2 week wait - symptoms
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JLK - February 1

Anyone presently in the 2 ww? I had 2d IVF transfer last Friday and I am desperate to compare symptoms with someone. I had my progesterone tested yesterday and it was 38 so that gave me a boost, but I have many AF symptoms - lower abdomen cramping, etc. We have been TTC for 2 years and sadly I'm quite familiar with these symptoms. Anyone else going thru this now?


LSM - February 6

I am in the 2ww also. Had my first IUIs on 1/27 and 1/28, so I am still 5 days away from my official test. It's torture waiting. I have sore boobs and am having trouble sleeping (and lots of crazy dreams). Cramping was bad right after the IUIs, but haven't had any lately. It's hard to know what are AF symptoms and what might be pregnancy. Wishing you the best.


ple - February 6

I am in the 2ww as well, with 4 more days to go until "the test" (2/9). I too, have been experiencing cramps since last Friday, feeling as if I am about to get my period. This was our first IVF transfer. Have been wondering if I should jump the gun and do a HPT. I have a friend who just had a little girl, a beautiful result of IVF, and said that the cramping is a good sign!

As I am sure you know, it is difficult balancing the feeling of being optimistic but also trying to prepare for the negative result. My DH call it "being cautiously optimistic."

If you had your transfer done last Friday, does that mean "the test" is today?! I wish you lots of luck. Keep us all posted!!


JLK - February 6

Hi LSM. I have had several IUIs in the past and got pregnant the first time after our first IUI so my fingers are crossed for you. Unfortunately, I miscarried at 8 weeks and after several more IUI attempts we moved to IVF. I definitely have sore bbs but am taking progesterone shots which I believe may be the cause of the soreness in my case. I actually started spotting Sunday night - tiny amount, very light pink. Tiny amount again yesterday this time very light brown. Lots of research on the internet and its hard to tell if this is implantation bleeding or something else. When I am on the progesterone shots, I tend not to get AF until I have stopped the shots so who knows what this is. My lower cramps have stopped but every now and then I get a weird twang on my left side. My 2ww ends tomorrow - I am so scared! Best of luck to you.


LSM - February 6

Thanks JLK - Sorry to hear about your m/c and wishing you lots of luck tomorrow with your test! I am on prometrium suppositories, so I'm wondering if that's the reason for my sore boobs as well (hadn't heard that before)?? It really just got bad the last couple of days. I've heard a lot about implantation bleeding and was warned about it, but haven't had any myself. I'm scared as well and have to wait until Sunday. Considering whether I should do a HPT before then. You haven't done that? We've been trying naturally for a year, but this is my first experience with the shots, IUI, etc.


JLK - February 6

I did the suppositories after one of my IUIs and had very strong bb soreness - actually more so than with my progesterone shots. I also tested with an HPT after each one of my IUIs (I think I did 5 in total - though I subsequently learned that I did not ovulate for 2 of them so those IUIs were a waste) I used to test starting about 4 days prior to the date when AF was due. Of course, when I got the positive HPT after the first one I was thrilled. What I found though was I started to get really depressed when the HPTs tested negative and I remained depressed up through the date when AF was due (and came). For me pesonally, I just decided that there was no reason to be depressed for the full week before AF was due - I just sucked it up and got depressed when I got the definitive negative. The only thing I can say is that if the HPT is negative, it does help you keep your hopes "in check" prior to the big day so you are not totally shocked. Since being positive is so important for IVF, I just keep my fingers crossed and await the results tomorrow. Good luck to you as well!!!!!!!!!!


LSM - February 7

Wishing you great results today! I might try a HPT on Friday, which would be 12 days after my second IUI. I think it might be better to be prepared for a negative, if that's the case. I'm curious....how did you find out after the fact that you didn't ovulate for a couple of your IUIs?


ple - February 7

Lots of luck to you today!


