Who Is on The 2ww?
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Wesleysmom - January 9

Hello ladies. The u/s was exactly as I expected. The embryo stopped growing at about 6 weeks. I know that there is some controversy about whether to d&c or wait for the other, but I'm opting to have the d&c. I've already cried and I really am ready to start again. I don't think I can go through the emotions of having to wait it out. We still have four GREAT 5-day blasts frozen and there was a brief discussion yesterday about transferring 3!! Scary and exciting!

Thank you so much for the support. It really has meant a lot to me.

Blueunicorn, welcome to the 2ww!! I hope my bad news has not discouraged you. I will be back on the 2ww soon & maybe you will be several weeks along in your pregnancy & here to commiserate with me! It is so difficult to read the symptoms this early in the game, but in my last 2ww which eventually resulted in a BFP, I was exhausted at the end of each day. So that could be a good sign....

Keep busy. If you haven't already, try Sudoku. I'm addicted & it helps pass the time after my son has gone to bed & waiting at the doctors office. Or you could start another craft or a book or something! Best of luck to you!


Wesleysmom - January 9

Marina, How was your u/s? I hope everything is going great for you!


Marina - January 9

Hi girls,
I didn't write yesterday about my u/s,because I was waiting good news from Wesleymom...
I'm so sorry what happened to you!I was positive,it all was in your head and your u/s will show that you were wrong...don't leave us,let us know what's going on and I like your positive mood!Good luck!
My u/s went well,it was a relieve,because I start being nervous that nothing changed in my feelings since the last u/s-my symptoms didn't dissapear,but they just never changed since I got PG.I'm still waiting for m/s,but God decided go easy on me this time...
Anyway,baby doing great,we saw it moving it's little hands and legs,the heartbeat was 152.It's amazing how something that small(2 in) could look like a human!
I feel bad bringing good news after bad news,but it seems,I'm doing good.
Beth,I didn't have anymore bleeds,u/s shows nice solid placenta in a good spot(high),so it's looking good.
Let us know when they rescudule your c-cection.
I'm going to try this week that gender-test that I got,see who is inside.Maybe it's a scam,but just for fun anyway and will see.
Do you know anything about if the heartbeat faster-it's a girl and when it's slower-it's a boy???


Wesleysmom - January 9

Marina, This is great news for you, and I am so happy. I think all of the stuff about being able to tell the sex is wives tales, but it's still fun to guess! There's one about peeing on drano & it turns one color if it's a girl & another if it's a boy... I'm sure you can google it!

Take care. I may check out for a couple of weeks, but I'll be back for another 2ww soon!!


bdantonio - January 9

the wise tail is a hgih heartrate is a boy a low one is a girl however both my girls started out in the high 150-low160 but in the 2nd trimester went to 140's so the rate does change in the 2nds trimester.


JENNY22074 - January 9

Kimberly - So sorry to hear that...I to had one that stopped at 4 weeks back in 2000...Trust me you never really get over it but it is best to try again right away...At least I did....I did have a d and c and felt fine...You made the right decision...I think dragging it out and waiting to mc is more of a toture to our emotions and bodies...Praying for better news on your next journey.

Marina - my heartbeat on the baby and it was on the higher side and a lot of people said a girl based on that...His baseline heartrate is 145 but he is all boy...I was told that if it is lower then 140 it is a boy and higher then 140 it is a girl....NOt always true...The old wivestales are funny...YOu can atually take a test on bayzone.com that goes by the old wives tales to guess the sex of the baby...Just goggle gender prediction tests and have a little fun...Also the chinese gender prediction that is supposed to be 99% accurate said that I was having a girl based on my age and month that I conceived/transferred...ALso it is funny becuase I had a 5 day blast and was told that more male sexed eggs/embryos make it to 5 day blast outside the womb in an artificial environment...So your little miracle will be what it is...Talk to you later...

Blueunicorn - As posted before welcome to the forum...YOu will find many different people on here all in one way or another that are going through the same thing or have been through and still on here supporting those that are waiting...We try to help out those that have questions and need to know answers or just need to listen...I hope we can be of helpful support to you thorugh your journey...Best of luck and let us know your story...Talk to you soon.

Hello everyone else...How is everyone doing?


bdantonio - January 10

MArina another old wise tail is that if you have alot of heartburn and indegestion your baby will have alot of hair. Well i proved that to be false with dd. I died from heartburn with her and she was bald. Now i hve it bad and acid reflux with this one enough that i had to go to a gi dr and get a prescription so well see soon if shs bald or full of hair.


JENNY22074 - January 16

Beth - hope all is well with you...How have you been holding up with the bedrest...Talk to you soon.


janrb - January 16

Hi! I'm new to this supportive group - but I'm in my 2ww also. My test day is the 22nd and I've got many symptoms that seem to be playing with my head. My lower back aches, my breasts are far more sensitive than ever before, I pee all the time and I'm somewhat crampy all day today. I hope that means the embryo is implanting rather than the opposite. I desperately want this to work! This is my third IUI, but no positive tests yet.
Thanks everyone for being so supportive - it made me want to join the group!
I don't remember her name, but someone is supposed to test on the 19th - have you tried an hpt or are you waiting. I know it's too early for me yet, but I think I'll try one a day early.


