IUI this morning- starting the wait
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deedle1006 - June 15

I just had my IUI after a cycle of clomid. I triggered on Monday and had the IUI this morning @ 10. Can you believe I have had every symptom of early pregnancy except morning sickness in the past 6 hours. These next two week should be tons of fun. I need to just put it out of my mind and wait...yeah right.

Anyone else out there just starting the wait?

Deanna ???


reneest - June 19

Hi, Deanna. I emailed you today. I had a hard time getting this message on at first. I just had my first IUI the 18th of June. It has only been one day and i can't wait 13 more days. Are you having any other signs then from the first day. I had some cramping yesterday and also a little spotting. I have had a hard time keeping my mind off of it. I was hoping I could have some one who was also waiting to talk to. So are you on day 6? Are you on vag. supp.? I start those wed. the 21st.



ledi - June 20

I am also in the 2ww. I had my IUI after my first cycle of clomid. I triggered on Wed and had the IUI on Fri. This is my 3rd IUI but the first with clomid and follicle tracking.


reneest - June 20

This is the first time I have ever done this. I did this cycle with clomid and a trigger shot on Friday and had IUI on Sunday the 18th. I was hoping that I would have more than one egg, but I only had one. Do you know if that will decrease my odds? Well today is only my 3rd day after IUI, Iam trying to keep busy. Iam just waiting for some symptoms. Are you having any symptoms, if so what are they and when did they start? The only one I have right now is a little cramping off and on. I start progesterone supp. tomorrow. Has any one ever done those before? Do you get more symptoms with the progesterone? Good luck to you and hopefully the 2 weeks will fly by. God bless you all.


ledi - June 20

Hi Renee, I am not having any symptoms yet which leads me to think that maybe it did not work but I have also heard that I may not get any so I am just waiting and questioning everything. What is the progesterone supp for? This is not sometihing that I was given and am wondering if they missed something.


reneest - June 20

The progesterone vagina suppository are suppost to help with the linning of the uterus. I guess the better your linning is the better chances of attchment. They have not tested my progesterone level, so it must just be some thing they give to every one there. Iam going to start it tomorrow, its one suppository in the morning and one at night. If Iam pregant they said I would stay on them, I guess the whole 9 months. I think it also helps with not having a miscarraige? The person I talked to before got there blood taken on day 5 or 6 after IUI to test the progeterone level, to see if it goes up? They are not testing me to see if I have changed I just have to sit here and wait. Don't get down if you havn't felt any thing differet yet. I heard it may be to early to have any signs yet. But keep me posted if you have any come up. Are you keeping tract of your temperature? I think its a good sign if its above 98.0 and if your temperature goes up little by little. Yesterday mine was 98.2 and today 98.3. So Iam hoping it goes up a little each day. Hoping it goes up to 99.0, which I think is a good sign. Are you filling any cramping off and on? Good luck and Ill keep you in my prays.


ledi - June 27

How are you guys all doing? I am on 11DPO and driving myself crazy with symptoms I am feeling and what they might or might not be related to. I will be testing on Friday.


Apple - July 22

[quote]HI! Deanna
Had my 2nd IUI 6 days back.
And all those books i read on 'being positive' were not really helping....till i decided to keep myself busy, and not be alone at home or at work.
Watched 3 movies with my friends y'day.
Meeting another friend for dinner tonight ;)
I must say, my social life has definitly improved;)

Praying for you.
Good Luck!!!

Deanna ???


chutterbug - June 28

Hi ladies. I had IUI on the 21st so I have my test in exactly one week. This last week has a bit of a rollercoaster of emotion. First convinced myself that it hadn't worked because I was getting cramping, then read that this is quite normal. Trying to stay positive:) but trying not to get my hopes up too much as the first IUI didn't work. I'm on progesterone pessaries as well - fingers crossed this time around.


Baby wish - July 31

I had my third IUI on Friday and I am inpatiently waiting. This is the worst. I have had lots of cramping but no other symptoms except for being sooo tired. Are these symptoms of pregnancy and how soon can u get symptoms after an IUI?



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