New Pregnancy after IVF
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Risa - July 29

Thanks for asking Jennifer....I'm actually terrified. Last night when I inserted the suppository is when I noticed it and everytime I wiped until late this morning. The spotting has stopped, but still some cramping. I could not get a hold of my RE, the line was busy each time I called, very strange. The OB/Gyn was closed and said to show up at some women's pavillion at the hospital and my Primary care physician's nurse said if it is a miscarriage, there is nothing that could be done anyway. She just suggested that I lay down all day today. After the bleeding stopped, we decided to wait until Monday and are just hoping that this was just because of the ultrasound irritating my cervix.
I have read from other threads on this site that some women spot throughout their entire pregnancy and the baby is born healthy with no complications. We are just praying and hoping for the best and I am really trying to think positive. Thanks for asking me how I was doing, I didn't want to worry you guys or put more fear and anxiety into each ache or feeling that you all have. Today, I am just being pampered by dH and trying to rest. You all need plenty of rest too, I'll keep in touch.



jennifern - July 29

Poor must be really anxious. My thoughts & prayers are with you 100%.
I too have read that some people start bleeding/spotting all of the sudden in their 7th-8th-9th week. Let's think positive & hope that it's just temporary.
I think you should put yourself on bed rest until you see the RE.....that's good that DH is pampering you
I haven't left bed much today either so your in good company!
Hang in there girl


Julie - Hoping - July 30

Hi Ladies
Risa how are you doing? I hope you are doing doinging a lot better. It's been a rough few days for us too - I was just terrified my DH would be writing with bad news b/c I couldn't bear it. Late Thursday night there was red blood when I wiped - it happened twice. I was awake all night waiting until we could get up at 5 AM and go to the RE. By the am it was just a little brown on the tissue but I was so terrified I sobbed trying to tell the nurse what was happening. My BW and U/S went okay it was so reassuring to still see the baby in there doing just fine. My RE said this can happen on the suppositories that the vaginal blood vessels get irritated or it could just be the change from the shot to the suppositories. The ultrasound showed no sign of uterine hemoraging so it's likely the blood didn't come from there. I didn'thave any cramps. They said some spotting is normal and can happen throughout and to always contact them if it's continual and with cramping but otherwise could just be some spotting. We've never been so terrified I didn't even want to write on Friday I stayed in bed and slept most of the day. I hope you are going better and Jennifer I sure hope you don't experience this!!! Otherwise I'm okay - I hope to hear from you soon.


Risa - July 30

Julie, I am so glad you and baby are okay. It is such a scary thing. I tried really hard not to cry because I didn't want to stress my body out and worsen things, but the feeling of possibly losing everything is the worst feeling ever. You are so lucky that Jersey is a bigger city with REs. The two and a half hour drive has taken its toll on us. I am going to my OB/GYN tomorrow, she was also my GYN prior to IVF. I think everything is okay because I am still nauseated, tired and have sore breasts and the bleeding stopped. I just hope that all these symptoms are not all in my mind and that my babies are okay. It's crazy that we both had such a scare around the same time. We all have to really care for ourselves and I pray that we all will carry to term with healthy babies.


jennifern - July 31

I am so sorry you had a scare as well...sounds like everything is OK tho' - As I said to Risa, I think it's completely normal to have some spotting--this was confirmed by your RE. I'm sure you were absolutely terrified & I hope you feel better ...
I am really glad your spotting stopped & your preggo symptoms are continuing. That sounds like a really good sign & I hope Julie's outcome has comforted you some. Please let us know what happens today. I can't believe you have such a long trek to the RE..that's crazy!!

I saw the heartbeat today..the U/S woman says it JUST started so it was a little slow (100) but that's still a good number & there is nothing at all to worry about--all looks good. I even got my first U/S photo!! DH came with me which was nice
I STILL can't exercise or have sex b/c of my cyst which is really big. They said it should go away by 9 weeksish...I am going to go nuts!!!! I think I am going to break rules and do some light swimming today--I think it will be OK if I go really slow. I don't want to gain an insane amount of weight in the first trimester & I am feeling really doughy already!!

