Who Is on The 2ww?
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bdantonio - January 18

Feeling pretty good today just cant wait. Marina yeah im completely ready for the baby.


MaggieB - January 19

I had my first IUI on the 14th...I'm not [i][/i] to go in but I will be using a First Response. What is the EARLIEST I can test?????? I feel like I might try to hold out till the 28th but is the really necessary? Especially if I'm supposed to get my period on the 24th?


JENNY22074 - January 19

Maggie and Jan - welcome to the forum...

Maggie - you should wait until the actual day that you are to test even if you get some type of bleeding...I know that sounds weird but it is only accurate if you test on the day that you are supposed to...I myself tested 5 days early and it was negative...I went in 5 days later for a beta test and it was positive at a starting # of 336...So as hard as it may be try to wait so you get an accurate test result...

Other then that how are you both feeling?


Marina - January 19

Hi Maggie,
since we have a little experience,I agree with Jenny.Sometimes patience-your best friend!(ha-ha)
It's a personal choice,but if you really can't wait until the 28,read directions on your hpt(I've used e.p.t).Or go to their web site,there is more information.The most sensetive tests can read when your level of HCG is 20 or more 10 days after conception(in your case on a24),but! I did and mine,like Jenny's, came negative also.Then I tested in 2 more days(1day before my oficial test) and it came faint positive.Maybe it's easier for us now to advise,but for you- to avoid amotional roller coaster,is better to wait at least 14 days after conceptoin and than test.For some reason,sometimes embryo attaches itself later and start produsing HCG in your blood late also,that's why you get negative result,or not enough for hpt to show.Trust me,I've been there on 2ww and know exactly HOW you feel,but I did all this things myself-tested too early and than drove myself crazy!
But anyway,good luck!Let us know what you decide and welcome to the family.If you have questions,feel free to ask!
What's your story?


Marina - January 19

Jenny,thanks for the list of meds we can take!It's very helpful,I printed it out,because I didn't ask my ob about this,I knew only about heartburn and a headache.
Thanks! :)


JENNY22074 - January 19

Marina - you are very welcome...I was not sure if all the OBs gave a list or not so I figured I would post it as kind of a guideline...I know that there are more that we can take that are not on there but these are at least the basics...


MaggieB - January 20

Jenny and Marina - thanks for the advice. I think I will wait after all. I'm feeling ok. Heavy bloating a few days ago and it's not as bad now. I had cramping last night for a few hours. I'm hoping this is implantation and not something else like gas or something :(.

We've been trying for a year. My husband and I are high school sweethearts and have been together for 12 years. I'm 27 years old, never took birth control, and have never been pg. The "pull out method" is what I thought kept us safe for years but it turns out there is something else going on..

Three months ago I started going to my fertility specialist. Everything looked ok. Progesterone levels, ultrasound, blood work. Both of us were checked. I ovulate on my own. He checked out ok too.

Our Post Coital test showed 80% of the sperm were dead. I took Letrozole that cycle. It seems like what we are dealing with is my cervical mucous. The Dr. didn't test for antibodies, he recommended that we move forward with IUI and sperm washing.

This cycle I did not take any meds (missed the ovary check) and had my first IUI last Monday. I experienced cramping that day and the day after. I also was VERY bloated Thursday and Friday and felt cramping last night (like mild period cramps)

Next Monday I'll take my test....I really hope this works. I've had some weird feelings about this process and I'm not sure if I'm alone here. I had severe anxiety after my IUI because I was and I'm still scared that they could've mixed up the sperm with somebody else's. I know that they have us sign releases and double check everything and that has to be because something like this might've happened before. Maybe I'm crazy but its kind of freaking me out.

At this point I'm relying heavily on my faith and pray that this will work for us on the first try. I'm also trying not to get my hopes up because I know that it can take several times and even then may not work.

I don't feel pregnant right now but my husband thinks that this is it. That it worked. I guess we will see next Monday.

Thank you for your supportive words. This is obviously a trying time and it's so hard to think of anything else right now.


