IVF anyone?
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Tanya1231 - August 26


I hear ya on the not throwing money away part. We have a baby payment, 20k gone, broken hearts and no baby. I think this shared risk program sounds great! We were not eligible as my FSH was high. At least you know you will get a baby in the end...if not at least you will not have wasted a ton of money.

We found the donor through a miracles in waiting website. It was a couple in another state who had six remaining embryos following their first IVF cycle that produced twins. We did get to see pictures of the whole family. We will keep in contact with them as the child/children grow up and provide contact information so that they may all meet their siblings in the future if they so desire. Now, we just need this to work. My clinic says that there FET success rates over the last year are 40%.


Marina - August 26

Lyly,they don't offer Shared risk because they say I won't be able to complite it (if I need to go through all the cycles)by the time I turn 39.Yes,I'll have to take anothe FSH and estradiol,bc it's only good for 6 months and I had mine in september last year.But this is only one clinic,the others(my old one and the other new one) let you any time as long as you apply at 38.And they would not take us before bc of my DH sperm count-it was less then 500 000 the first time.Now,for some unknown reason, it's back to normal-136 million.But now we are waiting on his DNA fragmentation test results to see if we even can use his sperm.It seems my RE doesn't think my eggs are the problem,now he suspects that it might be the sperm.I know about donor eggs,but like you ,for me it's bad enough to think that we might have to use donor's sperm,I can't even think about using donor's eggs at this point.I'd rather either adopt or do what Tanya did-donanted embryo.I'm just so tired runing in circles.I had no even a slightest idea how hard it can be on you emotionaly.All your life wraps around bfps and betas,shots and 2ww,sex on schedule and endless spermtests and bloodworks and folicule counting.What the hell?Isn't one time not enough going through this thing?We have so much stuff to do becides that,we've been puting off our salon remodeling since last spring.We didn't do anything with our son this summer because we couldn't go anywhwere.I feel guilty.And now we need money for this IVF-again,and I'm just have no motivation to do anything with work stuff.
Tanya,I really hope it will be a miracle for you!How many did you transfer?Sorry if I missed this information


Jules614 - August 26

Marina - I am feeling tired. Kaitlyn was up ALL night so I did not sleep. All she does is eat and poop herself. Breastfed babies poop right while feeding evrey time. I changed about 8 diapers during the night. But as much as I am not sleeping, I am on such a high and am so grateful for what I have. It's an amazing feeling to look at my life and say it is now complete.

I hope you don't have to go back to your old RE and that your test gives you the answers you are looking for.

Tanya - Isn't a donor supposed to be anonymous? Does the donor get to find out who is raising the child and/if their eggs/sperm were a success? Did you get pregnant on your first shot using a donor?

Not much new here.



JasJulesMom - August 26

Julie- Here is the link for birthday tickers. See if it works.

Lyly- How are you doing? I really want things to go well for you. You are such a positive person. That really helps.


JasJulesMom - August 26


here is the link.


Tanya1231 - August 26

Marina- We transferred one "excellent" and one "good" 5-day blast.

Jules- We found the donor ourselves, the clinic had nothing to do with it. Yes, we will let them know when we become pregnant and we will update them every other year. We will also provide contact info in the future as will they so that they may meet their siblings if they desire to in the future. Donors are not always anonymous. They could no longer use their frozen embryos so they wanted to give someone else a chance at having a child. They had twins with their first IVF cycle and the mother had a hysterectomy shortly following their birth.


Arabsrcool - August 27

Hi girls,

had my doc appt today. This time I measured a week behind (how does that happen after measuring a week ahead at the 24 week appt???) Did the glucose testing and will wait to hear the results. That glucose drink is disgusting first thing in the morning. Everything else is good, doc said I have gained just 14 lbs (however what he doesn't know is that my weight starting out was higher than it should have been) I'm not sure he was reading the chart right because by my estimate I have gained 24 lbs. Oh well, it is what it is. I go back in 4 weeks and assume they will start seeing me more often then (at 32 weeks). Its really starting to hit me, I had my dd at 37 weeks and they say the 2nd child often comes earlier than the first.....man I could not be that far from labor!

