IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - August 25

Hey Lisa - I am swollen right along with you as a result of the epi. They day it oculd be a couple weeks. My legs are bigger than I have ever seen them!



vw79girl - August 25

why does that happen? do you know? I am going to have an epi since I will have a c sect. Talk to you soon. Going to school tomorrow for the morning to get my room all set so I can enjoy my last week off.

7 months today!!!! :) :)


lyly14 - August 25

Wow Li 7 months that great! Not looking foward to starting work again. I am not stepping foot in my building until Sept 2nd.

Julie- I have no reason to consider a donor for me at this time. I just turned 34, have a very low fsh and stim just fine. Dh does have some sperm issues but that is why we do ICSI. I have a lot of autoimmune problems and was having problems with m/c's prior to this sudden infertility. I don't think a donnor is the answer. My embies just don't want to stick. Possibly a gestational carrier but dh is not comfortable with that right now.

We have 4 frozen embies, so I am going to wait and see what my RE has to say on the 2nd of Sept.


Jules614 - August 25

lisa - congrads on 7 months - not sure y i swell rom the epi - it did not happen the last time.

lyly - that is great you have some frozen embryo's - i was bever that lucky.

it is 5 a.m. - kaitlyn has kept me up a lot of the night feeding. she i on me as i type.



JasJulesMom - August 25

Julie- Glad all went well. You can go to www.baby-gaga.com to make a new ticker.

Good luck Tanya.

Lyly- Hope you get some answers this time.

I am running to a meeting so I will log on later and do more personnels.


Arabsrcool - August 25


Yeah, my due date is still set for the 16th of November (however I measured a week ahead at my last appt, so who knows how I will measure on Weds....big I'm sure) I go to do the glucose test on Weds. I am feeling crappy today, I took a hit from one of the horse yesterday and fell down. I braced with my arms, so I didn't belly flop on my tummy. However my arms are sore, elbows and knees are scraped up. I also have alot of pressure down low and feel sick to my stomach! I think Cara is sitting on something down there and it's uncomfortable.


glad to hear you do have some frozen embies. I hope the doc has some answers for you on the 2nd.


good luck on friday, I will keep my fingers crossed for you! ;D



JamieP - August 25

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for your support Julie - hope everything turns out dandy for me as it has for you! Fingers crossed. The waiting is awful. I am pretty sure I have morning sickness but a bit hard to tell as I have had a nasty diarrhea bug so not sure if it is part of that or morning sickness - sure feels like morning sickness (I get it bad!).

Lyly - It is great you have some FE I know a lot of people who have had success with FET even after a fresh cycle failed.

Good Luck Tanya.



Jules614 - August 25

Jas JulesMom - where do I go on this website to edit my ticker?

Ronda - Your time is coming close.

Things good here. Kaitlyn has her pediatrician appointment at 11:30. My swelling seems to be going down.



JasJulesMom - August 25

Julie- When you log into the site, there are links at the top. If you go to parenting, a link comes up at the bottom for birthday tickers. Hope that helps!!


Tanya1231 - August 25

Thanks for all of your support girls! I am not really feeling any different at all. I am trying not to get too excited as then maybe it won't hurt so much if it's another BFN.

Lyly- I can't wait to hear what your RE says about a FET. Keep us posted. I hope that will be the answer for you. It is so much less stressful.

Marina-You are in my thoughts. When will you hear back from the testing?

JamieP- Good luck with your beta. Hopefully we both get great news soon.

Arabsrcool-I hope you get feeling better soon. I am terribly afraid of horses(long story)...be careful!

Jules- Where do I go to see the baby pics?


Jules614 - August 25

JasJulesMom - I must be clueless because I can't find it.

Tanya - if you give me your e-mail I can send them to you unless you have myspace you can see them that way.



Tanya1231 - August 25

My email is [email protected]
I can't wait!!!


Jules614 - August 26

Tanya - I sent them your way.



Marina - August 26

Tanya-glad you got your transfer!So,which donor did you chose?Do they tell you anything about them?Do you know how they look?Parents,I mean.

Jules,how do you feel after all?Probably relieved that it's all over.Who does she looks like?Do you brestfeed her?How is Sam with her new sister?

We still didn't do that test,but finally have scheduled it for Wed.,so the lab comes to our house to pick up container with sperm and they ship it on dry ice in Chicago genetic lab.Wierd.It will take about 2- 3 weeks for the result.In a mean time we have an appt with my RE on Friday and a new RE on Sep.4th.We also talked to the other clinic-they will not enrol me in this Shared risk program bc I'm 38.My old clinic will -if my FSH and estradiol level on day 3 will be normal(they don't take last year results) and the new clinic will also.So,will see.I really don't want to go back to my old RE,he just don't care,it's all about money for him,he doesn't even try to hide it.So,if I can get in this program,we'll take a loan and at least if it doesn't work after 3 times,we'll get 75% of our money back.We just can't afford keep losing money like this and have nothing .
Lyly,if you go for FET,is it going to be natural again?


lyly14 - August 26

Marina- I think the shared risk program would be a great help for you. Why doesn't the other clinic offer it if you are 38? Do they consider your FSH and estradiol levels or not? I know that Dr. Jacobs highly recommends a donor egg to women 38 and up even with good numbers, so maybe that is why. They say FSH and estradiol don't tell you about quality which is a factor in age unfortunately. Although I am a few years younger I worry about that. With the way things are going (taking so long) I am worried that my age with start to play a role and add to the problems we are having now.
I am not sure what my next step is to be honest. I go see the RE on Sept 2nd. I honestly think I prefer to do a medicated FET if I do the FET again. Maybe I will have better luck.


Tanya1231 - August 26


I hear ya on the not throwing money away part. We have a baby payment, 20k gone, broken hearts and no baby. I think this shared risk program sounds great! We were not eligible as my FSH was high. At least you know you will get a baby in the end...if not at least you will not have wasted a ton of money.

We found the donor through a miracles in waiting website. It was a couple in another state who had six remaining embryos following their first IVF cycle that produced twins. We did get to see pictures of the whole family. We will keep in contact with them as the child/children grow up and provide contact information so that they may all meet their siblings in the future if they so desire. Now, we just need this to work. My clinic says that there FET success rates over the last year are 40%.



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