Marina - January 21

I don't think you should worry about mixed up sperm.In theory,of course,it's possible,but in reality-they worry as much as you do because you have every right to sue them if it did happen,so this is their reputation too.don't worry.
You know,we did IVF,so my procedure was totally different with a lots of meds.Did they monitor you to make sure that you ovulated?Because it's very important moment for folicules(your egg) to be mature enough(19-21mm),so you can concive.
As of hopes-you always have to be positive and belive in yourself,miracles happen,maybe not from the first time,but they do happen.Sometimes too much information is not good either.I'm sure if you found this web site,you've read some good and sad stories.My advise-don't try on every bad thing that happen to somebody else,belive in yourself and the good thing will happen to you! :)


MaggieB - January 21

Well, the only thing they have done to monitor my ovulation is a progesterone check. If this IUI doesn't take, I will be talking to my Doc about medications and ultrasounds to monitor the folicules. I'm learning so much from this site which will help me ask my Dr. and RNs better queations. Thank you Thank You Thank You!!!!


Marina - January 21

IUI is much simplier procedure than IVF,but still require stimulation and close monitoring with u/s to see how many (if any) folicules you have to begin with and how they grow and when exactly they are the right size.This is not a guessing game and the IUI has to be done exactly at the right time,otherwise your eggs maybe not mature enough or you already ovulated.May be your doc decided to go from the most simple to see what happens,but if you pay yourself,not insurance,I'd not waste time on experiments and get strait to bussiness...
But I'm not a doctor,I 've just done a lot of recerch before I even consider fertility treatment,hopefuly,your case very simple one and you'll get thru this as quickly as possible


janrb - January 21

I just did an hpt - two days early - BFN. I'm still a little hopeful, but not much. If I don't get my period I'll test again, but right now I'm pretty depressed. It's past time for me to get a pap smear, so I'm trying to get an appt prior to starting this up again. How do you guys keep your hope up?


bdantonio - January 21

MAggie marina is right i cant believe that they did not do an u/s to monitor ovulation and follicle size. I have had 7 sucessfule iui's unfortunitly 5 ended in m/c, but i was always closely monitored.

Marina and Jenny: how are you two doing?


Marina - January 22

Hi Beth,
I've just read your post on other forum.You know,it sound scary what's happening to you.Did you talk to your doctor?If you keep contracting all the time,isn't this an obvious sign that baby is ready to come out?Even if you are not dialeted enough?Why your doctor lets you struggle for such a long time?36 weeks is enough,they have to be symphatetic to you too and the baby ready to come out if you contracting for a long time.Talk to your doctor!
I'm doing fine, thank you,no obvious changes with me.O,no wrong answer!I did the gender prediction test today and guess what!Very funny,but we are back where we were-in the begining.My test didn't give an answer,the color was supposed to be dark green if it's a boy and orange-yellow if girl.Well,mine was light yellow-greenish.Not orange for sure,and not dark green!And I know my colors!So,I guess we have to wait on u/s for this.ha-ha


Marina - January 22

I understand you are very upset,but I wouldn't lose hope just yet.Like I've said before,sometimes embryo needs more time and if implantation takes place later,it will not show on hpt early.Try to test in 2 days.The most accurate is HCG blood test,it show you exactly if youare or not get PG.


JENNY22074 - January 22

Hello Beth - I am doing fine...Concerned some days over what is going on with this little guy...What should normal fetal movement be like during your 29th and 30th week?...I mean he is moving but take last Wednesday for instance...He moved like all day long it seemed as though he did not take a break...Then the last few days it is like he is being stubborn...He moves a few times every 3-4 hours or so...Then again Thursday was a busy day putting his furniture together..I worked 4 hours Friday evening and worked again for 4 hours on Saturday afternoon...Saturday is when he started moving around like he is currently...I am not sure if I shoudl call the doctor or not...I figured I woudl ask someone who is more experienced then I...I did ask my mom, my best friend and my assistant manager and they all say this is normal but then again none of them have had to go through what we had had to go through to get this far...Just some reassurance would be helpful...Talk to you later....


bdantonio - January 22

Jenny: There are days when my baby barely moves all day just a little here and there and then days were she never sit still its perfectly normal You have to remember they react off our activity, stress, and food intake so every day will be different.

Marina: I see the dr on thursday im hoping that they will move my c-section up, i dont know how much more i can take, as you see it is late and i cant sleep due to contractions. I will keep u guys updated as much as i can unfortunitly sitting at the computer is not always comfortable either anymore.



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