when is your Beta?


Tanya1231 - August 28

Marina-My beta is on Friday...no symptoms yet. :-[


Marina - August 28

Tanya,do you feel anything at all-like breast tenderness,bloated,gassy?


Jules614 - August 28

Marina - funny you mention a "normal" sex life. Hubby and I have been trying to conceive since the day we got married and then again 6 weeks after my daughter was born. So here we are 8 yrs later and have never had sex withought wondering if this could be the time we conceive. I wonder what our sex life will be like now?



vw79girl - August 28

ugh....I dread going back to work. It's a revolting thought. Luckily I will only be back for like 8 weeks.

Julie, I love your new tickers!!! those are so cute! Those pics of Kaitlyn are so adorable. I am so happy for you that she is healthy and doing well.

Marina, my shared risk program was that way too. Everything had to be done before your 38th Birthday and mine is in Sept. so I was cutting it close.

Ronda, That isn't bad at all for weight, I have gained about 40. Thankfully I was small to begin with but still. That seems like so much and feels like a TON! I am feeling it in my legs and ankles. They aren't used to carrying around so much. I was thinking the other day that they could be here in 9 or ten weeks! This pregnancy seems to be going by so fast.

Tanya, fingers crossed for you. :)


Jules614 - August 28

Hey Lisa - if you like my ticker, you can just click on it and it should bring you to the site where I created it.

My boobs are killing from milk overload! My child sleeps 19 hours a day and wants to be up some tims as night!
So, my boobs hurt all day because she sleeps so MUCH!



Tanya1231 - August 28

Well, I guess I am gassy and bloated. I feel like I do the week before AF. I feel crampy and have lower back pain. My breasts are a little tender but that is probably because I keep squeezing them to see if they are sore yet. LOL. No, I will not take a HPT. I am too scared it will be negative. I am going to have my labs drawn tonight at midnight and then when I wake up in the morning I will call for results. I do not want to get up early to have labs drawn because I know I will not be able to go back to sleep and I have to work 2-11pm tomorrow...so this is my solution.


Jules614 - August 28

Tanya - I took gas X after my e=/r because the cramping was so bad. Did you try that? Good luck.



Tanya1231 - August 28

7dp5dt HPT is negative. :'( I finally cracked and bought one of the digital yes/no HPT and it was a BFN. What can I say...my heart is broken.


Jules614 - August 29

Tanya - 7 days may be way too early to test. I would wait at least 10 days.



lyly14 - August 29

oh Tanya, I am so sorry. I know how disappointing it is. Are you still going in at midnight to have your blood drawn? Do you go into the hospital to have your labs done? I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better but I know there is nothing that can take away that feeling. Good luck with the beta, I will pray for a miracle for you!


Marina - August 29

Tanya-honestly,7 days it is early!When I was PG last time ,7 dpt was negative too,but in 2 days I got very faint positive.Why do they test you so early anyway?Especialy after FET?I know they told me when I did FET that for some reason beta numbers always lower with FETs then fresh.
I wouldn't lose hope just yet,it's only 7 days!If it was 10-then it's different,usually when the test spells it out for you on a 10th day ,it's most likely NO,but 7,honestly,it's too early.


Tanya1231 - August 29

Thanks for your support girls. You truly are great and I do not know what I would do without my "infertility friends".

Marina-Yes, I will still go in for my beta as planned. I think they are testing me a day early because of the holiday weekend and we transferred 5-day blastocysts. I realize it is negative but I can't help but pray for a miracle.


JamieP - August 29

Tanya - I agree with everyone you are testing too early. The same thing happened to me and I ended with a positive beta! Don't give up hope yet.

I didn't get my scan!! Stupid hospital. Anyway, will go on Saturday morning now. The wait might kill me. I am dying to know what is going on with the viability of this pregnancy.



Jules614 - August 29

Tanya - Even when I got my period, my place made me come in and take my beta. I can't tell you how many times I had to go in and take that test knowing for a fact it was negative. it siucks.




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