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jamielee - March 31

I am 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant and I still do not have any significant symptoms besides being more tired.
My hcg numbers were great but I just want to feel something!
Any one in the same boat, or was in the same???
Thanks Jamie


anniekate - March 31

Hi! I think I remember your posts from the two week wait. I am also now pregnant, but at 7 1/2 weeks.

If your numbers are high, don't worry about symptoms. Some people just feel great during pregnancy and are fine!

I am nauseated 24/7--I mean morning, noon, and night. It is not fun. I think slight nausea began by the fifth week, but again, symptoms are SO various. I mean, even women who have had more than one child tell me, "I wasn't nauseas with the first one, but I was with the second one."

Just curious... how high were your numbers? My HCG was 2650 on day 14 post e.t.! and it more than doubled on 16 to 5708. They put in three blastocysts, and the doctor said the numbers make him thing there are probably more than one in there!

Would love to hear back from you!



jamielee - April 1

Hi thanks for responding. My 1st was 11 dp3dt and it was 227 and another 14 dpt was 769. The nurse told me they were good numbers. WOW yours are sooo high! I wonder if all 3 are in there! I just need some encouragement! I feel like I can't let myself get to into it yet! I know that they will come but I just need some solid proof! I have a 4 year old son and remember that I wasn't that sick with him just really tired. I have just been through a lot to get here.
When is your ultrasound?? I have to wait until 4/16 I hope I can make it! I really think you are having 3!!!!!


anniekate - April 2

Your numbers are good for a singleton! Very solid.

I have a question. I read on another post that you went through a tubal pregnancy. I have had a little fear that I might have one,...although the doctors checked me out the day after my pregnancy test and seemed to think it was unlikely. I'd like to share my symptoms with you and get your feed back. Ultimately, I'll find out concrete info. this Friday when they do my 8 1/2 week ultrasound, but I've just been waiting so long to get there and haven't had anyone to discuss this with who has any experience. Here goes.

The week before my pregnancy test I had severe cramping on Wed. with some noticeable pain on my right side. Then on Sunday night, the day before my 14 day past e.t. preg. test, I had severe pain on my right side. It lasted about 20 minutes. I started to think about going to the emergency room but it subsided. Take note that this was VERY early on, even before the pregnancy test. It felt like something was rupturing. Then it stopped.

The next day I told the nurse. When my preg. test came back positive, she had me come in the next day to get examined. Again, I was just 4 1/2 weeks. The doctor looked at my ovaries and said they were HUGE and that he really suspected that the pain was a overstimulated ovary, and probably a corpus luteum cyst that ruptured, which is very painful but they typically resolve on their own. He didn't see any other evidence of an ectopic. However, since I was so early, he didn't see anything in the uterus yet either, except a "stripe", (I think it's some sort of thickening of the uterus that happens early in a pregnancy where the embryos would have implanted but can't be seen yet. The fact that he didn't see sacs yet worry him since it was so early and he said most people aren't even scanned that early. So he just told the nurse to do another beta on me and the next day (48 hours from the original blood test), my numbers had more than doubled from 2650 to 5708. I guess one sign of a possible ectopic is declining or sporadic patterns in the HCG levels, versus doubling every 48 hours. I think based on that, they said just come back in three weeks for the ultrasound and didn't think there was a problem. Also, the pain subsided to just occasional mild pain in the same place I had it before. It has become less and less and now it rarely happens. The only reason I continue to worry is that I read online that the pain with an ectopic can vary in intensity, and since, technically, they didn't see anything in my uterus, I'm not totally reassured yet that it's okay. Anyway, I'm thinking it's probably okay, but every once in a while I'll read something where a person saw a sac at 4.5 weeks and I get anxious. I guess I would like to either be reassured or to get feedback on the pattern of your ectopic in case this is could be one.
This is such a delicate and sensitive time. It's hard not to over analyze everyting. I hope you are reassured in your situation, too. I really think your numbers tell it all, although I'm no doctor.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.



jamielee - April 2

Well I still feel kind of down!! I don't feel any cramps anymore which I hope is normal but kind of scares me because I feel like I should feel something in there! and my breast soreness seems to come and go.

So I don't want to scare you but my hcg #'s were rising normally because my pregnancy was growing normally. I had spotting and also back pain and diareha. My u/s was I think at 7 weeks and they saw nothing in my uterus. I was given a methotrexate shot which didn't work then another 1 week later. A week after that I fell to the floor in such pain like knives jabbing in my stomach and was taken by ambulance where they still told me they did not see anything in my tube!! So they said it might have shot out of the tube?? Anyway almost 2 weeks later I had more killer pain and had emergency surgery to remove my almost 11 week fetus STILL growing in my tube! It was amazing that it didn't kill me! I can't believe after 3 u/s they didn't see it!
I didn't have any normal pregnancy symptoms though. I don't think you should worry because I read that the stripe is the baby at that stage, and if it is in there than don't worry! My tubal felt doomed from the beginning and I kinda just knew! This time I am beginning to worry as well just not from fear of another tubal because I have no tubes. I think I might call the nurse tomorrow just to be sure. Try not to stress I really think your fine!!


anniekate - April 2

Dear Jamie,
Have you had your progesterone levels checked? That's what can cause breast soreness. I'll be praying for you.
Holy cow!!! Your story about your tubal is unbelievable. When they didn't see it in the 7 week ultrasound, I wish they would have done an hsg or laprascopy to see it. I think that is the only sure fire way to see because I don't think the ultrasound shows the whole tube. Maybe they just thought the meth would do the trick. I am sooo sorry you had to go through that. From everything I can see, ectopics are very hard to spot.

