Who Is on The 2ww?
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mo - July 29

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Nonnie,I pop up just to let you know that I had the same thing happened to me when I was on 2ww- 6 or 7 days after my transfer my bbs stop hurting for a day.I thought it was over,but next day the tenderness returned and after all I had BFP.Good luck to all who is on 2ww and hopefully we'll see you in IVF topic a few days later!

Marina, I also have read your posts...you are one of the most positive ppl on this board!! I really consider you an angel...so positive, so bright, so optimistic.

Thanks for spreading your positive vibes.


Marina - July 30

Hey mo! :)
Girl,I'm happy to see you again!I knew you aren't giving up, no matter how bad you bitch about your "half empty glass" ;D LOL
Well,I had my retrieval today.They got 16 eggs,will see how many will fertilize.This time It was hard on me physicaly-I'm very crampy all day today and feel 6 months PG.My transfer on Sunday.
I read your posts about horniness...LOL.I did have spontanious orgazms at night,but later,not on my 2ww.You are going fast girl!Slow down,and no,you can't have sex ,at least before the test-maybe it's just better to be on a safe side,so you won't regret later.


mo - July 30

Marina!!! Great retrieval!!!

Don't worry Marina, no sex for me. Not at all!!! I'm not risking it. I firmly believe that's why i miscarried in cycle 2. The big O did me in!

Now to you--yeah, the cramps killed me too. I was the last one released from the clinic after the ER. There were 3 of us. I went 1st and was cleared last ;o). You know what did it for me? Percacit (spelling?) that white pill did me wonders!!! They gave me 1 and only 1 and i was golden! Cramps stopped, never came back!

But now I am having major urinary pains...it really hurts to pee (that's what happened in the 1st ER too) but this time man, the pain! I'm gonna call the RE tommorrow and see what i can do...even scared to drink water! LOL

What do you mean i'm going fast? lost me...

Thanks for supporting me, Marina.

Hang tough!! keep us posted!


Marina - July 30

Oh,I mean that usually desire for sex comes around 5-6 weeks or opposite-not at all.So,I thought you are ahead of the game.But I guess everybody is different.My first PG(with my son) I couldn't care less about sex,in fact- thinking of it made me throw up.
Last time- all I was thinking - was sex,but my hubby was very concerned,but I had very vivid dreams...I mean VERY vivid(not always include him LOL)
Yeah,check with your doc,you might have a bladder infection.Drink cranberry juice(minus vodka LOL) and eat watermelon.
They told me I can only take Tylenol.But I guess some type of percoset or vicodin would help to get rid of the pain much better.


mo - July 30

No Infection. Got Urinalysis today. I'm on cranberry juice now...drinking it like it's a 40!

Anyway...Marina,keep us posted on your progress...

VIVID dreams are my nightly pleasures ;o)


bdantonio - July 30

marina when will they place your enbies back'


Marina - July 31

Beth-it's sunday.I hope to hear good news tomorrow when they call me on how many fertilized,doc said she ecxpets 9 at least be a good emryos out of 16 they got.


mo - August 9

Marina, when is your beta? How many were transferred on day 5?


mjforney - October 8

for those of you in your 2ww, I am reading your posts and have to tell you that I am "THINKING OF ALL OF YOU!" One year ago today I was in my 2ww... the anticipation, the anxiety and the excitment was overwhelming. I had been at my last hope and my dreams all came true when my Doctor Called my husband on Oct. 10th 2007! Take these two weeks and enjoy them, embrace them and imagine your future. Smile, and keep hope. I read your posts and as I type this I have tears in my eyes and I pray that you all receive the news and the experience I did. My baby is now almost 4 months old.

I am thinking of you all... Best wishes and HUGS to you!

if you have any questions, I have done many different fertility and adoption attempts just e-mail me anytime... Stay hopeful ... DREAMS DO COME TRUE! :)

Michelle Forney
[email protected]


Ianmichael3 - October 9

I'm on it---- & decided to do an experiment with the MANY ept's I have.... Since I got my hcg trigger shot Monday the 6th, I'm going to check each morning until it's showing negative :) I know I'm nuts, but at least it gives me something to do :)

Our initial RE consult is scheduled for 10/22, unless I get a positive ept, that is, AFTER the hcg shot is no longer showing up :)

Anyone else out there on it??


hopingfor#2 - January 27

Hi everyone. I am new to this forum. I had my wonderful son on May 7, 2007 after 5 iui attempts. After 4 failed iui's this fall, we moved to ICSI - BFN! Tried ICSI again and I had 2 7-celled embryos transfered yesterday. Has anyone has success with 7 celled embies? Doc said they could have been 8 celled by the end of the day.


Demi07 - January 29

Are there anyone on the 2WW? I had my first cycle of IUI's on Jan 22th and 23rd. I'm not having any symtoms as of yet. Just the normal cramping after. Well, that's what I have read from many others comments. Therefore, I'm assuming it is normal. In the beginning I thought the cramping were Preg symtoms. I was sadly mistaken. Now it's the waiting game. Is there anyone else out there going through the same thing at this time? Also, can anyone answer this questions? Has anyone cheated on the waiting game and recieved positive results. No I have not cheated yet. Have I thought about it???Yes!


Demi07 - January 29

I'm also new to this. But, I send well wishes and baby dust to all of you.



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