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mjforney - November 9

Jamie: I am laughing because I read your profile messages.we have more in common... I Work full time (Human Resources Director) and my hubby works full time and we also run a business..... Inflatable Jumps, Concessions, Dunk Tanks and all that! That is hilarious, you too~!. We have AStro Events/Jump. We love it, but we are actually thinking of selling it because of how demanding it is on top of everything else going on! Where are you located at? Needless to say I bet you are not making it to Orlando FL for IAAPA next week huh? Us either!

Have a great night!


jamielee - November 10

Michelle, That is to funny!! We live in Connecticut, where are you?? I know it is REALLY demanding! My DH wanted to go to the convention but obviously wasn't going to make it!


mjforney - November 10

We are in Northern California. What is the name of your biz?

How are the babies? I went in for my u/s today. My Dr. said the heart beats were good but one of the babies was 1 mm smaller than he would have liked and that the baby was 2 mm smaller than the other.... Did you ever have the Dr. say that? It really scared me...


jamielee - November 11

Michelle, Try not to worry, I know its sooo hard but if they have good strong heartbeats thats a great sign! Hang in there!!

Oh, and our business is Best Bounce Around.


bdantonio - November 11

well everyone todya i was on the computer and my daughter came to me crying since daddy just gave her timeout for being bad. Well her crying made my breast leak. My daughter looks at me and asked me what i spilledo n my hsirt i looked down and had to big wet spots on my shirt. I could not believe it. Another fun thing of pregnancy. At least it happened at home and not in public. Had to go out and get breast pads. I cant believe its happening this early. also i have been having a good bit of braxton hicks. I swear if it can happen i will get it.

So how is everyone else doing?


destinybaby - November 13


Congrats! :D on having the babies. I am so happy for you. Wow the babies were both nice weights. I am so happy you have both babies are home now.

So sorry about your c-section, that must have been hard. Did you try vaginal before the c-section or was the c/s scheduled?

How wonderful it must be to have your babies home for the holidays.

As you can see i am still hanging in there, babies kicking and all. I have my glucose test on Friday. Don't know what to expect.

Again congrats on those beautiful babies. :D



destinybaby - November 13

Hi ladies,

Lili, Thanks for all your support. you are so close, how exciting.

bdantonio, wow we are exactly the same weeks pregnant. Did you dr schedule your c-section already, mine dd not. Are you still on bed rest? I had a bladder infection as well. Did you do your glucose test already?

Everyone hang in there.

baby dust


lili246 - November 13

hey girl there is nothing bad to that glucoses test. it doesn't taste bad at all. So you should be ok with it.

Thanks I am doing good and getting so close to meet my lil one. I can't wait I am so exciting.

I am still working my last day working is next wednesday 12-21-07 I leave early that day since I will be going to the doctor's but that will be my last day.

So if you girls want to keep in touch with me please write down my email address it is:
[email protected]
Since the only access is my cell phone I can get in touch with you through that email address thanks :)

Have a great day and good luck

Love Lili


jamielee - November 24

Hi everyone, Hope you are all well!!

Nadia you are so close!! I can't wait to hear of you good news!!

I am doing well, the babies are gaining weight and are right on track where they are supposed to be. They are eating alot more and I am breastfeeding both no formula yet so I have a feeling I may need to supplement soon!

Tia, Did you do your glucose test yet??


nadiaaboutaleb - November 24

i am so close jamie, waiting any day now. so excited. I am glad everything is going well your end. it is great you still haven't used formula, all my friends who had twins used formula from day one. so way to go jamie.


destinybaby - November 26

Hi Ladies,

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I sure did.

Its getting difficult to find a good way to sleep, and the babies seem to be stretching more and boy does it hurt :'(. Everyday more and more I can't wait to meet them. Very active babies.

Jamie, I did the glucose test and it not that bad at all. I had the orange color juce. My result was good thank God.

So for the ladies who have not had their glucose test as yet, i say try the orange it taste like a orange cola.

Jamie, you seem to be doing good with the breastfeeding that is so great. Are you pumping at all? what is the sleep schedule like for the babies and yourself of course.



JENNY22074 - November 26

Glad to hear that everyone had a great Turkey day...I have a question for the mommies that are farther along then myself...When do they start looking at you to see if they will do a c-section or they will try to let you go naturally...They have been saying that I will most likely do a c-section becuse of my narrow pelvis and my cervix does not seem to be representing that of a person that is as far along as I am...Thanks in advance for your input...Talk to you all later.


bdantonio - November 27

Jenny my first c-section was after they tried to induce me and i had faliure to progress. My cevix would not dialate. I went throguh 20 hrs of labor beofre my c-section. But luckily i get to just schedule my c-section this time.


jamielee - November 28

Tia, Yes I am actually mostly pumping because Jace wasn't eating and lost alot of his weight so I had to pump so I knew exactly what he was getting. It would take me sometimes up to an hour and a half just to get 1 1/2 ounces in him! It was very difficult. Then from spending so much time worrying about him Jacob started losing alot of weight so I started pumping for him as well! They are both still on the breast but they also get a bottle of breast milk at each feeding because thats what we had gotten used to.
Hopefully you will get some rest!


destinybaby - November 30

Hi Jamie,

Sounds like you have your hands full, but you have the hang of it. With all that's going on I know you are just so happy to have them home. I can just picture how cute they must be.

I went to the peri yesterday and the tech said that my cervix was still close but she saw some fulid and thought that i may be the first sign of pre term labor so i had to go to my ob today and a test call FFN I get the results tomorrow. Never a dull moment


jamielee - November 30

Wow I hope its nothing! I went in for leaking fluid and it turned out to be urine from the babies pressing on my bladder! There was no urine smell so just to be safe they tested me. You are so right never a dull moment!
I tried to put a picture up of the babies but it didn't work. So I will see what I can do. Does anyone know how to put up a picture???


p.s today is my actual due date!!



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