Who Is on The 2ww?
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Wesleysmom - January 5

Next u/s is on Thursday. I'm going to die having to wait until then. I swear that since the news last week, I'm feeling less pregnant than I was before. Is this just psychosomatic?!

Siren, How are doing? Did you decide against frozen embryo transfer?

Hope everyone is doing well.


JENNY22074 - January 5

Siren - I am not sure how high it goes up to you will have to check that out...I took out a loan in March during my 1st cycle for 7500 and then around May before my 2nd cycle I took out a 10000 loan...We have 5 years to pay it back...I think you can also choose how many years up to 5 to use to pay it back...Also if med pricing is a problem you can look under the ART forum on here people are always seeling leftover meds cheap...I bought some of mine last minute from here...


basket - January 6

Wesleymom, keep thinking positive. I will be praying for you. My next u/s is 1/16.

I have a question about late implantation if anyone knows. I had my 1st u/s last Wed. (1/2) and we seen one sac with a yolk, we had 2 transferred and the dr. said that the other one my body probably absorbed. Does anyone know if the other one we transferred could have implanted later than the 1st, and not have shown on u/s yet? I didn't think to ask the dr. this. I would have only been a day short of being 6 wks when we had the u/s. Thanks for any info. anyone has!!

Bdantonio, I will keep praying for you, you don't have very much longer to go.


Marina - January 6

Basket,read my post on a previous pge,I just wrote about this


Brianandjena - January 6

Hey everyone... well this is whats going on here besides being and feeling as big as a house, lol. I have sore... burning sensation in my breast. and my nipple. I am getting cramps (like af) and its not due until 1/10 so like 5 more days. who knows gotta love the side effects from clomid... Baby dust to everyone. I am on cd 23 out of a 27 day cycle.. we will see... Praying so hard...


JENNY22074 - January 6

Jena - sounds good to me...Praying for BFP in 5 days...Talk to you soon.


Wesleysmom - January 7

Jena, Good to hear from you again! Praying for a BFP!!

Ladies, I told you about my u/s on 1/3 that showed a heartbeat but a very small embryo-only 4mm which would put me at 6w1d when I was at 7w4d on the day of the u/s. Welll now, (and I don't think this is just in my head) my symptoms seem to be disappearing. I was starting to get pretty nauseas every time I ate. Now that seems to be all but completely gone. I'm pretty worried about a missed miscarriage. From what I'm reading, one of the indications is that you lose all of your pregnancy symptoms. Oh, I'm so bummed about this, but I'm ready to just get it over with if it's not going to work out. Any thoughts?? Please?

I changed my 1/10 u/s to tomorrow. I can't wait any longer.


bdantonio - January 7

Just think positive and remember even at 7w4d most woemn are just finding out that they are bfp and dont have any symptoms. We usually feel symptoms sonner due to us knowing that we are bfp. If we didnt know we wouldnt even notice them.


Marina - January 7

Hey,Wesleymom,don't panic.I don't have any symptoms now,hopefully we'll find my baby on u/s tomorrow...It was good at 7ww,with heartbeat...
I've had more symptoms when I was on 2ww then now.
But Beth is right,most people don't know untill 7ww that they are PG...May be you are one of the lucky ones who will not have m/s.Anyway,don't jump over yourself,think only positive and belive more in your little one.


Wesleysmom - January 8

Beth & Marina,

Thanks so much for the sweet words. If we get good news today, I will be shocked & it will really be a miracle! My pg symptoms have all but disappeared & I think my tummy has even shrunk. I had been exhausted before, wanting to go to bed at 7pm & last night I felt (at least physically!) like doing laundry! I have already cried & already grieved & I'm just kind of ready to know what the next step is.

I'm really ready to do this again. I'll spend the next month or so losing the few pounds I've put on & trying to get some regular excercise again. And I'm dying for a glass of wine!

I'll let you know what happens at my 3:15 today. Marina, hug your son & Beth hug that sweet girl of yours. I will be doing the same. They are so precious, aren't they? I hope both of you are feeling as good as possible!



Marina - January 8

Wasleymom,you PG symptoms- like your tummy shrunk- dissapeared because it was kind of swolen from grugs we were on-HSG shot,and gassy.Well,now it's gone.I hope everything fine there.I'm going for my u/s the same time you are,fingers crossed...


blueunicorn - January 9

This is the first time I have written a message on a group thing (don't even know what it's called! ) posing....but I guess the post IVF 2WW will do that to you! I find out on Monday if I am pregnant or not....and my question to any soul out there going through the same thing, or who has gone through already is how did you survive it?
what did you do that was helpful?
if I am experiencing weird sort of twinges, extreme tiredness, super vivid dreams
and breast tenderness...is that a good sign?
thank you to anyone who feels like replying and good luck everyone else enduring this


Marina - January 9

hi blueunicorn and welcome!You'll find this forum very helpful,everybody very supportive and nice to each other,share their expiriences...
As for symptoms, you can read about them ALL on "the symptoms forum",but I can tell you,whatever you expirience -it's all normal.Some people have many symptoms,some none and it's totaly normal.Only the HCG test can tell you the exact answer if you are PG or not.You can ask us anything,we'll be glad to help you!


Marina - January 9

wesleymom, I'm afraid to ask,but you didn't post today.Is everything ok?What did your u/s show?
I hope you are ok...Let us know,please


bdantonio - January 9

marina how have you been? anymore bleeding? Whens your next apt and u/s? Are you doing the 1st trimester screening?


Wesleysmom - January 9

Hello ladies. The u/s was exactly as I expected. The embryo stopped growing at about 6 weeks. I know that there is some controversy about whether to d&c or wait for the other, but I'm opting to have the d&c. I've already cried and I really am ready to start again. I don't think I can go through the emotions of having to wait it out. We still have four GREAT 5-day blasts frozen and there was a brief discussion yesterday about transferring 3!! Scary and exciting!

Thank you so much for the support. It really has meant a lot to me.

Blueunicorn, welcome to the 2ww!! I hope my bad news has not discouraged you. I will be back on the 2ww soon & maybe you will be several weeks along in your pregnancy & here to commiserate with me! It is so difficult to read the symptoms this early in the game, but in my last 2ww which eventually resulted in a BFP, I was exhausted at the end of each day. So that could be a good sign....

Keep busy. If you haven't already, try Sudoku. I'm addicted & it helps pass the time after my son has gone to bed & waiting at the doctors office. Or you could start another craft or a book or something! Best of luck to you!



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