My poor dd had to have her first eye doc appt yesterday. She took it really well, until the doc wanted to dilate her eyes (I never dreamed at age 3, the would dilate her eyes, so I hadn't talked to her about it). Poor dear screamed and I had to hold her down for them to put drops in. Talk about feeling low, I felt miserable. But everything worked out ok, no glasses, she can see fine and everything looks healthy in her eyes.


Sorry to hear the doc's office is not being really cooperative, especially after you have gone thru.


Just a few more days till your beta!



Jules614 - August 27

JasJulesMom - I know how to create a ticker just not sure where to go on this website to update it.

Tanya - That is cool you found donors. Does it cost a lot?

Ronda - I measured a week behind at 39 weeks and 2 weeks ahead at 40 weeks - it can all depend on the position of the baby.

Not much going on here - I don't get a lot of sleep but I am on a serious high.



JasJulesMom - August 27

Ronda- I know what you mean about being so close. I hope your glucose test goes better than mine. This blood sugar test 4 times a day is so annoying, as wll as not being able to eat what I want. I have my ob appt next week on Thursday. I hope he will schedule me for my c section then. I will be almost 32 weeks. I also have an ultrasound that day. Since I have gestational diabetes they will be keeping a close watch on the baby's size.

Julie- If you go to your profile on this site, you can add the url you get when you make the ticker.


JamieP - August 27

Am going for my ultrasound tomorrow. Am feeling very nervous. I so badly want to see a heartbeat but am preparing myself for the worst (but know I will be gutted if it isn't viable).

Tanya - not long to go until your beta. . . the waiting is a killer isn't it.

Marina - it sounds like you have some tough decisions coming up. This is such a crappy thing to have to go through isn't it.

Julie - long may your high last!!!

Lyly - how are you doing?



JasJulesMom - August 27

Jamie- I wish you good luck tomorrow. Hope for the best!! Things seem to be progressing for you so keep the faith. Let us know as soon as you hear.



Tanya1231 - August 27

Jamie-Good luck tomorrow! I bet you are super excited! Did you have any symptoms before your beta? I have none...kinda scary.

Julie-Everything we have done has been very expensive!! We are on our third cycle and we have spent well over 20k. This cycle was the least expensive. It's just money though (that's what I keep telling myself) Although, it is money that we do not have. Hopefully we will get some good news soon and it will all be a memory soon.


Jules614 - August 27

JasJulesMom - Thanks for the ticker info. I updated my info.

Jamie - Good luck at your u/s

Tanya - Wow, you have spent a lot of money. Unfortunately if insurance didn't cover IVF - I would not have been able to do it.



Tanya1231 - August 27

My insurance did not cover anything! We couldn't afford it either, we have taken out loans. Trust me...we are far from being rich.


lyly14 - August 27

Debbie and Jamie- I am ok thanks. Hanging in there. AF arrived late Monday afternoon, so it was a real reality check ( as if some how that bfn could have been wrong). I am now just waiting until Tues to talk to the Dr. to see what if any explanations he has to offer and what my next step is,FET or more tests. I am wondering if I should have laparoscopy to check for endometriosis or other possible reasons my embies don't want to implant. They did not do an hsg on me because I am allergic to the dye so they just did the water sono instead. According to that the uterus looks good but they cannot visualize anything else without going in. I'm going to talk to the dr. about that and see what he thinks. Oh and dh and I are going to try accupuncture too.

Lisa- I am dreading going back to work!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie- Hope you and the family are doing well.

Tanya- Only a few more days until your beta right? Are you planning to take an hpt?

Ronda- I wouldn't worry too much about the measurements. They can vary depending on who is doing them or the position of the baby.

Reshma- I haven't spoken to you in so long, how are you doing?

Marina- How did the test go today? Did they come to pick up and send it off to the lab?


Jules614 - August 27

Lyly - I would consider seeing if you have endometriosis? What other reasons have they given you for being unable to implant?




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