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jamielee - November 30

Wow I hope its nothing! I went in for leaking fluid and it turned out to be urine from the babies pressing on my bladder! There was no urine smell so just to be safe they tested me. You are so right never a dull moment!
I tried to put a picture up of the babies but it didn't work. So I will see what I can do. Does anyone know how to put up a picture???


p.s today is my actual due date!!


mjforney - November 30

Hey Jamie.... How are you doing???? Are teh boys doing well.... any advice??? HA!


JENNY22074 - November 30

Hello ladies - I have not been on lately due to a horrible cold...I went to the OB yesterday and have my last 4 week appointment on December 31st..Then I will starte going every 2 weeks...Jamie how are you and the boys doing?....Hope all is well with eveyone....Talk to you soon.


Jade - November 30

Destiny~ I have a question for you about your cervix issue. I am almost 17 weeks pregnant with twins. At my last high risk appt on Wed. my cervix had shortened to 2.7 from 4 last appt 3 weeks ago. When did they decide to sew your cervix ? Was it because of it shortening? And what week were you? I go back next week to have it checked again but for now I am on bedrest. Any advice? Good luck with your test and hopefully it wont be PTL. It is always something to worry about with pregnancy, isn't it?

Anybody else have any advice or know anything about this?


bdantonio - November 30

i have bee nin the hospital3x for preterm labor. I keep contracting 5-10mins apart but fortunitly for me my cervix is hard and not dialting yet. This started for me at 26 weeks, i am on bedrest for now on.


jamielee - December 1

Michelle, Honestly I feel that the twins are not much different than one baby!! I think if you have them on the same schedule its no sweat! It takes longer to get feedings and bath time done but I feel like all my worries of going insane are gone. (well until they are more active anyway) We have had a couple looong nights of cries but that is to be expected even with one baby! So I think if you just keep in mind that whether its 1 or 2 that its tough anyway with a newborn!

What ever happened with the babies size or heartbeat?

Hi Jenny, Hope your feeling better!!


bdantonio - December 2

How is everyone this sunday morning?


JENNY22074 - December 2

Everyone - I am feeling a little better...My congestion in now breaking up in my chest and boy does it hurt when I cough it up...My nose is still runny and I took sudafed last night but I have not taken anymore since...I don't like how it makes me feel...I would rather fight it with some hot soup and extra vitamin c...

How is everyone else?

Talk to you all later


destinybaby - December 2

Hi Jade,

Happy Holidays.

I found out about my cervix on my 20 week at my peri. I do my u/s at a different facility other than my ob because of my insurance. I was then admitted the same day. it was scary, but i am just happy they caught it in time.

From what hear getting your cervix stiched is not the procedure that most women want and some dr won't advise, so if your cervix is shortening stay completely off your feet, also you my want to try a belly band to hold your your tummy. so keep those leg up at all times.

when I went to the dr at 16 weeks my cervix was long and fine and 4 short weeks later pooof gone no cervix at all. so it good that you notice the shortening now.

You will be fine just being on bedrest.


Jade - December 2

Destiny~Thanks for your help.That makes me feel better. My peri checked at my 13 week and it was 4 and then at 16 week 2.7. I go Tues for another check. How did your test go?


jamielee - December 6

Hi Ladies, Hope all you pregnant gals are feeling ok!! I know I said this before but, I just wanted to say that I was reading all these posts and its so amazing, this is like a pregnancy journal for me!! Reading it all back and thinking how scary and amazing my journey has been! Wow!!

Nadia, Thinking of you!! I think today is actually your due date!


bdantonio - December 7

Hi all how is all mommy's and babys no one has been posting just want to make sure all is well.


JENNY22074 - December 8

ALl is well here...Just been a little bit more tired this week because they increased my hours a little at work because of the Christmas season and I am still fighting this darn cold...I have been reading the posts just not posting myself...How is everything with everyone else?..

Beth - is your little girl up wathcing Frosty the Snowman tonight?


bdantonio - December 8

yeah jenny she loves frosty she even has the movie and she loves it. She has been up watching all the christmas specials we have been letting her stay up a little later.


JENNY22074 - December 8

LOL...That is great I figured....Talk to you soon...How are you feeling?


bdantonio - December 8

Im feeling pretty good bored as all hell. I cant wait to have this child and get out of bed.



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