2 week wait - symptoms
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trababy - March 4

I am so aggravated my computer is on the fritz. My sanity is invested in this site. I had my third iui on thursday and again on Frioday. I am hoping the saying things happen in 3's helps my third be lucky. I am going to try my hardest not to analyze every little symptom. I have even been having a glass of wine the last couple of days- helps me Get in the mood" in order to reinforce the chances.
Jane I am so sorry about your miscarriarage! I am going to start acupuncture on the 14th. I heard great things about it- fr stress to fertility so....
To all- much luck.


caab - March 5


it was so nice to hear from you, I am happy you are doing well. I am doing great so far, had 1st ultrasound last Tuesday, saw the fetal pole and possible flutter of a heartbeat. I am so happy as I was concerned about another ectopic up to that point. This coming week I have another ultrasound to see the heartbeat. I am anxious and I agree this is hard too.........I just want the next 6 weeks to fly by for us !! How are you feeling??, I feel great except for swollen boobs which I am happy for as good sign. Thinking of you often.......keep me posted after next ultrasound.

to all other ladies.........wishing you the best luck this cycle



anniekate - March 5

Hi everyone,
I'm now a week away from the scheduled pregnancy test after our first IVF transfer last Monday. we transfered three blastocysts with a 60% chance of success. Today was the first day I felt a twinge of what reminds me of premenstrual feelings-slight cramping etc. It made me feel I need to brace myself for a negative....We had four neg. IUI's before this (I'm 36). Anyway, I'm hoping pms feelings are normal and I can still be pregnant. Any encouragement would be great.
Best of luck to all of you. What a crazy journey.


lvabies - March 5

Hey Chris- That is awesome news must of been so emotional when you saw the fetal pole and heart beat flickering. I am alittle nervous I go on Friday agin. the last ultra sound I was 6 weeks 3 days. It seems everyone I talk to they see a heart beat or the fetal pole by then, how far were you? My doctor told me he wouldn't even begin to look until I am at least 7 weeks, I thought that was strange do you?...as for the measurements it is growing for sure from one week to the next the picture looks much bigger...I am trying not to stress about it I am sure everything is fine.....

Keep in touch I am so glad to hear from you and that everything is going well.



caab - March 6


My 1st u/s I was 5.5 weeks, this Thursday will be my 2nd u/s at which time dr stated should see heartbeat not the flickering. My dr warned me last week that he may not see anything and wanted me to return this week for follow up. So your dr was right as typically they do not even do an u/s until 8 weeks. What did you see on the 1st u/s. I would not worry as it was early. I was so happy to see the sac were it should be. It is very stressful I agree, I have told a couple of friends and my mom only, as I want to wait until at least 10weeks. On Sunday I was 6 weeks, as my last period was on 1-21-07, my IUI was 11 days later.

Can't wait to share and see your results of u/s this week. Will look for your post later this week.

Have a good week,



caab - March 6


read your post, I had pms symptoms and sure enough I was pregnant. The symptoms are so similiar it is hard not to analyze every feeling. I know it is stressful, I hope your week flies by and you get positive results.

keep us posted



trababy - March 7

Hi everyone,
I am going for acupuncture tomorrow- I cannot wait to see how it goes. I just did my third iui and would like to move onto IVF if it doesn't take. It is hard to keep taking off work so I will wait two or so months and hopefully begin the next journey. I am so scared for it.


anniekate - March 7

Thanks for your reply! It helps to hear it from someone who can share from experience. Most of my friends have gotten pregnant so easily, they just don't remember the subtle nuances they felt right before a missed period! Thanks for the information. It eases things some to know the pms symptoms are not a negative sign.

Also, I read your recent post. Grace to you during these exciting but delicate weeks.



lvabies - March 7

Hi Chris

The first ultra sound was 5 weeks 3 days. I relaly didn't see much it was so small. The second I was 6 weeks 3 days and I saw the sac perfectly in place, and they possibly saw the fetal pole which made me happy. Like I said my doctor said he wouldn't look for a heart beat until at least 7 weeks.. Friday will be 7 weeks 3 days so I am hoping for the best on Friday I am sure it is fine...I mean it defenitly grown from one week to the next doc said everythign is fine.....I guess I will feel better once I hear the heartbeat...I am so excited to hear about your ultra sound tomorrow....please keep me posted and good luck!!



anniekate - March 8

Hi friends,
Well, I've continued with the off and on cramping (5 days until the preg. test after first IVF)-but they got worse lastnight, waking me up at 1 a.m. and I was literally curled up in a ball on the couch for an hour until they subsided. The kind of cramps I would normally get with my period, but can't control with the Aleve I would usually take. So I called the nurse and she said if I'm not spotting, she still things I could be pregnant.

I would love to hear if anyone else has had full on cramps and was still pregnant,....but I mainly just needed to ventilate. Thanks.



lvabies - March 8

HI Anniekate,

I was so in you boat, one night my cramps were so bad I didn't know what to do..i thought for sure there is no way I could be prego after this episode of cramps. I cramped from the day of transfer thorugh by 2 week wait... and I am still cramping and I am 7 weeks, I told my doctor the other day he told me welcome to pregnancy.....Also, if your are not bleeding that i think it is a good sign the embie is making itself comfortamble for the next 9 months. Don't worry and what I learned from the 2 week wait was don't put so much thouht into it...the day of my preg test I was so negative really thought after all those cramps there would be no way...but I transfered 3 frozen embryos and 1 took...I go for my 7 week 3 day ultra sound tomorrow and now there are all new worries I hope to see a heartbeat!!!....I am sure everything is fine stay postive and keep us posted I will say prayers for you!!!



caab - March 8

Hi Jan,

I had 2nd ulstrasound today and I saw the heartbeat and it was amazing. The specialist I have been seeing released me today to my primary OBGYN. I am very happy. What a difference a week makes, you will be amazed tomorrow when you see the changes. I am excited for you/us and sad for all the others not in our place yet. As each day passes my mind is more at ease ,but I think I will be nervous for the next 7 months as it was so hard to get here. I am praying and thinking good thoughts for you tomorrow. Here is an interesting website I found with pictures: l

I will look for your post tomorrow.



anniekate - March 9

I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to reply. I have hope and some perspective. This whole process is quite a lesson in losing control and trust, isn't it?

I just prayed for your ultrasound tomorrow--for a strong and healthy heartbeat! God bless you!



lvabies - March 9

HI anneKaite

Yes you can drive yourself crazy trying to figure out every twinge. But believe me if I were to compare my symptoms to yours I would say you are prego!!!....Hang in there and keep us posted I will look for your post, stay positive it leads to positive results!!

HI Chrs
How are you feeling today? I have good news thank god!!!....heartbeat was there and strong 165 he said it was excellent so keeping my fingers crossed hoping you and I stay on the same page....



anniekate - March 10

So happy for your encouraging visit to the doctor! I'm feeling much more steady now, thanks to your feedback along with a couple of others. We're going away for the weekend then will find out Monday afternoon. I'll be in touch with results.



trababy - March 11

I am getting sadder as my first week comes to a close after my iui last thurs/fri. I have NO symptoms- nothing- the other iui's I did have cramps which kept my hope alive but this time I just feel that it will be Neg. Went to my 1st acupuncture appt and loved it- it was very uplifting until I found out that the appt is not covered by insurance. I am not going to completely lose hope but it is so hard not to when I don't even feel tinges. Much luck to all.



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