2 week wait - symptoms
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trababy - February 23

Hi Eddie, I am doing another iui in about 10 days or so. I just took my last clomid. I had hot flashes all night and now slightly crampy. My periods were a lil irreg. coming 30-35 or so days but they have even out to about 31 give take days. I fall under the healthy young unexplaned adult as well. Frutrating. Good luck to all.


VTB - February 24

Hey Sundance,

You will be in my prayers tonight! Praying for BFP for you. I was talking to my RE today and looks like she will be out of town during the time I will need to be doing IUI this time...so I'm sure if I will do a cycle this time around or not. That was another disappointment today, that was the only thing keeping me happy to know that in another few weeks I will be doing it all again....oh well.
Fingers crossed, let me know how things go tomorrow.


trababy - February 24

So depressing- One of my friends just found out she is pregnant- Don't get me wrong- I am very happy for her- it just gets to me because she smokes a lot of pot and drinks tons of coffee. Go figure- I guess it just reinforces what is meant to be is meant to be.
VTB- I would feel so stressed/disappointed if my Dr. was unable to help me one month but...is there no one else that can preform it? Taking a month off always seems to be a positive (so I have read). Good Luck!!!


broccoli12001 - February 24

I had an IUI today (my 11th - long story) using Follistim.

Glad to hear I have some cycle buddies.

If this doesn't work, IVF is probably next. So I really hope it works!

I'm 41. Tick tock and big sigh...


Anyone presently in the 2 ww? I had 2d IVF transfer last Friday and I am desperate to compare symptoms with someone. I had my progesterone tested yesterday and it was 38 so that gave me a boost, but I have many AF symptoms - lower abdomen cramping, etc. We have been TTC for 2 years and sadly I'm quite familiar with these symptoms. Anyone else going thru this now?


Eddie - February 24

Trababy- I hate the way the clomid gives you hot flashes I get that too plus I get very emotional. I also have a friend who drinks and smokes and gets pregnant just like that, very frustrating.

I am 9 dpIUI and still don't have any symptoms except maybe my boobs feel a little bigger and i am a bit grumpy, prob due to the fact that I think this one isn't going to work.

Sundance - how do you test go, thinking about you with fingers crossed.

Hi Maddy - I see you are in IVF, I am so scared of going to that which I will after this IUI. It just sounds so invasive and it will be the last resort.......:-). I know with my progesterone that I had done on my 2nd IUI it was 86 and no pregnancy. My RE said it was due to the two follicles i had. Very depressing as I thought I could be as it was so high. I guess the good thing is i don't need any progesterone shots. What sort of symptoms do you have now?


trababy - February 25

Eddie, I too am scared of going with IVF- I just cannot believe it has gone this far and I am now close to no other option. With my second iui I had my progesterone checked and when I called bc I have not heard fr them they sounded surprised that I started my period bc the #s apparantly supported the fact that I ovulated. This just makes me wonder more as to why I have not been successful. I go to the Dr. tomorrow for a sono checkup. I am so happy it falls on a Sunday bc I hate taking off of work. But, I will do what I have to do.
Take Care all


Eddie - February 25

Hi Trababy, its nice to have people to talk to who are going through the same thing.. I also can't believe it has come to this. i asked my Dr why my 2nd IUI didn't work as everything seemed to be in my favour and she said that maybe the sperm can't penetrate the egg and they are just not compatible.......we would only find out if we went to IVF and this may fix it. Hope fully we can stay in touch and go through it together. You are lucky that your dr works on a Sunday as mine doesn't nor does she work on a saturday. Hope there is some nice big ripe follicles again for you. Good luck tomorrow.


MS - February 25


I also have severe abdominal cramping, and I wish that I could tell you it was a good sign but I cant. i dont really know either. But i wish you all the best!


sundance007 - February 25

Hi all,
Well it's been quite a weekend for me...On Friday night I started feeling as though i were coming down with a cold. I woke up Saturday morning with a full blown FLU!!! Headache, fever, joint pain, nausea...you name it I got it! Could barely drag myself out of bed for my 7am beta test. Told DH that I wanted to skip it as I was sure AF was coming anyway. But always the optimist, he actually convinced me that maybe these were signs of PG!!!! I love him to death, but please....anyone who felt like this through a pregnancy would have exactly ONE child! Barely LOL.... Anyway, as I predicted the call came in BFN. I honestly feel so sick that it barely has registered how upsetting that news is. I'm meeting with RE later this week to discuss the cycle and what he thinks went wrong. It's so frustrating because everything seemed to have gone so perfectly. I was really optimistic until about Wed. when all of my "symptoms" just went away. The weird thing is my body knew it was coming down with this flu so some of the AF symptoms I thought I was feeling were actually the flu. Anyway, this cycle and chatting with all of you has proven to me that the only "sign" of pregnancy is that BFP test! Trying to analyze every little thing we feel just makes us crazy and the bottom line is everyone is so different! I'm going to take a break for awhile. DH and I are leaving on 3/8 for a much needed vacation and we aren't even going to talk about babies!!! Looking ahead at the calendar it may be that we aren't able to do another cycle until May or June and we have to decide whether we want to skip another IUI and head straight to IVF. I just wish we had insurance that covered some of this stuff!!! Anyway, good luck to all of you and I will check back in in a few weeks to see how everyone is doing. Estie and VTB, I'll especially be keeping my fingers crossed for you guys. Hopefully by the time I get back you two will have moved on to the post BFP chat group :-) I'll look for you and catch up. Good luck to all of you and lots of babydust!!!!! Back to bed for me...this posting has taken every bit of energy I have today...:-(


