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JulieC - November 7

Congratulations!!! I'm sure Jace is going to be just fine!


JENNY22074 - November 7

Jamie - congratulations on the healthy and safe delivery of your twin boys....How are you feeling?...I will pray that Jace is ready to come home today...That is great that all is well and that they are finally here...Talk to you later. ;D ;D ;D


nadiaaboutaleb - November 7

oh my God Jamie.... Congratulations. I can't believe you gave birth i was wondering where you were. The twins' weights are great. And very soon Jace will be with you home. Take good care of yourself and the boys. Keep in touch.



bdantonio - November 7

lili i am scheduled to have my c-section February 13th at 930am. Im glad i get a c-section that way they could tie my tubes at the same time get them both done at the same time. I am NOT having anymore.


lili246 - November 7

Congratulations girl I amso happy for you noe wonder you had been absent form the forum I was wondering about you aswell.
Good luck and hope that your lil one comes home soon.

That is good that you are taking advantage of tieing your tubes at the same time you will have only one pain instead of 2, that is great. Good luck

Well girls everything looked good on my lil one kidneys so that is such a relief. I have my due date of 12-3 which that means that my last day of work will be 11-21. I am so excited and very happy that my lil one is ok.
Thank god.

Have a great day

Love Lili


bdantonio - November 7

i am so upset right now. My ob's office was closed last week so i could not get ahold of them. I called them today cause my acid reflux medicine is not working anymore and they need to up it or change it. I have been eating tums left and right. I feel like my throat is on fire. The Dr was in another office and she never got back to me and they never called a new med or anything in. I am going to call them tomorrow and if i dont get a response by noon when they go to lunch i will go to the hospital i am in so much discomfort. Nothing i do is working. I get it even from water. Sorry everyone just needed to vent.


lili246 - November 7

Poor you I know how it feels but have your tried drinking milk? I know that helped me alot, tums would help also but I guess it is not helping you so give milk a try. I hope that you feel better.

I know how you feel when they don't call you back my doctor's office is the same those girls take forever and I need to be pushing them to get things done.

Hope you feel better :)

He girl so how were they able to stop from you dilating? how did that process go? you had c-section right? How are you feeling? let us know if your baby comes home with you today hope that is is doing ok.

Take care


bdantonio - November 8

lili: unfortunitly im lactose intolerant, so milk may help the acid reflux but it will tear my stomache up. Tahnxs for trying though.


lili246 - November 8

I am sorry about that I wanted to help though.
I sure pray that you feel better. Try calling them again tomorrrow and hope that they can give you something else.
Good luck :)


jamielee - November 8

Thanks to everyone for the congrats! Jace is home with us and is feeding better he had all his feedings on time today so he is looking good! I on the other hand Im worried about how tonite will go being our first night home with the twins!! Wish me luck!!

Lili, they gave me magnesium sulfate through an IV which was absolutely terrible!! Then I was on pills for the remainder of the time.
The c-section was really bad! I had alot of pain and cramping, I really thought I wouldn't feel anything but I guess my epidural wasn't that great! But I am feeling pretty good now considering although I am having major issues with my back, I can't do anything and my pain pills aren't helping my back!!

I can't wait to hear of all your news on your beautiful babies!! I feel so close to all of you through these tough times (infertility to giving birth) and wish all of you the best!! I will still be chatting with everyone when the babies aren't calling!!


bdantonio - November 8

lili the dr called today calling in a new med hopefully it helps


jamielee - November 8

Hi nadia, How are you feeling?? Your almost there girl!

Tia, I hope your hanging in there!! Remember that its not going to get easier you are carrying twins and its very hard on your body, but you will be so amazed how fast you forget all the difficult times when you get home with your babies!! Boy and a girl that is so great!!! Hang in there girl!!

Well I made it through the night! The babies slept great but its difficult for me because I'm breast feeding. I breast feed Jacob then I have to pump whats left for Jace so I know exactly how much he is getting. Its hard but I am filled with so much joy when I look at them that it all goes away!!


lili246 - November 8

hey that is good that your doctor gave you something else. Hope it helps.

Hey girl that is nice that you had a goodnight with the two of them, that must of be hard having to breastfeed both babies but like you said all is worth it. I am so happy that your lil one is home with you guys. I know having one in the hospital is not good. I had my son at the hospital for 3 full days after he was born because he had jandice, it feels terrible but it is such a relief and your life is complete once they are home.
Good luck and keep us posted.

Have a great day !!


mjforney - November 9

Jamie... Congrats. I am so glad things are well. I am anxious to read your posts because I am pg with twins. I am so scared and nervous!!! I am only 8 weeks but know that it is going to be so different from having my daughter. Were these your first children? How did your pregnancy go? Did you work at all while you were pg?

I feel like i am being nosey, I'm sorry.

Hang in there and enjoy those babies!!!


jamielee - November 9

Michelle, I was so scared to! I have a 4 year old son and it is different. I worked up until the day I was put on hospital bed rest which was at 33 weeks. I was most scared in the beginning that I wouldn't be able to work because I needed the money!
Don't worry though its so amazing looking at them its a whole different experience!


mjforney - November 9

Jamie: I am laughing because I read your profile messages.we have more in common... I Work full time (Human Resources Director) and my hubby works full time and we also run a business..... Inflatable Jumps, Concessions, Dunk Tanks and all that! That is hilarious, you too~!. We have AStro Events/Jump. We love it, but we are actually thinking of selling it because of how demanding it is on top of everything else going on! Where are you located at? Needless to say I bet you are not making it to Orlando FL for IAAPA next week huh? Us either!

Have a great night!



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