I hope it is a better day for all


Risa - July 31

Good News! Everything is fine.... both heartbeats are strong and the OB thinks the bleeding may have just come from the cervix and vaginal wall, possibly due to the progesterone suppositories, but also because my cervix tends to bleed easily and my prior record shows it always has. It was very nice to be back with my regular doctor and a normal doctor's office. I just felt that the RE's office was a factory pumping out as many babies as possible, they were nice but only to a certain degree. My OB has 8 children, crazy huh? and well it just seemed more relaxed there today even though they had to work me in to the schedule.
Jennifer, exciting to get the photo isn't it? I'm glad you got to see the heartbeat this time. I also feel pudgy and the doc told me to she wants me to be active but pretend I have a toothache, a sprained toe so I don't overdo it. I thought that was a great way to look at exercise and I am going to start the treadmill again, but just walking.
Julie, I hope everything is okay and I guess we both just had a similar reason for the scare. Take care guys!


Shdy Grove 2 - July 31


New to the board, jumped over from the 2ww. I caught up on the postings and am glad to hear all is well. This is the beginning of my 2nd pregnancy with IVF. Transfer was on 7/2, transfered 2, got the BFP on 7/17 and U/S showed single heartbeat on 7/27 - yippee!!

I am still taking the progesterone shots. I too spotted with my DD. It was like I was about to get my period, but didn't. I don't recall when in the beginning this was - I thought it was very early, but may have been when I went off the meds. So Risa and Julie I hope you know you are in good company. As with anything it is always best to talk with your doc, but it can be comforting to talk with friends who've gone through it as well.
My doc said soon I can go to the progesterone supposititories. From what I've read and heard from others I asked if it would be okay if I stuck with the shots. I don't want to compromise care, but those shots are just so quick and mess free. What is your experience?

Great news Jen about the U/S.! So glad you got the see the heartbeat. It really brings it into reality. My eyes couldn't help but well up as I saw that little rice grain going to town. My DH held it together, - I'm entitled I think - full of hormones and this is quite a site.



jennifern - July 31

YAY RISA!!! I knew it would be OK...I am SO happy & relieved for you. I know our hormones are making us crazy enough as it is--the last thing we need is a scare like that!

Welcome Jen- glad you found us! I just responded to your e/m...
That is so sweet that you got teary--I think I was too distracted by all of the info & as I wrote you--I am a little worried that the heartbeat was on the slow side. Progesterone supps ARE disgusting & if I were you & I was okay w/ the shots I would just stick to them!(no pun intended)

By the way Ladies, I recommend a dvd from National Geographic called 'In the Womb' amazing to watch cutting edge technology/4d scans etc that track the development of the lil' ones.....(I loved it but DH fell asleep!!) I ordered it from netflix-not sure whether you guys have that in your areas



Shdy Grove 2 - August 1

Thanks for the feedback on the proges supps. I think I will stick :-) with the shot. I am getting tired of taking a pill in the morn, pill at night and shot. It's like enough already - but for an oh so good cause.
I'll keep my eyes open for that dvd. Its such a wonder.



Julie - Hoping - August 1

HI ladies
We had our week 7 U/S and BW and everything is still looking great. The baby measures 10.5mm which the DR said is right on for week 7 1 day, I'm actually (week 7 2 days but not too concerned) and the heartbeat is still going strong. My HcG is 73,000+ and I'm still not feeling nauseous at all, maybe I'll get to skip that part. I'm still really tired! My breasts are sore but certainly tolerable and I'm not spotting any more. How are you guys doing? Risa I'm so glad to hear everything is going smoothly! I made my appt with my regular OB/GYN I won't miss the 5 AM drives each week but I'll miss the weekly progress and reassurance when I leave my RE after next week. Welcome Shdy Grove 2! Hope to hear from you all soon!


jennifern - August 1

That's fantastic Julie!! Did you get a pic to take home? & do you have another U/S next week?