JLK - February 7

Thanks PLE and LSM - PLE, I didn't even see your earlier post until just now. We must have written our messages simultanteously and they crossed. Good luck to you on Friday! My "spotting" had stopped but returned this morning - very faint pink. I burst into tears and got back into bed with my DH. He tried to lift my spirts but I think I wore him out! I just went for my beta and should know before noon. Like I'm really going to be able to concentrate at work.

To answer your question LSM, when they do the progesterone test i week after the IUI, they can tell if you have ovulated.

Good luck to both of you!!!


LSM - February 7

I feel for you.........there's nothing worse than waiting for a phone call!! Wishing you great news.

I heard that spotting could be a positive sign. I haven't had any myself. My AF is supposed to arrive tomorrow - beta isn't until Sunday.

Thanks for the answer - I didn't have a progesterone test 1 week after the IUI. Not sure why. I am on prometrium suppositories.

Hang in there for the next couple of hours! Good luck.


JLK - February 7

LSM, PLE - Just got the call - BFP!!!! I can't believe it. I'm so glad I can tell someone because my DH wants to keep it a secret for a while so at least I get to feel like I'm sharing it with folks. The RE confirmed that the slight pink I found this morning was most likely implantation bleeding. My progesterone is 30 and my HCG is 100. The nurse said that they wanted me to come in on Friday but the Dr. changed it and said to come back Monday for bw. I guess that's a good sign. Unbelievably, I have to lead a conference call now - but thanks again and I wish you both the same good luck. JLK


LSM - February 7

Congratulations!!! That is amazing news. Thanks for sharing. Hoping that we have just as good news soon. Best wishes to you.


sundance007 - February 7

Hi LSM - I was browsing around some other forums and saw that you had found this one. Great question you asked JLK about how you know if you ovulated. I didn't know about that progesterone test, but of course I'm not there yet. Nothing in the procedure paperwork from my RE mentions that, but I'm definitely going to ask about it. Also, you mentioned that your AF is scheduled for tomorrow. I was thinking that Sunday was the day you would be expecting AF. Now that I know that I would definitely take a HPT before Sunday! I think that JLK has a good point about keeping yourself in check so if you get a BFN (praying that you don't) at least you may have more mental prep for it. Who knows, you could get a pos. HPT and Sunday will be confirmation!!! Let us know what you decide to do.

JLK - Good luck to you today. My fingers are crossed! I'm just starting IUI, but I know the feeling every month when that spotting starts and I'm just praying that it's implantation bleeding! Hope you get good news.


sundance007 - February 7

JLK - we must have been posting at the same time. I just refreshed and saw your great news! Congratulations!

LSM - I just got chills and a weird feeling that you are going to have good luck too! Keep me posted.


ple - February 7

CONGRATULATIONS! That is great news and very encouraging to hear since I have been crampy for a week now, as well. Two more days until "the test". Have decided not to test early. LSM, have been having crazy dreams myself. Last night I dreamt I was pregnant and had a baby. (And I usually don't remember dreams!)

JLK, Lots of luck to you from here on out!!
LSM, Good luck to you too, hang in there.


JLK - February 7

Thanks everyone for your support. While they are fresh on my mind and because I know I was desperately searching the internet for information about "signs" of pregnancy, I will share some of my symptoms during my 2ww - keeping in mind that I had a 3 day transfer of 2 embies and was on 1cc of progesterone each night:
- sore bbs
- AF like cramps about 1 week after transfer - not too strong, but constant for about 2 days. The cramps stopped for several days but the day before and the day of my BFP, I got cramps again - this time kind of poking cramps - mostly in the sides of my abdomen instead of the pubic bone area.
- faint waves of slight nausea
- 3 days before end of 2ww very slight light pink spotting
- 2 days before end of 2ww very slight light brown spotting
- 1 day before end of 2ww, no spotting
- end of 2 ww, cramping and slight spotting in am
- and probably the weirdest symptom - my left eyelid has been twitching for a week!

Hope this helps someone. Best of luck to PLE, Sundance and LSM!!!


sundance007 - February 7

JLK -Thanks for the info. Keep checking in with us and keep us posted on your progress! Congrats to you and your DH. I'm really happy for you and I don't even know you!!!! ;-)



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