trababy - February 25

Hi all,
I never really thought to ask my Dr. why the iui's have not worked, maybe I should.
Eddie, I too heard that it is possible that the sperm may not be able to penetrate the egg- I didn't realize that IVF could help in this matter. The only neg. I have heard since starting this journey is that I do not have a whole lot of eggs- that I may go thru menopause earlier than the norm. Scary. Today I went to a holistic seminar. It was very inspiring. I met with a massage therapist, a fertility yoga instructor, a hypnotist, and an acupuncuturist (she was so sweet!!) and two fertility social workers. It was definitely worth my time and gives me hope. There were only two other people that showed at the seminar but it was good because it felt very personal. I cannot wait to start acupuncture- anything to reduce stress. The first thing they had us do was draw a picture first of a infertile woman and then one that was fertile. Then they analyzed it- very interesting. So Eddie- are you going for IVF anytime soon? I wish you the best and definitely want to read about your journey- along with everone else's!
Sundance- sorry bout BFN uggh. If I had symptoms of a cold coming on I too would analyze it all- I had abloody nose like three times and thought hmmm more blood racing thru my body could I be...... but your right- the only tell tale sign is a confirmation. Where are you headed for vacation? Have fun-
Blue skies for all


trababy - February 25

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know of a good sperm friendly lube? Egg whites kind of skeeve me and I have tried pre-seed. I cannot find others online. I would to be able to go buy it and not have to order it.


VTB - February 26

Hi All,

Sundance, soo sorry. But we both knew eh? Guess we know our bodies more than we think. I made a deal with myself this weekend that on my next IUI I am going to not dwell and pick apart every single thing I feel. It is pointless until you get the BFP. We all know PMS are all signs of AF and pregnancy....so why sit and drive your brain nuts when you won't know until the day you do your HPT or beta for that matter. Everything we feel could be for any reason, so I'm gonna try hard to not drive myself the way I did this time around.
I too am having a break this month. It is not really by choice - my RE is out of town during the days I need to be monitored by Ultrasound. They said I could take the chance and hope that my cycle lasts long this month, but I look at it like - maybe it is a sign that I need to not do it this month, for some reason or another.
I will try again in March. Until then I will check back and forth, but good luck to everyone.
Have a wonderful time Sundance! It was great posting with you!


lvabies - March 2

Hey Chris,

I was thinking about you, wondering if you are okay. Hope all is well. If you read this please let me know you are dong well. I am doing well, 2nd ultra sound was today 1 little one is in there very excited!!! doc says everything is looking good....but I'm still nervous until i get past the three months or even see a heart beat which should be next week..all new worries now...I though the two week wait was bad this is tourture tooo....





Jan: read your post. I agree with you....the 2WW is slightly agonizing, then the FURTHER wait until week 5 or 6 for the fetal heartbeat and pole is even more agonizing.... I have a good feeling about yours!! MUCH BABY DUST!

As to symptoms, I've had every possible permutation of a symptom and it's all confusing/not logical whatsoever.
I don't think any sympton really means anything.

After my transfer, I had HORRENDOUS back pains and it felt as if my period was coming on....WHOOPS! I was BFP!! At 43 too. A miracle.... Then the breasts swelled, then POOF! one day they deflated....then the yolk inside the embryonic sac appeared (much to my RE's great surprise). Another miracle. Back to more back pains, the heartbeat shows up at 97 (not stellar, but strong and possible) so another miracle! Who knows what the next day/ week brings.....Today I feel absolutely like my old self afer having a week of extreme fatigue....so we shall see what the RE says on Tuesday....

So basically (unless there is spotting of blood or blood flow-CALL YOUR DOC!!), the rest of the symptoms seem meaningless and can't be read into.... I think it's just the mental focus on this whole process that heightens your sensitivity to every little aspect of what is going on with your body. Perhaps lots of distractions likegood friends, good movies, good books, good meals, good work (volunteer in something light duty like answering phones) or good paid work....is the sensible remedy to all these symptoms...make them go away with a focus on something more pleasant for yourself!

Separately, I read the other posts above....Given my 3 pregnancies in 4 years and 4 IVFs at my age of 43....I don't think IUI or Clomid is logical for anyone really above 38. If you are really serious about building a family, skip all the IUI stuff. Clomid is a disaster to your uterine lining based on all the med stuff posted.

YES, IVF is slightly more invasive and scary, but WHAT'S MORE SCARY??? Not having a family??? Or a few needles?? In the big picture the family building wins out and gritting your teeth through IVF is a minor annoyance.

After my first natural pregnancy at 39 (m/c at week 8), I went straight to IVF at 41. First IVF, BFN, 2nd BFP (but m/c at week 8) third IVF=BFN, fourth IVF =BFP and still incubating! So even at my age, I had a 50% success rate in IVF achieving pregnancy implantation. Now this cycle is the miracle cycle I hope with a SUSTAINED HEALTHY pregnancy. I would never be here with IUI. But this is just my case.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and much blessed baby dust! Jane



ALL: in my last post just above, those silly smileys were NOT accurate, it was the NUMBER EIGHT....If I press EIGHT on my keyboard, that silly smiley appears -which OBVIOUSLY is NOT correct in the context of what I was saying.....so I hope no-one misinterpretes that silly smiley for being happy at a WEEK EIGHT MISCARRIAGE....I was terribly saddened........

Just clarifiying.....THANKS.


trababy - March 4

I am so aggravated my computer is on the fritz. My sanity is invested in this site. I had my third iui on thursday and again on Frioday. I am hoping the saying things happen in 3's helps my third be lucky. I am going to try my hardest not to analyze every little symptom. I have even been having a glass of wine the last couple of days- helps me Get in the mood" in order to reinforce the chances.
Jane I am so sorry about your miscarriarage! I am going to start acupuncture on the 14th. I heard great things about it- fr stress to fertility so....
To all- much luck.



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