IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - July 9

Beth - eat plenty of pineapple and stay off your feet 8)



vw79girl - July 9

Beth, I am praying for you. I didn't realize today was the transfer. Keep your feet up as much as you can. I really think that helped me a great deal. I have heard that about pineapple too. Supposed to help the embies stick. :) I wish you good things hun


bethnyc - July 9

Hi girls. I'm in bed with my feet up as much as possible. I'm trying to stay off my feel with the exception of showering, bathroom and walking to the kitchen - will do this throughout the rest of the week and maybe even this weekend.

I'm supposed to not be working this week, but work is too busy and I can't seem to stop. DH is pissed at me and wants me to just tell everyone that Im not availalbe and forget about it. But, that's not my nature. What do you guys think? Is working (while in bed) a bad thing to do? I'm trying to stay stress free and i'm worried that if I dont work that I'll stress about what I'm missing and what's not getting done. I feel like not walking all the way to the subway (taking stairs up/down) and carrying my laptop and papers is what really matters. Opinion?

As for the pineapple - funny b/c I LOVE pineapple and had DH cut one up for me before he left for work this morning -- so I guess I should eat the entire thing if I can. And, have him buy me more. I could live on pineapple and didn't have any last time (they weren't in season then) so maybe that'll do the trick this time.

I know I'm crazy, but I shouldn't feel anything right now, right? How long does it take the embbies to implant?

And, one last question -- I have the WORST pain in my leg where DH did the progesterone shot last night. Never had a pain this bad before (it hurt, but more dull, now it's terrible). I feel like he hit a nerve or something.I wasn't really able to sleep last night b/c of the pain. Any suggestions? Any of you go through this before? I will tell the RE tomorrow if it's still bad b/c I have to go tomorrow for a blood test.

I have to run b/c I'm on a work conference call and I now have no idea what's going on.

I'll be online all day -- going to check out Lisa's mural. Can't wait to see it.



Jules614 - July 9

Beth -

I don't see a problem with you working as long as you are in bed and not getting up - also as long as your job is not stressful - you don't want to be stressed at all during your implementation period.

I had a lot of back pain about a week before I took my beta - but other than that no symptoms.

As for the pain in your leg - chances are a nerve was hit. Just give it a couple days and have your hubby rub it.

I am glad to hear you love pineapple.

Good luck and baby dust to you.



Arabsrcool - July 9


glad the transfer went well. As for the working, as long as you are not stressed out (and would worry about what is not getting done and be more stressed thinking about it) I think its ok to do some work from bed (some not all day long).

Glad you like pineapple, I ate tons of it and am pg! Don't know if that is why, but it cannot hurt!


the mural is amazing!. That is really neat.


glad your appointment went well.

I hear you girls about the insominia. I haven't slept well since getting pg.....I remember with dd, I slept like log until the last month or so. I don't understand why I cannot sleep, which sucks because then you have to get up and go to work, regardless of how much sleep you have gotten. boy I do wish I was a teacher.....getting the summer's off!



Jules614 - July 9

Ronda -

I am with you. I slept perfectly my entire first pregnancy even until the end. Besides the throwing up - I had the perfect pregnancy - not much discomfort even until the end. This time it has been one thing after another and sleepless night after another.



bethnyc - July 9

Thanks for all the advice. Going to put down the computer shortly. For some reason, I'm stressed when working and when not working. I just need to find out which is more stressful.

Lisa - just checked out the mural and it's fabulous. Amazing that you are able to do that. I can barely draw a circle.

Going to get some more pineapple...



Jules614 - July 9

Beth - about 4 days after my e/t I got a massage. I had them just work on my back. I feel it helped as I was sooo relaxed.



vw79girl - July 10

I hope everyone had a good day. I put some finishing touches on the characters in the mural. Little details and I feel like I am finally finished--I think lol.

cut and paste into browser if you want to see


to the beach tomorrow with my best friend Mary. Supposed to be gorgeous. Tempted to get an iced coffee. Do I dare? the little guys will be up all night again lol.

Beth...keeping my fingers crossed for you girl! Keep resting. I will be thinking of you tomorrow when I am eating pineapple at the beach.

p.s. last night when we went out to eat...we ordered an app. that has amazing nacho chips with espinaca dip, chili dip, spinach artichoke dip, artichoke ranch dip and salsa. Needless to say it was scrumpdillyicious. ::P


jenfrancis - July 10

lisa - awesome mural! I am so impressed!

