Tips on Choosing Your Baby’s Name

When trying to pick the perfect name for your baby, choosing from a list of baby names can seem overwhelming. Particularly for couples who have experienced fertility problems that delayed their ability of getting pregnant, choosing a special baby name when pregnancy does occur can be an important and exciting process. This guide will help you and your partner choose baby names that will make either the perfect baby boy name or the perfect baby girl name.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Baby’s Name

There are a variety of factors to consider when selecting baby names. First, you or your partner must decide whether modern baby names or unique baby names are more appealing than giving your baby a more traditional name. The meaning of the name itself may also be a factor when choosing a baby name, as you may choose to honor your ethnic background.

Here are a few tips for choosing the best baby name:

  • Consider choosing a name that is special to you based on its meaning. Finding a baby name for either a boy or girl that holds special significance is a good way to choose your baby’s name. For example, Karim is Arabic for generous while Valerie is French for strong.
  • Consider choosing a name that honors a relative or you or your partner’s ethnic background. This tradition, popular in many cultures, including the Italian culture, involves naming a newborn baby after a relative, typically a grandparent.
  • Try selecting a unique baby name. While choosing a traditional baby name is a wonderful tradition, if rare baby names are more interesting to you, don’t feel bound by this tradition. Less common names such as Dagmar (Old Norse for maiden of the day) or Quirino (the name of a fourth-century Spanish martyr) can be appealing because they reflect your own baby\'s uniqueness.
  • Avoid names that are too rare, trendy or that may cause embarrassment. Unique baby names can be lots of fun, however consider your child’s future when choosing his or her name. Choosing a name that is difficult to pronounce can cause discomfort when your child is of school age, while picking a baby name that is very cute when your baby is just a newborn (such as Precious) will seem inappropriate and outdated when your child grows up. If your heart is set on an extremely uncommon baby name or a very trendy name, consider selecting this as the baby’s middle name instead.
  • Consider your last name. When selecting your baby’s name, think about how well it will fit with your last name. Consider the phonetics of your baby’s full name, including the middle name, if your baby will have one. Also, consider the initials the name will make.
  • Be flexible. If you’re going to wait until labor to learn the baby’s sex, be sure to choose names for both a boy or a girl. Also, be prepared to be flexible, even when you and your partner feel you’ve chosen the best name for your baby: meeting your bundle of joy for the first time may make you realize that your baby isn’t really a Jessica after all, but in fact the perfect Adabelle.

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