IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - July 6

good to hear no heart burn!



vw79girl - July 6

awwww Lyl, I am so glad you guys got the pup. It sounds like Pudge is just what you needed right now. He is soooo cute. Love the pics. Did you post any on your live space yet?


Jules614 - July 6

Lyly - you got a new pup? What kind of dog? Where can I see pics?



JasJulesMom - July 6

Lyly- Sounds like you have your hands full with new puppy and dh. Guess puppy is a great way to train dh for the real thing. When do you officially start the IVF process?

Beth, Marina- How are you ladies doing? Anything new happening?

Jen- Hope your move is going well/

Julie- How are you feeling? I guess you will be seeing OB every week now. Must be excited things are getting close.

I purchased bedding for thr baby's room today. I am so excited. Plan o0n buying paint next week.

Reshema, Ronda- How are things with you? Is all the room rearranging done?


Jules614 - July 6

JasJulesMom - what is the theme of your bedding.

I am still constipated - took meds and everything with no luck - so hubby got a huge thing of onion rings. I ate them hoping they will go through me - NOTHING!



lyly14 - July 7

Julie- We got an 11 week old english bulldog puppy. He is so adorable and is spoiled rotten! We named him pudge because he is a chubby boy. I don't have any pics except on my cell phone because i lost the usb cord for my camera. I am going to rip apart my house this week to see if I can find it to get pics on my laptop.

Debbie- Pudge is already one of the family so you are right about the training dh but some how we skipped diapers and went straight to potty training. LOL! I started the bcp pills and should be starting my stims on the 25th of July. They have my retrieval estimated for aug 6th and the transfer for aug 9th.

I am going to se my RE tomorrow to discuss the last cycle and the new protocol. I will let you all know how it goes.

Hope all the other girls are doing well!


Jules614 - July 7

Lyly - good luck at your appointment tomorrow. I like American Bull Dogs - they are so cute the way they snort! i COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND HOW PETS ARE ART OF THE FAMILY. i HAVE TWO CATS AND adore them - whoops accidentally hit caps lock!



vw79girl - July 7

OMG yes, I can totally relate because Vinci is my little love bug.


Jules614 - July 7

Still constipaed 8(



Arabsrcool - July 7

Hi girls,

My 4th was ok. Watched fireworks from 3 different towns from the upstairs windows! Its Fair week here, so I know I will be spending time there as my nephews are both showing their horses.


How is it that you lost 2 lbs? I know you are eating!


Sorry to here about the constipation. That is miserable. Have you tried adding Benefiber to your drinks/food. It helped me in the 1st tri-mester.



Arabsrcool - July 7


Glad to hear about the pup. English bulldog pups are the cutest!. my family used to raise them and they will always have a special place in my heart. My mom only has one old female left and it will be sad when she is gone.



jenfrancis - July 7

Hey girls -
Made it to Louisiana where we will stay until hubby gets out of school end of month.
Its warm here. I am fine. Been sleeping alot lately with the heat and trying to catch up from the trip. My ankles are nonexistent! Feet and ankles so swollen!
Been soaking them and elevating them but no luck. I think I am stuck with this until the end!
Been house hunting, that was fun. Hubby left yesterday AM to pack up house. Movers made it today first thing! So thats great!
Hi to all of you, I dont get much time on the puter, so I will make this short and sweet!


Marina - July 7

Hi girls
glad to see everyone is doing good and had a nice holidays.We also had a good time,it was our 5th universary on 4th of July,so we had a company over and a big pool party. 8)Now back to business!
I'm on my last bcp today and already started Lupron on Sunday(Jen,thank you !).We got a credit for FET(not all of it ,but half which helps too)I also went through all my office visits and found out that they overcharged me-when they take your prepay for the monitoring process,they put approximate amount of blood work and u/s and I didn't have that many.So I called them up and after some struggle they credited me for that also(they didn't enjoy it,but had no choice)From now on I'm going to check every detail and make sure they are not overcharging us.
Lyly,that is absolutely wonderfull you got a puppy,they are such a joy :).Our standart poodle Mila is a huge part of our family,she is half human and half dog(a small half).
That will keep you busy!
Lisa and Debbie-congrats on your good check ups and Lisa your nursary is a dream! :)
Julie- eat cherries and plums,they help me.


Marina - July 7

Beth-where are you girl?I hope everything good with you? Aren't you supposed to have your transfer today?


lyly14 - July 7

Hi girls- I just got back from my appt with the RE. Everything went well. He did a water sono (uhggg!) since i had all that bleeding he just wanted to check everything out. It looked good so I am good to go. He said since I did the lupron last time and it didn't work with 2 grade 1 8 cell embies he was going to try something different. So that is why he changed my protocol. He also said I could transfer up to 3 embies (yay!) I really thought he was going to say only 2 fresh.

Marina- I will be sending out your package tomorrow!

Julie sorry about the constipation it must be so uncomfortable! I hope you get relief soon.

Beth hope all is well!

Jenny- I am happy the move went okay. How is your daugther handling the move?


bethnyc - July 7

Hi girls.

Sorry it's been a while, but we were away for the 4th - at my sister in laws beach house. A nice and relaxing time which was really needed. Back at work today and tomorrow is my transfer. I'm very excited, nervous, etc. The lab called today to confirm my appointment and told me that I should be there at 1 unless I hear from them (which means bad news), so hoping to not get a call. I'm going to jump everytime the phone rings, I just know it.

Seems like you all had a nice 4th and that's great.

Lyly - congrats on moving forward - what's the new protocol?

Marina - glad you're on your way. Has the Lupron caused headaches yet?

JenFrancis - glad to hear that the move went well.

Julie - so sorry about the constpation. I have been taking Colace ever since I started my pre natal vitamins. Helps some...

Ronda, Reshma, Debbie, Lisa -- hope you guys are doing well. You're all so far along and I'm so happy for you.

Got to run - it's my last day to make dinner (DH will have to do it while I rest after the transfer).

Good news is that since I'll be home, I'll be able to read your posts and get back to everyone sooner.

Have a great night.




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