I think I'm probably okay, too. But I will feel much better when I have concrete information on Friday. I'll be sure to let you know. Hope your talk with the nurse is reassuring.



jamielee - April 2

They actually lowered my progesterone to 1/2 cc from 1cc because my progesterone was through the roof! I am wondering if thats why I'm feeling this way? Last night when I got up to pee there was a beige color on the tissue and I freaked out! It wasn't bloody looking just enough to scare me! and none so far today. I called the nurse and am waiting for the call. I think I might ask for some more bloodwork! Although I'm scared to go.
And I thought the 2ww was hard.


jamielee - April 2

I just talked to the nurse and she said that my progesterone was 180 on tuesday. She told me not to worry because my #'s were very good. Unless I start bleeding alot or have pain. She also said that she finds it hard to believe that I didn't feel any symptoms with my progesterone that high! I really don't! maybe that means I just won't have many symptoms if I didn't feel them at that rate!
Who knows? I feel a little more cramping today so maybe the baby is working hard again? I hope....
Thank you for listening!


anniekate - April 2

I agree with the nurse. Symptoms are so various, you have to go with numbers. But I understand, it's very hard to not wonder about everything when you don't know what's happening inside of you!

Okay, I had skyrocket high prog. too. They actually had me on the standard 1 1/2 ml prog. in sesame oil. After a few weeks, (they started after egg retrieval), I developed terrible welts with severe itching. The doctor said he wanted to wean me off the shots and switch me to prometrium pills because he didn't want to risk a more severe or pervasive reaction to the sesame oil, (apparently it happens to some people). So they started switching me over and after a week of reducing the shots and adding the prometrium, my prog. came back at 325!!! I freaked. The nurse had me decrease the shot by half and yesterday I got to stop them altogether. Now I only take the pills a.m. and p.m. I am so glad. Anyway, the nurse mentioned that prog. does cause tiredness and nausea, but I think HCG is really the bigger reason for nausea, isn't it. And some people just don't get bad nausea with either.

After your experience with the ectopic, I can imagine anything close to spotting would scare you, but really, I think it's fine. Tons of my friends spotted worse than that and did fine.

When is your ultrasound again, and you're about 6 weeks now?? I'm eight on Wed. Never been preg. before so this will be our first.


jamielee - April 2

My u/s is 4/16 and I will be 6 weeks on friday so it is still early. What are you feeling in your stomach?? I mean is it crampy, tight?? I have not had any more spotting today so I hope it was just a freak thing. I really hope I'm ok...


anniekate - April 2

Hi Jamie,
Okay, so we're just a little under two weeks apart! Exciting. I'd love to keep in touch asthings develop.
My stomach feels tight but hardly any cramping. Occasionally mild twinges, but really nothing more at this point.
My main symptoms are nausea and exhaustion--and frequent urination, especially at night. I'm up every two hours! It's ridiculous. The week before my preg. test I had intense cramps--about the time I would have gotten premenstrual cramps. Then it died down.


JaneX - April 3

Hi Girls,
I thought I would move across from the 2ww board to here. I think I must be somewhere between both of you. I will be 7 weeks on Friday. I am going for a second ultrasound on Wednesday. I like you Anniekate had high numbers (although not as high as yours I don't think) and when I went for an ultrasound at 5w5d they saw 3 sacks with 3 yolks. Anyway, hopefully on Wednesday I will get a clearer picture of what is going on. I am very nervous about there being 3. I am not at all keen on triplets. DH and I have been doing lots of reading on triplets and also on reduction of triplets to twins.

I have lots of symptoms! I feel pretty crappy all the time. Last week I was really very tired but not so bad this week. I also feel nauseated 24/7 which is not fun but I am guessing I will be like this for a while. Also have had lots of twinges in my hips and lower back but they are starting to subside now.



anniekate - April 3

Hey girls!
Jane-triplets...yikes! My numbers were 2650 on day 14 and 5708 on 16...could be two or three. We are also hoping it's only two.... My cousin had three, then an early miscarriage of one, and ended up with a beautiful boy and girl. So, letting nature take it's course worked for her.
Well, today I got to work (I teach art two days a week at a private school) and right before my first class, it happened. All the sudden I had the urge and went and totally threw up. I've been nauseated 24/7 but this was my first time to actually throw up. It was so miserable. I really hope I am not entering into a new phase. I pray it will be rare.
Only two more days until our u/s. I will feel so much better when we have concrete information. We couldn't see anything at 4 1/2 weeks. The doctors acted like that was common. I'll be 8 1/2 weeks this Friday, so everything should be in place by now. Jane, when did you see three sacks?? Must have been early!


jamielee - April 4

I finally caved and went to the Dr for a blood test! I just can't go on like this! Of course I waited all day and at 4:00 they called to say they only tested my progesterone and didn't see the hcg on the slip and they would call me tomorrow (today). AHH I actually feel better already though, a little more calm. She said that my progesterone is still high 177 and I should be fine. I know I'm being a crazy woman but I want to be sure!


jamielee - April 4

Hi Jane, how did your ultrasound go????


jamielee - April 4

I didn't mean that strange face, I put to many question marks and it popped up.


anniekate - April 4

I broke down and took a Zophran lastnight because I was SO nauseated and had a BAD headache. It did MIRACLES. The pills cost 30 dollars a pop! CRAZY! So this will have to be emergency only use, but I can vouch it was amazing.
I can't imagine your dilemma with three,...but I maybe be able to within a very short time....We'll know Friday and I'll be sure to post over the weekend.
Jamie, Glad your prog. is so solid. Hang in there and let us know what the HCG report is.




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