Beth - take it easy girl! Prayers!

Lyly - how are you? I see you are on your last day of bcp. pulling for you! Thats great they will transfer 3 embies! Cool!

Debbie, Julie, Ronda, reshma, and the rest...Everything is fine here, went to about 4 sonics looking for a peanut butter shake, no luck, that may have been only in Victoria, TX, or a promotional thing.
Eating lots, getting lots of rest since not having to work. Been doing lots of house hunting. Ankles are back to somewhat normal.

I need to get caught back up with everyone! Missed you! Take care!


Jules614 - July 10

Jen - Funny you mentioned the Sonics being in Victoria Texas because that is where I had mine. I was on business in Victria for several months back in 98. I fell in love with Sonics 8) They rock! I wish they had them here. My bro in law hasd the recipe for the peanut butter milkshake from there and makes it for me. YUMMERS!

Lisa - I want your life of being a beach bum!



lyly14 - July 10

Hey Jenny- I am doing good. Just gearing up for my start. I don't take my last bcp until the 22nd of this month and then stims start on the 25th (no lupron :)). In a way I'm happy I have some time before I start. My dd is in camp this week and I would like to take her to the water park a few more times before I start my stims and my ovaries get to big to be bouncing around on rides! Well we filled out our consents and put down we are transfering 3 embies. I am nervous about that since we don't really want 3 but we really want to give the best chance to work. So we will see what happens! I hope all is well with you and the move. Do you still have the messenger where you are now? I have not been on as much since I have been off from work. I have been more busy at home than I was at work. Lol! Of course I have been busy having fun and not being bored at work. Dh and I have been hanging out with another couple who are on vaca this week. So it has been nice.

Lisa- Get a decaf iced coffee! That is what I do. I love coffee and drink it all the time, but I always get decaf. I stopped drinking caffeine as soon as we started trying to get pg ( wow no caffeine for like over 3 yrs now!) I have it once in awhile if there is no decaf. I don't even notice the difference and I stopped getting headaches everyday!

Beth- Try not to stress about working not working. Do what you can but just don't over do it! Sending lots of sticky baby dust your way.

Julie- Feeling any relief yet?

Well I'm off to go back to sleep now. I dropped dd of at camp and I am going to get a bit more sleep before I start my day and have lunch with a friend. Maybe dh and I will go to the shooting range for some target practice later. Its so much fun. Ahhhh I love the lazy days of summer!


Jules614 - July 10

Lyly - I hear you with the caffeine thing - can u go to Starbucks and get a decaf/caf vanilla chai - they are mostly milk. I get them cold and they are soooo good.
So, starting a new cycle soon. so exciting

I am starting to feel better - I am able to find my butt hole now that the hemoroids are starting to shrink and I can get the suppositories in... yummy!



Arabsrcool - July 10


ahhh.....the things to look forward too with pregnancy! I do hope the back half starts feeling better soon, that is so miserable!


Good luck with the coming cycle. I know what you mean about being kinda glad that you have some time. You can get some things done now that you wouldn't when you are on stims. Stims change the way you live.


I think an occasional caffiene drink is fine. I have one now and again now, but always early in the day so not to affect my sleep (or Cara's).


been thinking about you and wishing lots of sticky baby dust your way!


glad things are going well, and you can see your ankles again. I agree that Sonic's rocks!. I love their Cherry Limeades (however, the closest Sonic is over an hour from me, so unless I am traveling south, I cannot get one) When I was driving to doc's ofc in Indianpolis, I would stop at least one way to get my fix. That was the one perk of having to drive 3 hrs to doctors ofc!

I had a flip out moment last night. My dd and I were taking a walk (well I was pushing her in her stroller, she thinks thats her walk). Anyway I felt moisture on my ankles and thought holy shit thats me leaking..... so I'm feeling down my shorts to see if they are wet. (right in the middle of the road) Nope, it was my dd sprinkling the tires of the stroller with water and it flipping up onto my ankles. Talk about relief!!!



jenfrancis - July 10

Julie - you told me to take a pic of myself drinking a peanut butter shake, and I could not find one.

:( Oh well.

Lyly- fingers and toes crossed! Great for no lupron! Yuck!

Yeah I have messenger here. Never thought to log in, darn. I will try today.


jenfrancis - July 10

LOLOLOLOL Ronda! Oh my goodness, I am cracking up! Would have been truly scary tho! Too early!

But its funny imagining you feeling the crotch of your pants! Oh man!



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