2 week wait - symptoms
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trababy - March 11

I am getting sadder as my first week comes to a close after my iui last thurs/fri. I have NO symptoms- nothing- the other iui's I did have cramps which kept my hope alive but this time I just feel that it will be Neg. Went to my 1st acupuncture appt and loved it- it was very uplifting until I found out that the appt is not covered by insurance. I am not going to completely lose hope but it is so hard not to when I don't even feel tinges. Much luck to all.


anniekate - March 13

Dear Tra, I know that symptoms vary widely. I'm hoping that you are pleasantly surprised. You are in my prayers!

Also, I wanted to let you all know that we had our pregnancy test yesterday, and it came back BFP! Needless to say, we are so thankful. However, it has been quite a difficult week because I had another severe cramping episode on Sunday night, (the night before the preg. test). This time the pain was mostly located on the right side and was excruciating like something was going to burst. It lasted about 30 minutes then eased up. If it had not, we would have probably gone to the emergency room.

So, our concern all Monday before the test was could this be an ectopic...with pain on one side.... OR maybe I had a ruptured ovarian cyst. It was hard to even get excited about the prospect of a positive test in light of it.

When the nurse called with the positive results, I told her about my pain and she said she really guesses it is an over stimulated ovary from all the meds, and that it is so early, it would be highly unusual to have that kind of pain with an ectopic. Which makes sense seeing that we are just fourteen days past ET, barely pregnant.

All this to say....today I will go in for a check up and I am hoping the doctor will be able to resolve this for us and that the pain is indeed coming from the ovary and that it is too early to experience that level of pain with an ectopic.

The other good thing was that my HCG was over 2,000, which is strong and I think ectopics tend to have weak levels of HCG.

Thank you for letting me journal all this...I have never been a part of a message board and this one has been such an encouragement.

Grace to all of you in the process. Keep your head up.



trababy - March 13

Hi Annie Kate, Thank you for your kind thoughtful words. Sounds like you are going through a lot, I pray for the best for you. I too love being a part of this message board, it helps so much. Please let me know what the Dr. has to say about your pain. Are you having any pregnancy symptoms? When did they start? I still feel nothing, no tinge no tingle. I am 13 days past iui so it is not looking very promising. I try to stay positive but it is so hard after so long.
Boue skies to you,


Eddie - March 13

Hi Girls,

I haven't posted for awhile but have been reading and keeping up to date with everyone and hoping for some positive test results. Well my 2 weeks was up last week and yet again ,AF arrived :'( a little later then usual. I felt no symptoms with this one either, but that is not to say it hasn't worked for you trababy, because my last two failed IUI's I would have sworn I was pregnant. I had very severe cramping, nausea and sore bb's. I have given up analysising everything, it drives me nuts. So we are finished with IUI's and are moving to IVF. I have an appt with my RE in less than 2 weeks to discuss my plan. I feel like this could work for me, fingers crossed. It is also great not to take clomid again this cycle.

Congrats annie kate I was waiting to hear your news, it is so great to hear about bfp's it gives us hope. An HCG over 2000 is fantastic.........maybe twins or triplets. Keep us up to date...... :)


anniekate - March 13

Today went well. The ultrasound showed that my ovaries are still very large with fluid filled cysts, and it would be normal to have some pain from them and common for one to rupture and resolve on it's own, which is probably what happened.
Everything looked clear in the areas where they might see an ectopic and the doctor said I had a nice "stripe" on my uterus, which is where they would expect the pregnancy is growing and that they wouldn't expect to see more until a few weeks from now.
The big new is that the doctor confirmed that having a HCG of 2600 this early pretty much tells us to expect more than one! So, we'll find out April 2nd, and I'll let you all know.

In the mean time, Eddie, this was my first IVF after 4 failed iui's, (I'm 36 with moderate endometrios and had surgery to remove 3 uterine polyps last April. IVF seemed like a huge jump when we first thought about it, but it really wasn't once we made the decision. And the rate for succees is so much higher than IUI. Keep hope!

Tra, please let us know how things turn out this round. Praying for you.

God Bless,



trababy - March 15

Hi Ladies, I am on the end of day 14 and I am almost positive that Af is on the way for I had very lite tint of brown on TP- that is how how my periods begin- 2 days before- usually pink but sometimes brown. I am trying to stay positive but it is really hard- What helps is to think that I will be going the IVF route next and hope and pray for strength and success.
Eddie- I too have had many cycles with such tell tale signs- or so I thought so you just never know. It makes it all so complicated. You try not to think about it but when you are cramoing or feeling ill or overly tired you can't help but wonder...
Annie- I hope all is well. Your story is inspiring for me being that IVF is the next step. I cannot wait to find out if you are having twins. How exciting- one two three- I would take them all.
Looking forward to more posts


trababy - March 16

Hi- well I definitely have AF- not that I thought I wasn't getting it. I feel like crying but I pray for strenth and that prevents my tears- not to mention that I am so used to this patter by now. I tried calling my Dr to see what is nextbut the office closed due to weather. I try not to stress but I cant help my mind sometimes wandering to the fact that what if IVF doesn't work, and what is wrong with me. I hate to be like this but it is hard not be. I pull much strength from all the stories here on the board. Thinking of all you.


anniekate - March 17

I have sooo been there! I want to say it is okay to process your sadness through tears--it's a healthy release. I also wondered if starting IVF would be another string of disappointments, but so far, we actually found success the first time (and still praying...) but this is after four failed IUI's.
May God give you peace and grace to walk this road. Believing for sunny skies around the bend.



meme2 - March 17

Hi Im new here my 2nd iui on tuesday on clomid and hcg trigger, I had a lot cramping on day 2/3 now thats gone.