Marina - January 16

Welcome Jan,
We had a little time off with this web site-forums didn't work and probably many people don't know it's working again.
anyway,if you read all our posts before(they are everywhere-"Symptoms","The 2ww symptoms" also) you can see that all symptoms we have (and don't have )is normal.And some of them are for meds we are taking.Of course you are trying to find something different about you now because you know and expecting,but usually"normal" people,who get PG naturaly, don't even feel anything antil 5 ww.So,don't rely on symptoms too much.There is people who had a lot going on and some have very little(like myself,and I'm 11 weeks PG and still don't feel much different)
You can try home pt( e.p.t.),but not earlier than 10 days after your ovulation,because if concentration of HCG in your blood is too low yet,you'll get false negative.
If you have any quiestions ,always feel free to ask-that's why we are here.Good luck and a lots of baby dust your way!


janrb - January 17

Thanks Marina! It's kind of wierd because I tried the first two IUI's with Clomid and Letrozole and had a LOT of trouble with cysts and one eventually burst causing a lot of pain and nullification of that (my 2nd) IUI. So, I'm trying this one with no meds whatsoever. So, I'm really aware that when I do actually get to the point of doing an hpt, it will not be inaccurate due to an HcG shot or anything like that. But, I'm also afraid of the rollercoaster of doing one too early and finding it negative - when it may be positive the next day. So, we're trying to wait. Yesterday I forgot to mention that I'm also incredibly tired - but when I lay down to sleep half the time I just lay there and think too much. But, I yawn all day. My mom keeps telling me that PMS has a lot the same symptoms of pregnancy so not to get my hopes up too high. But, we're trying to go with only positive thoughts. Send us some baby dust. Thanks!


bdantonio - January 17

jan r b: You need to remembr if you concieved naturally you would not even know that you were pg until like 6 weeks so you would not prolly have any symptoms so dont think about them.
Hey eveyone:
Well besides the website being down the reson i havent been on is i have been in the hospital since Sunday. I went into labor. They slowed my contractions down, they didnt want to stop them they wanted to see if slowing them would work which it did. They dont want me to have her until 36 weeks, I have a week left. For somereason they are now saying my weeks change on Wednesday not sunday so i was 35 weeks yesterday. I kept having contractions so i was admitted. Finally home on bedrest until at least i go back to the dr next thursday then i should be off bedrest and if i go into labor again they will let me have my c-section. I am 95% efaced and 1centimeter dialated so far.

So how is everyone else?


Marina - January 17

hi Beth!
I'm glad to hear from you! Pretty soon you'll be a "free" women-ha-ha!Is everything ready for the baby?You probably have everything you need from your older daughter? I only can imagine,how ready YOU to be done!
I have nothing to tell,nothing changes,I have nothing to write about in my diary yet(exept the wierd dreams),exept we made a desigion not to take the tests and I know my ob will be fine with that.I'm waiting when I start to show,but it strange-I 'm flat in the morning and PG in the evening.But other than that I didn't see any changes.
Please,keep us posted,don't dissapear!


Marina - January 17

you right,if you can wait with hpt test-that's the best.Unfortunately,many of us can't,including me.I felt sorry 10 0 times for being impatient,because even you know the test might not show yet the right result,you just prolong your torture and if you wait a couple more days you'll get more clear picture.But even then,there is no garantie untill u/s and we saw sac and yock.My 1st blood test came very low-only 21,so I coudn't say I felt any better.But I like you positive mood,it's half way to success.In my case my DH was and is very positive(someone has to be!)It will happen ,you are just in the very begining,hopefuly it 's your lucky try!


JENNY22074 - January 18

Just in case some of you ladies that are on the 2 week wait get any type of illness or need to take something for some reason and don't know the results of your betas yet...Here is a list that you may want to go by since you are considered pregnant unless that beta says otherwise....Babydust to all of you..

OTC medications safe to take during pregnancy/breast feeding
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- here is a list my OB gave me in my welcome packet about things that are safe to take during pregnancy. I figured this would help since you have not yet gone to an OB and that is a few more weeks away.

Sudafed, Robitussin/RobitussinDM, Tylenol Cough and Sinus, Tavist-1 and Tavist-D, Benadryl, Comtrex, Medi Flu, Dimetapp and extend tablets, Sinutab

Dialose, Metamucil, Correctol - Extra Gentle, Milk of Magnesia, Colace (stool softener), FiberCon, Senekot

Anusol H-C 1, Anusol Suppositories, Tucks, Preperation H Suppositories

Tylenol (regular and extra strength)

Sucrets, Cepastat, Cepacol, Warm Salt Water Gargles

Warm milk at bedtime, Benadryl 25-50mg used 1-2 times per week to help you sleep, Tylenol PM used 1-2 times per week, Unisom

Riopan, Tums, Rolaids, Mylanta, Maalox HRF (Heartburn Relief Formula), Di-Gel, Gaviscom, Pepcid AC, Zantac 75

Kaopectate, Immodium AD

YEAST INFECTIONS (after the 1st trimester)
Monistat 7, Gyne Lotrimin, Mycelex 7

Hydrocortison Cream, Aveeno Oatmeal Bath, Domeboro Powder Pac

Emetrol, Vitamin B6 100mg daily, BRAT Diet (bananaa, Rice, Applesauce, Toast)

Masse Cream, Vitamin E, Ice on nipple before feeding


bdantonio - January 18

Feeling pretty good today just cant wait. Marina yeah im completely ready for the baby.



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