I also like 'weekly progress' reports from the U/S'S but am always so anxious before & then crazy afterwards b/c I am afraid the results aren't the best they can be

I am right with you on the symptoms--no MS but extreme fatigue and sore bb's. Maybe we lucked out?
Today I don't feel pregs at all...I hate that!!!!!!

My next BW is Monday & U/S is a week from Friday (they are spacing it out now I guess)

what about the rest of you?


Risa - August 3

Hey everyone,
Did any of your doctor's tell you to not eat nuts or peanut butter? My OB mentioned this because so many kids are being born with nut allergies, but it doesn't make any sense to me. Wouldn't you want the babies to be exposed to it while in the womb so it is not foreign when they eat later on? Oh well, I just thought this was strange.
Jennifer and Julie, you guys did luck out with no morning sickness or nausea. I am hoping after the first trimester it will go away. As for the RE's office, the only thing I really miss about going there is that they knew how special and difficult this pregnancy was for us to achieve. I don't think the OB's office can understand this and now we are treated like any other pregnancy, but I still really like my OB's office. Jennifer, have you chosen one yet? Maybe a friend can give you a recommendation?
Jen, I know the hesitation to switch from the shots to the suppositories. I also thought that I was doing so well with the shots and did not want to risk anything by changing what we were doing. But my cheeks don't miss the shots at all and the suppositories aren't that bad for me. But if your doctor says its okay to continue with the shots, I probably would do the same if my injection site weren't so sore.
I am taking a very demanding online course and getting ready for work to begin again on Monday, but I'll continue to keep in touch. Take care.



Shdy Grove 2 - August 3

Thank you ladies for the feedback. We "graduated" from the fertility center today with the U/S. All appears on track - which is good to see. Both the drs say "so far, so good." as they don't want to jinx anything. Still so hungry. I feel like a bottomless pit. Ugh, bye, bye tummy.
I discussed the shot vs supp with the nurse. She mentioned that with too much progesterone there raises the risk of it affecting the fetus - so well see what happens. I certainly don't want to compromise the care in the least!

Risa, good luck with your online class. I recommend getting anything that requires your brain to work 100% completed ASAP. Soon enough you may get the baby brain. It seems to be scientifically documented - so we're not crazy! :-) All the blood flow is working on other things.

Off for the rest of weekend. May all of your tiny hearts beat strong, your stomachs be calm, and your minds stay sane.



love2Bparents - August 4

:) Yay! Congrats ladies! I am so happy for you all and the progress you are making. I totally understand when you say you don’t feel prego b/c of the no m/s. That was me, my first trimester! Still to this day I have not had 1 day of m/s (knock on wood) but still it kills me inside b/c I know I have 2 babies and shouldn’t they make me somewhat sick! Yeah, OoO o well. I go back to the doctors on Tuesday for a ultrasound. Keep your fingers crossed that we find out what Baby A is!


jennifern - August 4

I never heard of that peanut butter thang...v. weird!! I'll ask my dad & sister about it (both doctors- dad is a pediatrician) I haven't chosen an Obgyn & I think the RE discharges me in 2ish weeks. Unfortuntely, I am new to the area so I don't have first hand recs to go by--only names from my father(and I think he really doesn't know any of these people!)
Good luck with your online course!

Jen, congrats on 'graduating'! I think my RE doesn't want to let me go!!!! & I am right w/ you on the hunger aspect of this all...I ate SO much today & if ever 30 minutes went by without food my stomach let me know.. Guess that's a good sing tho'!!

Thanks & that's reassuring that so many of us are MS free but are still very pregs! Although I just woke up from a nap and feel pretty queasy...hope it goes away soon!
Congrats on your boy twin & I can't wait to find out what it's sib is!!!! Let us know--how exciting!!

OK-I'm off for the weekend to our family's country house in the adirondacks....and then on Monday I get new BW which I'm looking forward to b/c next U/S is not until next friday & I want to know the lil' one is still going strong1

Have a great weekend ladies!!!!


jennifern - August 4

Oh &
Julie where are you???



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