Had ectopic preg april last year save tube.

Is there any one else having or had bad cramps on day 2/3? or who is on tww since tuesday?

Good luck to you all.


trababy - March 17

Welcome meme2, good luck this cycle.
Annie, How are you doing? Any new word? How are you feeling? I talked to my mom last night which allowed me to cry freely and I do feel better. I talked to me Dr. today and I have a day 3 check tomorrow for another round of clomid- not sure if it will accompanied by iui- I was hoping not due to the days I would have to take off, but at the same time how do you say no to another chance? I talked to her about moving onto IVF and she said that there is a lot to do beforehand- seeing a social worker, ect... Is it very invovled? She said I would have to go on birth control for a couple of weeks before IVF. I am hoping to start by the end of June. It is all so nerve wracking- I am going to try and just relax and not think about the next few cycles till IVF starts.
Hope all is well.


lvabies - March 17

HI Anniekate,

I just read the message board I have not looke don it in days. Let me start by saying oh my gosh!!!...I am so happy for you you were in my prayers i told you not to worry and all the symptoms you have sounded like a positive to me!!!....I can't wait to hear if it is more then 1 ...how many did you transfer again???...your hcg level sounds so great!!...I transfered 3 and there is 1 litle one...my HCG level on day 14 was 727 so i think you are having more then 1..awesome and god bless!!!.... I had another ultra soound from my OBGYN on Monday everything looked beautiful...but I still have crampoiing which worries me but i guess its just the liittle one expanded my stomach!!! I go again next Monday once i get to that 3 month mark i will be relieved.......

I wish the best to all you girls and you are in my prayers.....

Chris- Hello, and I hope all is well.


anniekate - March 17

So good to hear from you!! Can't believe you are close to the three month mark! What a relief that will be. I've heard cramping is good, so don't worry!

We actually transfered three fresh blastocysts! My numbers line up with a friend who did IVF and had twins, but we realize they are high enough for it to be three! Also, my levels more than doubled to 5708 48 hours after the first bloodtest, which the nurse said is exactly what should be happening. Also, I have not had any more pain on the right side (just minimal generalized cramping) and so we definitely think it was my ovary and most likely a rupturing follicle the night it was so extreme. We are SO relieved.

Anyhow, we will find out how many and hear heartbeat(s) on April 6th, just under three weeks. I'll post and let you know! And would also love to keep up with your progress!

Grace and prayers to all of you in the process!!



vw79girl - March 17

Hi everyone, I am pretty new to all of this but have really been encouraged by what I have been reading. On March 3rd(2 weeks ago today) I had my first IVF retrieval and then a transfer on the 6th. I go for a test on Monday though I have a HPT. Has anyone ever done a HPT this early and had it come out +? I am tempted to do one tomorrow morning or the morning of my bloodtest. I want to know but don't want bad news. We have been trying for 3 years. Had 4 failed IUI's, I had laparoscopy last Feb. any feedback would be great. :)




Hello Tags (VWgirl79);

from what I recall reading elsewhere....I believe a HPT will be conflicted from all the hormones in the IVF protocol and not necessary reliable. HPT is based on your urine whereas the test you get on Monday is based on a blood draw whereby the beta hCG is measured which is conclusive. If you were pregnant naturally, the HPT would be ok because you have not enhanced and mimic-ed your horomones with the IVF meds. That's my basic understanding, but I may have forgotten a minor detail. I know the suspense/anxiousness is really tough, but to mimize yo-yo-ing with emotions, my opinion it is better to wait for the blood test on Monday.

COngrats Anniekate!! AWESOME!! TWINS, TRIPLETS!!! Please take excellent care of yourself!!

Trababy: so very sorry to hear your news----you have my empathy......I've been there 3 times...

To whomever asked about moving on to IVF after some IUIs failures at 36 years. Don't wait for IVF...IT IS statistically SO much quicker and likely to work. PLEASE don't waste your time (or money) with more IUI.... GRIT YOUR TEETH and MOVE TO IVF if you are serious about family building. From personal experience, I can share the IVF REALLY DOES work!!

I had 3 IVF cycles at my clinic. 2 of them resulted in pregnacy. That's 67% at my age of 42-43. Unhappily, they both ended in m/c at 8 weeks but that was NOT due to the technical capability of the IVF process. An excellent clinic with very good protocols and IVF will do it's job beautifully and exactly as predicted (provided you are healthy, good lining, have a solid embrylogist with great lab methodologies). My challenge is my age and the very likely root cause is ANEUPLOID eggs/embryos, essentially DNA corruption and then mother nature deciding the game is up. Happy to address any other concerns related to the process of IVF from personal experiences.

All the very best baby dust wishes to everyone!! Jane


vw79girl - March 17

Jane, Do you think it would be false even though I had my trigger shot on the 1st of March? Since then I have had nothing for meds. Only Progesterone since the day of the retrieval on the 6th. Thank you for your advice. I am so torn but will probably wait until Mon. The good news is I really don't feel like AF is coming.
thanks so much for your advice


JaneX - March 18

Did you see my rsponse on the other thread. I think you are well in the clear. I am pretty sure you would get a correct response now. Progresterone will not effect it. It is always good to hold out as long as you can but some times it is just too hard to wait. What date was your ER?

Good luck with the waiting.



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