IVF anyone?
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bethnyc - July 7

Hi girls.

Sorry it's been a while, but we were away for the 4th - at my sister in laws beach house. A nice and relaxing time which was really needed. Back at work today and tomorrow is my transfer. I'm very excited, nervous, etc. The lab called today to confirm my appointment and told me that I should be there at 1 unless I hear from them (which means bad news), so hoping to not get a call. I'm going to jump everytime the phone rings, I just know it.

Seems like you all had a nice 4th and that's great.

Lyly - congrats on moving forward - what's the new protocol?

Marina - glad you're on your way. Has the Lupron caused headaches yet?

JenFrancis - glad to hear that the move went well.

Julie - so sorry about the constpation. I have been taking Colace ever since I started my pre natal vitamins. Helps some...

Ronda, Reshma, Debbie, Lisa -- hope you guys are doing well. You're all so far along and I'm so happy for you.

Got to run - it's my last day to make dinner (DH will have to do it while I rest after the transfer).

Good news is that since I'll be home, I'll be able to read your posts and get back to everyone sooner.

Have a great night.



Marina - July 8

Beth-GOOD LUCK tomorrow!I'll be thinking of you,let us know how it went.
I'm ok with lupron so far,no headaches I didn't have them last time either before the FET.What I noticed-0 sex drive, o well,no wonder this drug sends us to temporary menopause.Thanks god it's temporary ::)
Lyly,thanks-I'm waiting! :)


bethnyc - July 8

Thanks Marina. I will defintely let you all know how it goes.

Glad to hear that you don't have any headaches. I thought you had mentioned that, but it could have been someone else. I'm trying to remember if I had a sex drive when I was on Lupron, but I can't. I always feel so yucky on the meds that sex is usually the last thing on my mind -- feeling all bloated doesn't put me in the mood.

Have a great night.



Marina - July 8

No,you are right,it was me with headaches,but it was first IVF,horrible migrines.And the sex drive goes away as soon as I start bcp and then lupron.Plus all the process far away from being romantic.Too bad we cant do it the good old fasioned way and wake up one morning preggo!


vw79girl - July 8

Lol I know Ronda...how did I ever lose 2 lbs? hehe. Honestly, I think I had retained a lot of water at the time and it is leaving my system for the time being. I totally feel all belly and boobs.

Well girls...I am done with the mural except for a few details and finishing touches like hiding the boy's names in it and signing and dating it etc.

this is the link: http://www.kodakgallery.com/ShareLandingSignin.js

if you didn't get it in an e-mail or look on Live Space

I am ready to pass out.

love to you all!


off to the beach tomorrow after a walk with a friend
then dinner out with hubby and friends. mmmmmm will let you know what I had later tomorrow night lol


JasJulesMom - July 8

Good Luck TOmorrow Beth. Lots of Baby Dust to you.

Lisa the Mural is beautiful. You are very talented.

Lyly and Marina, glad you guys are on your way to your next steps.

Julie- Hope you are feeling better. I know it must be painful.

Should go to bed now although I have a bit of insomnia. Hope evryone else is well.


vw79girl - July 8

Thanks Deb! I think I have a bit of insomnia too. I was ready to crash and I am still up and it's almost midnight.


JasJulesMom - July 8

So I am not sure what is worse, the insomnia, sleepless nights or waking up in the morning with a stomach as hard as a bowling balll and upset stomach. I have all three...ughhhh...!


Jules614 - July 8

Lisa- I have insomnia so bad as well. I was up from 3 a.m. - 6 a.m. today and then had to get ready for work. You can take tylenol PM when pregnant. I have.

JasJulesMom - I get a hard stomach as well - especially when I have to pee.

Beth - Best of luck. Baby dust to you - you are in my thoughts. I am taking the Colace as well.

Marina - I get awful headaches with IVF too - mostly wit the lupron.

Lyly - So glad your doc appointments are going well.

Ronda/JenFrancis - How are you feeling?



JasJulesMom - July 8

Hi Ladies. I had my follow up anatomy scan today and all went well. I think I can breathe a bit better now. The baby was about 1lb 8oz. They said she was average but starting to trned towards the bigger side. No suprise since dd was 9lbs 15 oz. I have aregular ob appointment on Thursday. My hands have been really numb lately...ugh..


bethnyc - July 8

hi girls.

Home from the transfer -- got 2 good embbies out of the 5. Feel lucky that we had 2 and feeling really good about this. Only positive thoughts, lots of rest and a little bit of luck for the next 9 days. Feeling a bit crampy now, but I know that will go away soon.

Only 9 days till the big test (Thursday, 7/17).

Thanks to you all for your wishes.

Hope everyone is having a great day.



Jules614 - July 8

JasJulesMom - So glad your appointment went well.

Beth - two embies is great! That is all I did and I am pregnant. Did you get the quality of them?



JasJulesMom - July 8

Great news Beth. Make sure you relax and let hubby do everything. 9 days is just around the corner!


bethnyc - July 9


My doctor didn't give me the quality -- they don't do that. Should I call tomorrow and ask? I know they have really stringent rules about what gets frozan and what's considered acceptable. Supposively one of the toughest standards (I think they do this to help their success rate).

Debbie - my dh is making dinner as I write this. He's so great, especially in these situations. He will wait on me for the next 9 days (and hopefully next 9 months as well).



Marina - July 9

Beth-I'm very glad that everything went well and at least 2 made it!Now all you have to do is wait and convince them to stay with you for the whole 9 months!


Jules614 - July 9

Beth - eat plenty of pineapple and stay off your feet 8)




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